Redskins kick tires on Jerry Porter, Marques Hagans

The Washington Redskins are using this weekend’s voluntary minicamp to take a look at a couple of free agent wide receivers.

Reporters on the scene for the Washington Post have tweeted that Jerry Porter is at camp, as is Marques Hagans. Neither player is listed on the Redskins’ roster.

The 31-year-old Porter hasn’t played in an NFL game since 2008, when the Jacksonville Jaguars signed him to a six-year, $30 million contract with $10 million guaranteed, and he responded by catching a whopping 11 passes for 181 yards before getting cut.

Hagans spent December of 2008 on the Redskins’ practice squad and remained with the team through last offseason before being waived just before the start of the 2009 regular season.

18 responses to “Redskins kick tires on Jerry Porter, Marques Hagans

  1. Dear Redskins,
    Devin Thomas and Malcom Kelly are good receivers. You got the QB. Now… PLEASE, address the OFFENSIVE LINE! Leave Jerry Porter and Marques Hagans alone.
    All you need to be worried about right now is OFFENSIVE LINE.
    And in case you missed it, one more time… OFFENSIVE LINE!

  2. You’d think they’d be after T.O. by now. Maybe McFatt recommends otherwise.

  3. Porter would be a perfect addition to the idiot Snyder’s redskins. Another worthless signing for his team of many pieces, of shit.

  4. OFFENSIVE LINE!!!!!! Take a look at Shawn Andrews, and Flozell Adams. I still think Andrews was unhappy with his contract in Philly.

  5. @Jspicoli
    Do you follow football? This isn’t new to bring guys in for training camp to see what they have left. If Porter and/or Haggans went to the Redskins, it would be for the league minimum. But they haven’t even signed yet.
    Kelly and Thomas may produce this season, but they might not. Hopefully DMac will be what they need to take the next step.
    But Porter and Haggans are just here to compete for a roster spot. Remember, they did cut Randle El, so they have a spot up for grabs. IMO, the only four WRs on the roster to be locks right now would be Moss, Thomas, Kelly, and Mitchell.

  6. Kyle Shanahan has full confidence in the offensive line, maybe he knows something we don’t.

  7. did Porter ever find the $312K of bling stolen from his car?
    guess he needs to play sibce his insurance scam failed

  8. @spliffbunker–
    What exactly did the bling look like? I just happened to walk upon exactly 312K worth of bling myself. Please describe.

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