Redskins are putting out the word that they're taking a quarterback

As blue eyes throughout the league assume a deep shade of brown, here’s the latest whopper that currently is making the rounds.

Per a league source, the Redskins are putting out the word that they plan to pick a quarterback with the fourth overall selection in round one.

The contention is being interpreted as a message that the Redskins won’t be taking a quarterback, but they’d love to trade down with someone who wants a quarterback.

That said, there’s still a chance that they’d take Sam Bradford if he squirts through to No. 4.  But that’s considered to be unlikely at this point.

53 responses to “Redskins are putting out the word that they're taking a quarterback

  1. I would loooooove if we are able to trade down and pick back up a 2nd or 3rd and still land a top 5 tackle in the draft! Or even best available in that senario. But if we stay at 4 lets go ahead n snag our franchise takle for the next 10 tears n get it over with and cut out this qb hobnobery!

  2. I think we have to take Bradford if he’s available at four. But then again if he’s available it almost guarantees that somebody will be willing to trade with us. 49er’s?

  3. We will see if that happens. I know that McNabb will not be here forever, but the fact that they would spend a pick on a QB in the last year of an uncapped situation, and the fact that Bradford has issues is not a good move if you ask me. There are far more pressing needs than the Redskins taking a QB. The only thing that this message is sending is that they are willing to trade out of 4.

  4. wow.. this could really shake up the draft.. i def thought the skins would get mcnabb some help on that terrible OL.. but i feel this has ‘smoke screen’ written all over it. but if a team is desperate enough i can see the skins trading the pick to someone move down in the 1st round a few slots n getting jimmy clausen along with another selection latr in the draft. ill give this a 30/70 chance that it happens. 30 being the percent i think it does happen. I feel like its a smoke screen..

  5. Peyton Manning, the quarterback for the University of Tennessee, was accused of pulling down his pants and shoving his ass in the face of Jamie Ann Naughright, then an assistant athletic trainer. According to court documents, Manning re-enacted the incident on a couple of occasions and called her a “bitch.”

  6. The Redskins won’t get a chance to take Bradford at No. 4 because he’s either going to the Rams at No. 1 overall or the Browns at No. 2 overall.
    No one is going to trade up to No. 4 overall for Clausen.

  7. Sam Bradford falls to 4 they could take him turn around and trade Mcnabb to Oakland for a 2nd & 3rd.

  8. it could easily happen. all it would take is st louis not taking him. detroit and tampa certainly won’t.

  9. LOL, Donovan will throw out his best passive / aggresive BS now, but it will go to the Skins

  10. It’s like in a Madden franchise when you know you need better OL in the draft but each year you continue to draft position players because they’re more “fun”.

  11. why- no extension to date on DMAC.. he may actually risk a year to get to MN or AZ.

  12. 4th pick is available for the right price. No chance they draft a qb, even if bradford is there.

  13. Dan Rooney
    Why are you calling Peyton Manning a rapist he never raped anyone please shut up !.

  14. Why do the Redkins hate McNabb?
    They’ve never appreciated him!
    He deserves better!
    They are the worst fans in the world!!!!

  15. Does that still happen to Manning a few times every single year? Did I miss that?
    But whatever makes you more comfortable buying your daughter a Big Ben jersey.

  16. Maybe they don’t want to spend the money to resign McNabb and they want a long term prospect. Seems stupid to me, with so many other needs, but we are talking the Redskins.

  17. Sure. They may take a qb but not until late in the draft.
    Bradford wont make it past the Rams if they have a half a brain cell.

  18. Does anyone really give a damn who they pick? Its the Deadskins whoever they pick will end up sucking just like everyone else who lands there during their career. The AFC has the Raiders to stink it up and the NFC has the Deadskins

  19. Well, I hope they trade colt brennan and let him get a chance somewhere, The guy didnt throw an interception the whole training camp last year, and was the best qb in preseason. He’s obviously no McNabb, but if they actually do draft a qb (probably not, but either way) they should trade him to a team where he could compete to start

  20. The smokescreens are so thick I can’t breathe! Who knows what will happen but consider this: The Rams are NOT negotiating with any potential first pick. This makes me think they may be working on or have a deal in place to either trade the pick or pick whomever their trade partner wants and let them negotiate. The real wild card that could trigger chaotic fun is if the Steelers decide to trade Benhole. Why not? They already dumped a Super Bowl MVP for a fifth round pick and the Rooneys are furious. So how would St. Louis feel if offered a proven winner and cheaper than an unproven injured kid multi-millionaire? Or what about you Buffalo? Jacksonville? Oakland?
    If I were the Rams’ GM I wouldn’t even breathe about this until about 7:37 Thursday night and then blow up the draft and leave everybody scrambling.
    It’s going to be the wildest draft in years!

  21. how can you tell scamaham is lying? his lips are moving. without elway this guy won nothing! another long season danny boy! keep paying.

  22. Skins need an O-Line. They need to learn to keep their draft picks. Now they’re going to a 3-4 and have to get rid of players that fit better for a 4-3. What happens if Shanny leaves in 2 or 3 years and they ONCE AGAIN have start over again – which could possibly happen.
    Grab a QB – who cares! I’m sure whoever starts will get killed. Reminds me of the poor Patrick Ramsey days although it won’t be the fun and gun. Doesn’t matter.
    YOU NEED AN O-LINE and you do this by keeping your draft picks.

  23. barbersabeast–copy that pal. why is there so many articles on this site about the 4skins. They are hopeless and consistent cellar dwellars.
    Can we start talking about the teams competing for a SB like my boys? Hail u suckas!!! LMFAO.

  24. The Redskins have urgent needs almost everywhere except quarterback. Who is going to trade up on the basis that Washington will draft a quarterback? Even Buffalo is not that gullible, and their draft day decisions are usually among the most self-destructive.
    Oakland drafts eighth.
    Indy drafts thirty-first.
    Nine chances in ten the Colts get the better player.
    In fact, Indianapolis will probably get a better player at sixty-three than the player Al drafts at eight.
    And Arizona has been drafting well in recent years. The Cardinals will likely get a better player at twenty-six than the Broncos take at eleven.

  25. Skins are hoping Okung is on the board, if not they drat Bulaga or Williams, or trade down and sign Flozell Adams to play left tackle which would seem unlikely?


  27. Danrooney…That would be what you call slander.
    And Redskins are lying so bad at this point. Maybe with the 4th round pick they mean

  28. As someone who hates the Redskins, I can only hope they take a QB and ignore one of the worst, if not the worst, offensive lines in the NFL. Passing up on one of these franchise OTs would be just lovely. McNabb’s career will be ending a lot sooner than people think.

  29. Maybe McNabb will want another ‘make me feel better’ payout like the Eagles stupidly gave him after his benching in Baltimore.

  30. #1: The ‘Skins are obviously trying to trade down.
    #2: Neither, Bradford, nor Clausen will end up being the QB to come out of this draft. Bradford’s career is going to be over the first time he gets his shoulder driven into the group. And Clausen has “Ryan Leaf” written all over him. He, like Leaf, has all the talent in the world; but he, like Leaf, is missing one vital component for success…work ethic.

  31. I say we trade campbell for a 2nd or 3rd rd draft pick and pick nothing but offensive linemen with every pick

  32. Hello Jimmy Clausen at #4, and yes I know some of you are saying but we have McNabb.. well unless he gets extended for a few years before the draft you have to take a QB because next year you’ll have noone. That would be bad.

  33. #1: The ‘Skins are obviously trying to trade down.
    #2: Neither, Bradford, nor Clausen will end up being the QB to come out of this draft. Bradford’s career is going to be over the first time he gets his shoulder driven into the group. And Clausen has “Ryan Leaf” written all over him. He, like Leaf, has all the talent in the world; but he, like Leaf, is missing one vital component for success…work ethic.
    What the hell are you talking about? Clausen is a known film-rat. Next to Tebow, he is probably gonna be the hardest working QB in this draft. Even Todd McShay, the biggest Clausen hater around, will admit that.

  34. All this stuff about the Redskins wanting a quarterback, whether it’s trading up for the first pick or taking Clausen at 4 is exactly how everyone sees it: they want to trade down and pick up a later pick.
    Here’s the thing though; they’re probably only looking to trade down to picks 6-10. While it’s sensible that the skins should take an offensive tackle, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in that organization is drooling over Spiller or Berry…

  35. It makes no sense to say that the Skins are telling everyone that they plan on taking a QB @ #4 so that others who want a QB will trade up to that #4 slot. If teams are truly interested in Claussen and believe that the Skins would take him at #4, then it’s in that team’s interest to trade up to #3 to get Claussen, thereby depriving the Skins of the additional picks they could get by trading down.
    The real likelihood is that the Skins want one of the two franchise DTs in this draft and are hoping that someone will trade up in front of them to grab Claussen thereby ensuring that Suh or McCoy would fall to the Skins @ 4.

  36. As Florio said up front: “. . . . this is a whopper” of a rumor.
    I chalk it up to Draft Week madness and hype, with every team spreading rumors, suggestions, accusations, falsehoods, wishful thinking and just idle gossip as a smokescreen to obscure what they’re really planning and conniving to accomplish, beginning Thursday evening.
    A Cynic is an Optimist with experience.

  37. The Rams are not negotiating because they are going to pass on the first selection and jump back in around
    5-6..whoever makes them the best deal for more draft picks. Book it….the wildest draft ever.

  38. bigtrav, Holmgren has indicated a strong interest in trading up to No. 1 overall for Bradford. If the Rams decide to stay at No. 1 and take Suh instead, then wouldn’t Holmgren try to trade up to No. 2 overall to take him? The Lions have indicated an interest in trading down and if Suh’s not there, it’s highly likely they will do so. Since the Browns and Lions have had preliminary discussions about a trade, there’s a 95% certainty that if Bradford isn’t taken at No. 1 overall, he will go to the Browns at No. 2 overall via a trade with the Lions.
    The foregoing scenario is why the Rams can’t trade down to No. 3 overall (which would allow the Bucs to take Suh) because they would then miss out on Bradford.

  39. GregJones says:
    April 18, 2010 8:59 PM
    “Well, I hope they trade colt brennan and let him get a chance somewhere, The guy didnt throw an interception the whole training camp last year, and was the best qb in preseason.”
    He was awful in pre-season, which is where his no interception streak in practice ended. There were strong, very believable rumours that he was going to be cut had he not ended up on IR .
    Colt had one good pre-season game, in the Hall-of-Fame game in his rookie year, against their 3rd and 4th string defense. In all his other pre-season action, again against backups and guys who will never make it onto a regular season roster, he has looked either very average or a distinct liability. Sure he has been playing with injuries in his first few seasons, and had to work behind one of the worst o-lines in history but every other QB on the roster, including Chase Daniel who got cut, performed better.
    I was excited as anybody by his performance in his first game but, if anything, he had regressed after a year in the system. I’d like to see him get a chance to learn under the Shanahans but I’ve never understood the Cult of Colt.

  40. I love this new regime, propoganda,diversion and deceit,were on our way to the Super Bowl !!! Cunning craftiness is essential to protect and aquire the talent you need to win.

  41. Boy some of you all are taking this hook-line-sinker
    They want people to think this
    They wouldnt let this out if they REALLY were

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