Report: Suspension of Ben Roethlisberger coming by Tuesday

On Thursday, Steelers president Art Rooney said that the team would be working with the league regarding the imposition of discipline on quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, and that no suspension would be imminent.  “I don’t expect we will be announcing any final decisions until the week
after the draft, at the earliest
,” Rooney said.

On the surface, it’s a smart move.  With the schedule being released on Tuesday night and the draft launching Thursday, the announcement of a Roethlisberger suspension would serve only to distract from a week of great NFL news and events.

Then again, maybe the league in its infinite P.R. wisdom (and we’re not being sarcastic, for a change) has decided to slip the suspension through the five hole during a week in which we’re otherwise waiting for the schedule on Tuesday and focusing on the draft, which starts Thursday.  If the league announces the suspension in the middle of Tuesday afternoon, the dominant Wednesday morning news in every market but Pittsburgh will be local team’s (teams’) schedule.  Then the draft will take over and by the following Monday we’ll still be breaking down the picks and getting ready for minicamps.

If the league holds the suspension until the week after the draft, it’ll take on a life of its own.

And so maybe it makes sense that, as Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports, the NFL will announce a suspension of Roethlisberger on Monday or Tuesday.  Of this week.

Per Cole, Roethlisberger is unlikely to fight the suspension.

That said, we don’t rule out an appeal if Roethlisberger gets slapped with more than four games.  In that case, an appeal could persuade Commissioner Roger Goodell to reduce the penalty, creating maximum impact in connection with the initial announcement and then generating a sense that the Personal Conduct Policy currently works as written, even though Goodell issues the penalty and presides over the appeal of his own decision.

We’re thinking the end result will be four games.  We won’t be surprised if it’s eight.

Either way, it looks like we’ll have the answer soon.

134 responses to “Report: Suspension of Ben Roethlisberger coming by Tuesday

  1. The f**king p.o.s should be banned for life from the NFL and never allowed to step into any stadium or any practice facility.

  2. Can the league park him for 4 and the team for 4?
    What’s the letter of the NFL law in that situation?

  3. So, what you’re telling me is that once the schedule is released, they’ll check and see what weeks they have the Browns for and suspend him for those?

  4. If it is 8, then the insiders know he is guilty and the only thing that saved him was a buyoff. If it is 4, them the league is probably more concerned with the tarnish to its product than whether Ben is a player or a rapist.

  5. Suspend him for life and see how much leniency a broke, disgraced ex-QB gets when he keeps on (allegedly) raping and making victims out of fine young co-eds.
    I think it’s pretty clear at this point that this guy is a sexual predator who just can’t help himself. He will (allegedly) rape again. It’s just a matter of time.

  6. I think this might mean that Ben is getting traded. If the NFL is doing the suspension now, it’s probably because the Steelers have found someone to trade him to.

  7. Appeal??? This jerk better take his punishment and shut up, if not for his fat wallet he’d be in jail.

  8. an 8 game suspension for someone who has never been charged with a crime, while numerous players have been ARRESTED and CONVICTED for all sorts of crimes yet have never been suspended???
    yeah..that’s fair

  9. Can’t help laughing. Was trying to finish an assignment, clicked over, saw this head, and my heart stopped. I thought: “This Tuesday? I MISSED THE DRAFT???!!!”
    I definitely need a vacation.
    Sure hope you’ve got this right, they’ll announce on Tues., and we can forget him, and get back to football.

  10. 8 games is ridiculous for a guy who didn’t even commit a crime (according to the DA). 4 games sounds about right although I personally think he shouldn’t be suspended at all.

  11. I sense he wants to get it done and over with before more accusers come forward and cause even more trouble.

  12. As contrary as it may sound, getting off scot free from this matter would be the worst possible situation for Roethlisberger. If he hopes to reclaim respect and dignity he has to pay a visible price somewhere along the line. I’m sure all the details will be worked out between himself, his lawyer, the league, his team, and quite possibly Georgia law enforcement officials in terms of his suspension. I could see Goodell and the Georgia DA Bright having a mutual respect, and I’m sure they’ve spoken more than once already on this matter.

  13. pinkworm says:
    April 18, 2010 10:50 PM
    im wearing my roethlisberger right now!!! go steelers
    yea dude I got mine on as well!!!!

  14. Suspension or not – the Steelers still come out of this as a laughing-stock. They should trade him.
    Contrary to popular belief – they can win without him and would at least have a clear concious doing so. They deserve better than that POS.

  15. “If the league holds the suspension until the week after the draft, it’ll take on a life of its own.”
    It already has and………….will continue to be, because they NEED to bring the hammer down on this POS.

  16. He is a P.O.S and should get at least 8 games, honestly i don’t think they should allow him to ever play again. with all the details of the case out there there is no doubt in my mind that he did rape that girl. All this is going to do is prevent more women from coming out when they get raped. Another thing that confuses me is the fact that this girl was 20 years old, i thought the legal drinking age was 21. How come nothing has been said about him feeding an underage girl alcohol, how did he not at least get a contributing to a minor. There is no question he paid everyone off that he possibly could, what a dirt bag. I was hoping he would go to prison that way the good old honkies could get a hold of him and treat him the same way he treats women.

  17. I think 2-4 games is the correct amount…especially since he was never charged or convicted of any crime.
    He may have bought the drinks, but I have yet to see it reported that he sat on them, forced their mouths open, and MADE them drink the alcohol that he bought. If they truly wanted to make an issue of it, they could have at least charged him with supplying alcohol to a minor, but they didn’t even do that.

  18. joe6606, your a tool bag heres an idea during his suspension invite him over to your house. I bet your wife would love that but then again she’s probably over 21 so he wouldn’t be interested just don’t invite your little sister over. He’s a serial rapist and the world knows it!

  19. Goodell is the father of two young daughters I believe. Former coach Bill Cowher has two college aged daughters, it’s probably lucky for Ruthless he is not longer associated with the team.

  20. filthymcnasty says:
    April 18, 2010 10:47 PM
    put him in a room with Sarah Palin. Two men enter, one man leave.
    Thank God you left the woman running the country in the White House out of this. Suck it Obama.

  21. bunch of friggin hypocrite morons here! guy hasn’t been charged or found guilty of any crime and you wanna crucify him. let’s clean out your closets and let him play judge and jury for your sorry asses!

  22. Just remember Ben was never found “Innocent”…the DA just couldn’t come up with enough evidence to convince a jury of Ben’s guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt”…big difference.
    The more disgusting part was that the 2 “bodyguards” from Pa. were a state trooper and a cop who were in on the whole deal and aided and abetted the crime. One of them took the girl in the back and the other kept her friends from coming to her aid while she was being raped. Sad.

  23. 4-8 games for an accusation by a super drunk 20 year old that resulted in no charge, arrest or conviction. I’m thinking I may find a player I don’t like alone somewhere and accuse them of assaulting me. It’s not like it would have to actually result in a charge right? I think I read that the girl made statements immediately after that no sex occured and then that she wasn’t sure if they had sex. I also heard that she hounded Ben and his crew all night and bragged about being known as “DTF” Down to f**k. She seems super credible. Throw the book at him Roger. Jesus this is nuts.

  24. Go to bed, Florio!!! You’ve done enough hacking on Roethlisberger for the day. Better yet, the entire week.

  25. Anyone who believes in Rapelisburger, supports him or even believes that his conduct does not call for a hefty suspension also believes in unicorns, believed OJ was innocent, Michael Jackson wasnt gay, and health care reform is free.
    Ben is worse than Pac-Man Jones. He is the exact definition of a douche-bag.

  26. joe6606 says:
    an 8 game suspension for someone who has never been charged with a crime, while numerous players have been ARRESTED and CONVICTED for all sorts of crimes yet have never been suspended???
    yeah..that’s fair
    WOW ur an idiot!

  27. After hearing the police report and seeing the DA’s disgust that he knew Ben was guilty but couldn’t win in court, I hope the NFL comes down hard. Can the Commish hand down chemical castrations?

  28. joe6606 says:
    an 8 game suspension for someone who has never been charged with a crime, while numerous players have been ARRESTED and CONVICTED for all sorts of crimes yet have never been suspended???
    yeah..that’s fair
    yeah, money never got a guilty man off, did it?
    OJ called, and wants to remind you that he didn’t kill Nicole and Ron, either.

  29. Once other teams know how long he will be suspended for, it will give them an idea of whether it is feasible to trade for him. Unless the suspension is lengthy, I can see a trade possibility.

  30. maybe they are honestly investigating Ben’s behaviour before dropping the hammer. I would rather they look at the Georgia case & any other incidents they may know about ( such as the incident with the woman in the GBI report ) rather than rushing it through to appease the media/public
    & I hope they dont do some PR move like Tiger’s clinic…with the behaviour pattern here some sort of pysch evaluation probably wouldnt hurt
    NFL security has or used to have some pretty serious former LE types…I hope they are conducting their own investigation

  31. ok. so the NFL is coming own with this suspension that we all knew was coming down. Now when it is announced, I hope PFT will announce a suspension for Florio because your obvious hatred of the Steelers has shown in every article that you have written. You are one of the biggest P.O.S’s the media has ever had and that says alot considering the media that we have in this country. If the Steelers trade Ben, they are not as smart as I, as a Steeler fan, thought they were. Put a short leash on him, and keep him under control and then let him loose on Sunday’s. I think he will learn from this and be focused as Ray Lewis was when he came back from his suspension—oh that’s right he was not suspended. Oh well Ben, take your lumps and come back with avengence. Oh and while you are at it, if FLorio shows up on the sidelines for a Steeler game, aim the football straight for his mouth and knock him out of action for a year. It will be hard ot write with leather stuck in his teeth.

  32. Makes sense to deal with it as soon as possible. Get it over with. Like cleaning out the eaves troughs. Longer you leave it worse it gets. The reaction is going to be the same whenever it comes down. Either “too much” or “not enough”. If they slip it out on Monday it catches people off guard and lessens the impact.

  33. NO way he gets 8 games.
    NO way he gets 4 games.
    I truly don’t think he’ll get suspended at all.
    I know it’s BS, but let’s just pretend…..
    2 Hotties knew he was rich, reached for the golden ticket, & got upset when they realized the truth. Then they cried foul to the authorities, & put out their hands for the payoff. EASY MONEY.
    Willie Joe was a HERO for all the ladies he had “relations” with.
    Wilt The Stilt wrote a book about it. 10,000??
    In America (despite the fact that we all “know he is guilty”), the burdon of proof still lies in the hands of the prosecution.
    Toothlessberger has not been convicted of a crime.
    I bet he gets put on “Double-Secret” probation.

  34. I think this really open’s the door for a trade. The Steeler’s will want draft picks now, not next year. None of the teams would likely pull the trigger on a deal before knowing how long the suspension might be. Wether a trade is ultimatly made or not, this would make it obvious that he is expendable.

  35. It should be zero games.
    Fine young co-eds? They were handing out at a bar and put themselves in a situation that they may have not wanted to be in afterward. Not exactly fine people when you get down to it. Thank god you’re not part of the legal system. By you’re logic anyone accused of something is outright guilty without any proof.
    I think it’s clear at this point that 95% of people that have posted on this topic haven’t even payed attention to the cases. Yes, he has payed him off. It’s an attempt to retain face against baseless charges. If there was an actual case, paying the victim only stops a civil suit. The state/local government could have still pursued this case. But, they didn’t have enough evidence to. (Besides the testimony of the “victim” and her friends who weren’t even present for what they gave testimony on.)

  36. hmm their suspending him the same day as they get schedules…. I guess if they play Ravens in week 2 he will only be suspended 1 game but if they start out against 2 easy teams then he will sit 2 games

  37. Another example of league favoritism towards the Steelers.
    This gives the Rooneys a chance to draft a QB or trade Ben pre-draft should the penalty be lengthy.

  38. Many Steelers fans are saying that he should receive a short suspension if he gets one at all. They seem to think him not being charged means he is innocent. I must ask with no malice intended; do you all think that every person who doesn’t get charged is innocent? I understand that watching a hero fall is a difficult thing to cope with, and could not imagine my feelings if a good player, let alone a SB-caliber QB from my team was in Ben’s situation.
    But really, O.J. Simpson anyone?
    I ask because there seems to be a lot of asinine comments declaring him innocent. Lots of “Your just a jealous Browns fan.” I don’t think i have seen one pro-Ben comment that seems to have any logic other than blind faith.
    You have to understand, to people who aren’t Steelers fans, that is exactly what it looks like.
    So someone please step-up and give us a good reason not to believe the writing one the wall.

  39. You should all stop reading and listening to the news as much as you do. She was wearing a pin that said DTF….Down to f…… Get off the guys back. Yes, he shouln’t have been there, but lets not persecute him for it..She was a ho with all of her other friends, who left their boyfriends in the other room to hang out with Ben… Nice girls eh…..I’m sure you Gibroni’s are all Browns, Ravens and Bengal fans
    Suspend him for 2 games, save face and lets get on with it. Steelers going for 7, the rest of you are just going for a life

  40. It may be in Ben’s best interest to miss a few games to start the year. That way by the time he gets back, all those defensive players looking to put a hole through his torso with their helmet might have cooled down a little. Or at least picked up a nick or two to slow them down. I imagine a few of them will be going after him with a little extra enthusiasm.

  41. Joe you are an IDIOT if you think Rapeherberger is innocent in both cases!!!!….He put himself in that situation twice now and deserves to pay the price!….Let’s hope the next time the FOOL does this he doesn’t hurt some young woman in the process!!!!….He’s guilty and deserves an extended vacation once the season starts!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Suspend 2 games 1 league +1 team and counseling for Alcohol Then Trade him. HE’ll get 1 game because that new team doesnt have to suspend him.

  43. whens his arrest coming? lets post something on that. hes a piece of shit rapist, theres no reason he should be in public

  44. Yeah I agree with Joe, how could you suspend someone for 8 games who was never charged with a crime, when Stallworth killed someone and was suspended one year. Was Ray Lewis ever suspended? Because being involved in a murder case seems worth of double what ever Ben’s suspension is.

  45. Whatever money Roethlisberger loses via suspension he can probably recoup by selling that Devil’s Head shirt on Ebay.

  46. Lyrics to a new song I’m writing:
    I like the Browns, yea! I like the Browns yea!
    Best fanbase in the league, yea!
    I root for the Browns, yea!
    We are . . . the Browns!
    We are . . . the Browns!
    We are . . . the Browns!
    I said we are . . . the Browns!
    Who can stop the Browns?
    No one can!
    I asked now who can stop the Browns?
    And said no one can!
    I like the Browns, yea! I like the Browns, yea!
    Best fanbase in the league, yea!
    I root for the Browns, yea!
    We are . . . the Browns!
    We are . . . the Browns!
    We are . . . the Browns!
    I said we are . . . the Browns!

  47. Uck,
    if not for his head and neck and double chin being so fat he wouldnt have to assault minors!
    well actually he probably would… even his friends dont call him a likeable guy

  48. The Steelers have always been a shining beacon of sanctimonius, piety in the NFL.
    They were the first to sense something ‘not quite right’ with Herr Goodell – they bravely abstained from critcism of the Patriots during the ‘Spyagate’ scandal.
    You won’t find a Steeler fan out there who has taken joy in berating Bengals and Ravens fans over the impropriety of their fans.
    This isn’t a fanbase that piles on bandwagons to denigrate franchises that might rival their own.
    This is why I know we are all right behind our Black’n’gold brothers in their moment(s) of need.
    God bless you, Steeler nation.

  49. Why on earth you would suspend someone for having a good time on their birthday is beyond me!
    Did someone commit a crime or was someone even charged of a crime that I missed?

  50. This would be drastic, but if the Steelers are serious about reclaiming their tarnished image, they could suspend Roethlisberger for the entire season. The coaching staff is high on Dennis Dixon, so he gets a chance to prove that he can lead the team. If he plays well, the Steelers can trade Roethlisberger next off-season and likely get more in return than they could right now…assuming he can clean up his act. If Dixon can’t handle the starting duties, Ben can have his job back the next season he’ll have had a year to get himself back in the good graces of the organization and fans. Even if Dixon were to fail miserably, the Steelers are solid enough on both sides of the ball that they could challenge for a playoff spot with a stopgap veteran. Charlie Batch, of course, is already on the roster and Pittsburgh native Marc Bulger could likely be had at a hometown discount (although it appears that the Steelers aren’t interested).

  51. Coraopolis, PA, police officer Anthony Barravecchio and PA state trooper Edward Joyner both, supposedly acting as bodyguards for Ben R the night he sexually abused the young woman. They are a black mark against their agencies. I guess Barravecchio has resigned but he STILL needs to be fully investigated. He had a higher duty to also protect the public, to include the young woman, and it sounds like Barravecchio, and especially Joyner, allowed the assault to happen. Joyner needs to be thoroughly investigated and charged as an accessory if the facts are as stated by several first hand witnesses. Ben, Barravecchio and Joyner all may very well be guilty, need to be charged and if found guilty, throw the book at them.
    Then the Rooney family needs to stop enabling Ben to commit criminal acts by never holding him responsible. The Commissioner is not much better. I am sorry but sexual assault is a crime. Because the bathroom floor was cleaned and the evidence minimized, law enforcement needs to continue to investigate. No woman is safe with men who feel entitled like Ben R are out there. Law enforcement cannot try to honey-coat this case and you must know the public will want action. Stop protecting the criminals. Period.

  52. No joe6606, an 8 game suspension for walking around in a college bar with his carrot hanging out of his zipper……much fair

  53. Re: hnirobert
    In case you missed last year the Steelers got their ass’s kicked by the Browns last year when they had Rapistberger. That team is spiriling down and I love it.

  54. By imperial decree, Ben Ruthlessbanger is hereby ordered to keep his trouser trout in its home waters until Week 5 of the regular season.
    Roger Goodell

  55. retitle this badboy, “REPORT: Suspension of Ben Rapeherburger CUMMING by Tuesday”.

  56. If Goodell is now going to be announcing the suspensions, you can bet it will be more than 4 games. The Steeler’s limit in suspensions is 4 games. In Art’s speech he said the Steelers would do it…. now Goodell is doing it. I am really hoping it is 8 games… no pay. Ben will be broke then too! Don’t think for a minute this idiot has saved any money! The MORON!
    There better not be an appeal that just keeps him in the negative spotlight that much longer. He should slither back into his hole and stay there! Maybe the Steelers should put an ankle bracelet on him to see where he goes. If it is to a bar or strip club, it should shock him. Ben loves the strip clubs in Vegas!

  57. I hope they suspend him because he already got away not once
    but twice with the same accusations. It’s just matter of time
    till they catch his act. His Wang will be cut off sooner than later.

  58. To: filthymcnasty
    What a colossal idiot you must be. Too bad strong women make you such a puss.

  59. Ben has really made it tough for a lot of people. You have the Rooneys who have never had to face fans this upset. Although I will not support the team with Ben leading the team. I can understand the business end of it and can understand the tough spot he has put the team in. On one hand they have an upset fan base and I’m sure they’ll face women groups before long. They have a locker room of majority black players, some who already don’t like Ben and are going to look at it in a black/white issue. Although I know it’s not a race issue, more of a position/contract and how they built their team issue.
    Then you have the NFL, if they come out light, they’re going to have a furious fan base along with a powder keg with black players. You come out too heavy and then you’re going to have another side screaming it was just because he’s a white guy. Add in the labor issues. This is not pretty for Goodell.
    But hey Ben at least you aren’t in jail, right?

  60. an athlete getting a slap on the wrist for sexually assaulting a women, again, and again, with witnesses, not charged, then will go back to doing football and will resume praise from all media outlets and endorsements?
    why i never.

  61. I’d personally be surprised if it was more than a 4 game suspension nor do I think anything greater than that is warranted. Do I like Ben? No, I think he’s a idiot. However, without criminal charges I don’t think he should be required to sit out half the season.

  62. Suspend him to:
    1. Circumcision without anesthetic
    2. Tebow can hold his hand and try to save his soul
    3. I’m thinking…

  63. Don’t worry, no matter what else happens in the league, the “dominant news” here will still be anything related to Roethlisberger.

  64. “Yes Steelers, trade Roethlisberger. Do whatever it takes to reclaim your special brand …
    Patriots Nation (and quite possibly every other team in the NFL)”

  65. Ray Lewis vs. Ben Roth?
    So far, Roth hasn’t been charged or even convicted of a crime.
    Remember: if a starting QB of an NFL team can be suspended from his job because his employer didn’t like his personal conduct, in essence every single employer in the U.S. can insert personal conduct restrictions for every single employee.
    That means if you attend a Tea Party rally or an anti-war rally, and it doesn’t comply with your employer’s standards, you are suspended from your job.
    I could care less if Roethlisberger ever played another down. But I do care that people like Ray Lewis, who was initially charged with murder, but then pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice, somehow remains someone who the NFL considers not a violator of the NFL personal conduct restrictions.
    How can you be only accused of something and face suspension while if you are convicted of something you are not suspended?
    One could argue the NFL has stricter personal conduct policies now than when Lewis got in trouble. Well, the NFL has accused players in the Starcaps cases of violating the leagues player/personal conduct rules regarding illegal substances but none have been suspended.
    I don’t get it: exactly what constitutes behavior leading to suspension? Or is it more about which franchises are really strong and can sustain NFL suspension of players, and those franchises or certain popular players who get a pass because their NFL teams are struggling?
    Right now, this is the world according to the NFL:
    If you charged in criminal court with murder and/or manslaughter, and plead it down but still get convicted, you won’t be suspended.
    If you admit to violating the league’s substance abuse policy for Starcaps, you won’t get suspended.
    But, if you are accused of something, and are also somewhat of a dickwad, you will get suspended.
    Here’s a solution: rewrite the NFL personal conduct policy to say: if we think you are a dickwad, and you are accused of something (unless you are the Pope or a member of the Boy Scouts of America), we will suspend you.

  66. Stallworth got a whole season for accidentally running over someone. Ben’s a serial rapist. I’d rather be Stallworth than Benny.

  67. I don’t really think he should be suspended at all, but if they are going to, the league should suspend him one game and the Steelers should one game. 2 games is enough for the only evidence being that he is a jerk.

  68. I can’t believe this, but I agree with joe6606 (not that I have anything against him).
    I think Ben needs a serious mindset change, and he needs to start hanging around women that are legally allowed to rent cars in this country, if not get married to end all this nonsense. But 4 games for someone that has not even been charged. Other than the story of the alleged victim and her friends, there was no evidence at all. Why doesn’t Ben come out and say something.
    Anyway, back to the point. To suspend someone that hasn’t even been charged, and likely would not have been suspended if the DA did not put on his Mike Nifong pants and inject his own morality play into his reading, which was totally unethical and unjust, is terrible. Ben should fight it, but Ben should also stop pillaging bars for drunk women.

  69. If he’d stop banging fat ugly chicks, the suspension wouldn’t even be needed.
    The NFL has a reputation to uphold. They can’t have a superstar banging 3s…
    He needs to step up to atleast 7s.

  70. This is crazy…………how does “Pulling it Out” have anything to do with “Throwing an quick out”?…………leave the man alone……….starstuck little drunken groupie chicks are no different than hookers other than taking the money up front.

  71. i bet these scumbags already have the schedule and the fraud suspension will reflect that.

  72. @QB of the future,
    Yes, they could. The league could suspend him for 4 under the conduct policy and the team could suspend him for 4 for conduct detrimental to the team but they wont. Rooney already said that. Thats the whole point of the Steelers and league working togethere to punish him. Even though techinically, as Florio pointed out in an earlier post, its not possible.

  73. Lets remember folks , NO CHARGES FILED AND NO CRIME COMMITTED . Yes , without a doubt , Ben is guilty of pure stupidity and very bad decision making . However , those two things are not crimes . To say that this guy should be burned at the stake and run out of town forever , is rediculous . Remember he has brought two world championships to the Steelers in the last five years . Does he deserve to be punished ? Absolutely . Suspend him for two games and tell him point blank , any more problems involving law enforcement and youre done in Pittsburgh , period ! Thats how it should be handled .

  74. Florio, from the kingdom of unintended consequences:
    What effect would a fine/suspension have on the current civil case and the possible new civil case against Ben?
    Might not an over the top penalty actually play a role in the trial or make Ben anxious to settle?
    Goodell has to be thinking about the after shocks.

  75. Ben Roethlisberger may become the 1st player in the history of sports to be suspended for being white.
    This must be Obama’s post racial America.

  76. # filthymcnasty says: April 18, 2010 10:47 PM
    put him in a room with Sarah Palin. Two men enter, one man leave.

  77. Hey, does anybody remember what happened to Vick? The guy harmed dogs. This is worse, people. Roethlisberger shouldn’t be suspended for games, he should be suspended for season(s).

  78. I cant wait til one of this chicks sorority sisters gets mad and takes the true story to Oprah.. the story where they plotted and made all this up.
    Without any physical evidence ,thats all their is .. is a story.

  79. I am amazed at how many people are jumping to conclusions about what Rothlisberger may or may not have done. No one here knows a damn thing one way or the other about Rothlisberger. I don’t know anything about the guy, I am not a Steelers fan. For some people to jump to conclusions without verifiable facts on their side amazes me.
    I am amazed that Florio and/or NBC allows some of the inflammatory posts to get posted.
    There is no question that the internet is the verbal equivalent of the wild west.

  80. I would think a 2 game suspension would be more than sufficient, considering the outcome. If it is more that 2 games, then Ben and Steeler fans will deal with it and move on.
    The true character of somebody is when you can learn from a mistake and become a better person. I think he should be given the chance to do that. I think Ben should do whatever he can to rehab his image. He should do charity work, possibly assist with abused women, etc. He needs to stay out of any type of trouble.
    I also think the girl in question is basically getting a free pass which also does not seem appropriate. She had a fake ID, apparently exhibuted behavior quite unbecoming, and yet she is not being criticized in any way, shape or form to the extent Ben is. She should be held accountable for her actions as well, and as an example what a women should NOT do, especially at her age. And if she and her parents took a payoff, then they are worse characters than Ben.
    Now let’s get on with football season.

  81. He’ll get at least two games for conduct detrimental to the team IMO. He needs to spend that time with a counselor and figure out why he prefers to have sex with strangers in bathrooms instead of having a real relationship. He’s close to 30 and he’s still behaving like this. It’s either an alcohol problem or mental problem, but he needs to work on his problem.

  82. “Report: Suspension of Ben Roethlisberger coming by Tuesday.”
    The scaffold construction will be finished by end of business today.
    Tomorrow the rope goes around the neck. The bag goes over the head. The trap door falls away.
    Voila! He’s suspended!

  83. # Dave3258 says: April 19, 2010 6:16 AM
    Lets remember folks , NO CHARGES FILED AND NO CRIME COMMITTED . Yes , without a doubt , Ben is guilty of pure stupidity and very bad decision making . However , those two things are not crimes . To say that this guy should be burned at the stake and run out of town forever , is rediculous . Remember he has brought two world championships to the Steelers in the last five years . Does he deserve to be punished ? Absolutely . Suspend him for two games and tell him point blank , any more problems involving law enforcement and youre done in Pittsburgh , period ! Thats how it should be handled .
    First of all, because he isn’t guilty of rape in the eyes of the law doesn’t mean he isn’t guilty of rape in the eyes of the leagues investigation. Second, I can’t seriously believe you are sticking up for a guy who is very likely a serial rapist because he won superbowls in pittsburg. I see now where the priorities of some lay. If you really support the steelers you should support his removal from the team.

  84. He shouldn’t be suspended at all, as he wasn’t charged or even found guilty of a crime. I would say that a probation period of length and maybe a forced donation to some sort of battered women charity is more appropriate.

  85. Uh oh RebaT. has a sister——->lin1945
    @RebaT. “Ben loves the strip clubs in Vegas!”
    So does every other normal male that can afford them.
    @ mr_snrub …. “Stallworth got a whole season for accidentally running over someone.”
    Yeah and he had been drinking and smoking the green leaf.

  86. Was what Ben was proven to have done worthy of a 4 game suspension?
    What Ben was PROVEN to have done is been with a very drunk adult women.
    Anything beyond that has not been established – since anyone can accuse anyone of anything.
    Funny how the lynch mob moralists – many of whom tend to be some of the worst hypocrites among us – are taking the allegations of the Down to F*** “victim” as true, as factually established.
    However, they completely discard the witness statements that run counter to the Down to F*** “victim’s” claims.
    These are the same self-righteous (usually hypocrites) who wanted to have the Duke LaCrosse team pulled as a program and those evil rapists to get fried.
    They claim to be thinkers who are fighting the good fight. They are neither.
    Lastly, Florio is clearly right. The NFL is timing the release of Ben’s suspension so that the issue will not linger over and taint the NFL Schedule Release production and the prime time NFL Draft proceedings.
    And of course, the sequencing of the suspension first will tend to mitigate the fall-out of the Ben saga by allowing the focus of NFL Nation to turn the page on Ben and then zero in on this week’s marquee events.

  87. @BonnieD
    Ever hear of the term “one night stand”? Ben didn’t invent it and it is not a crime or mean that you have mental problems. If that were the case 98% of our populatoin would be in the nut house. Who says you have to be married at the age of 28?
    Again, for all of you stupid, ignorant morons throwing around the term “serial rapist”, show me the first one…….still waiting. Ben screwed up (legally) and he knows it. You people hear / read one thing and it is all fact in your opinion. That’s just crazy. I’m not sticking up for Ben, I am sticking up for truth, justice and liberty for all.

  88. The problem with most degenerate Steeler fans is that the inbreeding in their lives has created a sense of normalcy with this situation. Most would feel honored to have that ass clown rape their mothers, sisters, or daughters. Sad isn’t it?

  89. You clowns from Pittspuke wonder why Rapistburger articles continue to be posted here??? Use a tiny bit of your 29 IQ and just look to the right…9 of the 10 most commented on articles here are about your loser QB. It’s what people want talk about right now. Oh yeah, your city name also just changed from SixBurgh to SexBurgh. Stay classy Squeeler fans, Pig Ben is really showing the city in a great light.

  90. Go ahead and let Baby Huey Turdburglar play every game so he can get sacked his usual 70 or 80 times a season….Squealer Black and Yellow-Rape Like a Champion!!!

  91. the Ravens fans don’t really care how long the suspension is, as long as they benefit from it.
    As long as BR misses one game against the Ratbirds, they’re good with it. They really don’t care at all about all the “other stuff”.
    We know how afraid the Baltimorons are of playing the Steelers. Their fear became documented last year when they petitioned (begged) the league to NOT play Pittsburgh.

  92. Steeler-lady says:
    April 19, 2010 7:12 AM
    I cant wait til one of this chicks sorority sisters gets mad and takes the true story to Oprah.. the story where they plotted and made all this up.
    Without any physical evidence ,thats all their is .. is a story.
    Steeler-lady huh? Why is that its always other women who question those who are raped? 99% of the posts here from men are anti-Ben (the 1% for him are hillbilly white trash steeler fans) but it probably runs 50-50 from women who support/dislike ben. Any chick that has some class is anti-ben, if you still like the dude you are plain and simple WT

  93. @spoonthis—
    Standing in the hallway with his limp biscuit swinging while his bodyguards get the girl and then lock and block the rest room door is not a one night stand.

  94. joe6606 says: April 18, 2010 10:58 PM
    an 8 game suspension for someone who has never been charged with a crime, while numerous players have been ARRESTED and CONVICTED for all sorts of crimes yet have never been suspended???
    yeah..that’s fair
    Al Capone, one of the most infamous gangsters in American history was never “convicted” either (Until they finally got him for tax evasion when he was old)
    But the whole world knew what he was doing…and he was guilty as hell.

  95. Steeler-lady says: I cant wait til one of this chicks sorority sisters gets mad and takes the true story to Oprah.. the story where they plotted and made all this up.
    Without any physical evidence ,thats all their is .. is a story.
    Yes, Steeler-lady, everyone knows the best laid plans are conceived when you are drunk. Much less the carrying out of those plans.

  96. I dont think he should be suspended he was not charged, and after reading the actual police report and not the medias verison of events, they left out key parts of the story. Not all was for the accuser, and I suggest to anyone that has not please do . It tells a different story as to why this thing was not prosecuted.
    But he will get suspended and that is the sad thing, but since Roger is setting an example, then shouldnt anyone else who has been accused be suspended the same amount of time, even with no charges. There are several since Ben was accused that have been investigated, some without charges some with, Now how fair would that be,,
    Santonio Holmes is being investigated over the nightclub incident So he should get tacked on to his suspension what Ben gets, Chris Jennings of the Browns is being investigated for punching a bouncer, so he should get what Ben gets, even with no charges right, And Shaun Rogers was charged, so HE better get suspended and why isnt he now, they made it clear that if Ben was charged he would be suspended till trial, and what about Joey Porter, he was investigated right after Ben and no charges but was drinking so isnt that in violation too,,,,Goodell better be fair if he suspends one man for no charges, and not the others , then that is not right,
    If he is being fair as he says, then he needs to suspend all that are listed and I am sure there are more that I have overlooked, even if no charges were filed if he suspends Ben.

  97. # Kevin DuBrow says: April 19, 2010 5:14 AM
    “i bet these scumbags already have the schedule and the fraud suspension will reflect that.”
    oh good.
    I see you’re already hard at work on your next whiny-assed, pants-pissing, foot-stomping, thumb-sucking tantrum.

  98. Guys go easy on steeler- lady. Her and her husband are going through a nasty divorce . But the good news is that they have decided to remain brother and sister. You stay classy western PA!

  99. They are going to have to change the snl skit from Sean Connery to Little Ben Rapistburger. “I’ll take the rapist for $400. ” Thats therapist!!!! Only in Steelers fans minds is punching a bouncer and having a permitted concealed weapon the same as RAPE! Your Quarterback is a Rapist. Get over it. He’s worse than Ray Lewis .

  100. No evidence, no crime, no suspension. Everything else is just do-da and fuel for all the idiot bloggers and know-nothings out there. Get over it.

  101. For a country that claims race is not an issue in it’s policies and justice system one only needs to look at all the post of the steeler fan for truth to the contrary.
    A woman files a claim against a man for allegedly assaulting her sexually, she is harrassed by a member of the police force, all evidence of a possibly crime are erased and cleaned, the D.A. decides there is not enough evidence to prosecute and the alleged perp is considered innocent by his fans.
    The bodies of a man and woman are found stabbed, police go immediately to the home of the woman’s ex-husband, a slow motion police chase insues and man is arressted, during the trial policeman admits to planting evidence, man is found INNOCENT by a jury of his peers, most people of the country still think him GUILTY. He is then stripped of all money and becomes imfamous.
    If Mcnabb, Russell, or any other BLACK QB had been ACCUSED of this crime they would have beenn suspended by Goddell the next day, possbly for the whole season, regardless of lack of evidence, or ” enough evidence to prosecute to get a guilty conviction”. Said player would then be allowed back into the NFL only to find himself persecuted by MADD, SADD, and any other organization that deems what he did WRONG.
    Remember this people no matter how many times Pacman Jones was suspended or arresseted HE WAS NEVER CHARGED OR CONVICTED OF A CRIME! Ben should have been atleast arressted as all it takes is an accusation for an arrest in Georgia.

  102. @ajd78
    Show me the first rape charge ass munch.
    Who locked the door? They stood blocking the door? Haven’t read either of those facts yet. Did the henchmen drag the girl by the hair like white caveman does to his wife?
    Comparing Ben to Al Capone now? Wow, I think that may be a little bit of a streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch.
    @white caveman
    Ted Bundy? That’s funny too. Big Ben is now the reincarnation of Charles Manson. Oh wait, he is still alive. Ben is the next Charles Manson.
    Ha Ha. You dopes are as dumb as they come.

  103. @doni says:
    April 19, 2010 10:15 AM
    No evidence, no crime, no suspension. Everything else is just do-da and fuel for all the idiot bloggers and know-nothings out there. Get over it.
    You will be proven wrong dumbass………….
    Not enough evidence
    Yes, there was a crime
    Yes, there will be a suspension

  104. April 19, 2010 8:54 AM
    You clowns from Pittspuke wonder why Rapistburger articles continue to be posted here??? Use a tiny bit of your 29 IQ and just look to the right…9 of the 10 most commented on articles here are about your loser QB. It’s what people want talk about right now. Oh yeah, your city name also just changed from SixBurgh to SexBurgh. Stay classy Squeeler fans, Pig Ben is really showing the city in a great light.
    I love this post, with terms like “Pittspuke”, “Sexburgh” and “Squeeler” you know a real “classy” genius (IQ over 140) wrote it

  105. Steeler Fans.
    This is funny, I love the hatred towards us. Don’t you just enjoy hearing how we are spiraling down and this is the end of us. Ben will keep winning if he stays with us and he if gets traded he will still be a top 5 qb. This will blow over just like it does with all athletes, if you think im wrong look at lewis and kobe and Pittsburgh will keep doing what it alwasy does WIN!!!!

  106. @Richm2256 …
    If you followed every step of the Simpson case, money played a small role in getting him acquitted. The only good things his money bought were the services of Johnny Cochran and Barry Scheck. The rest of his “dream team” was a waste of money. The major reason he got off was a sincere by unbelievably incompetent prosecution coupled with a judge that was more interested in mugging for the cameras than doing his job. I could go step-by-step through the prosecution’s monumental screwups … but I’ll spare everyone the mega post 🙂
    He screwed himself in the end, though, didn’t he?

  107. From my perspective, there are three points to consider…
    1. He has not been convicted or charged
    2. Where there is smoke, there is fire
    3. Would you let your Daughter, Niece, Cousin, GrandDaughter, Friend’s Daughter, a Church member’s daughter, etc… go out and party with Ben and his buddies?

  108. Seriously…the Steelers should treat this just like the Panthers did with Steve Smith. Two games. Maybe in Br’s case 4 because the QB position is one of leadership (let me just say I have never personally considered BR a good leader of men in any way other than his on field physical skills/performance)and QBs have higher standards IMO. Both are guys who had issues that keep popping up but weren’t charged with a crime…similar situations. Both have issues such that they needed to be sat down BY THEIR TEAM so they could see what it’s like to have their livelihood taken from them for a bit due to their own non injury related actions. Has nothing to do with crime or no crime in my book. Has to do with a pattern of actions that they both need to reevaluate committing. With Smith it was his out of control anger…with BR it is his (at the very least) inappropriate sexual behavior with groupies ad/or drunk girls. Sometimes he is drinking also which is worth examination. Why on earth would this guy be traveling to other towns and be setting things up in advance for his bar visits (not just this time but other cities like Chi). Why would he need this huge wall of beefy and possibly armed protection around him all the time when he goes out with friends? It’s been this way for a long time, not just since he’s been a “star”…this ENTOURAGE of his. Other well known guys in the NFL don’t have this…like Brady for example. Even when he was single he didn’t have some bouncer cops traveling with him wherever he went and I guarantee you he went out partying. Plenty of groupies screw stars all the time and never accuse them of assault. Perhaps it is because BR is far far too aggressive/boorish with them and the other guys aren’t?

  109. I still can’t figure out how BR and the girl
    could have had sex/rape when there isn’t
    even a nanogram of DNA…is that possible?
    Also, it wasn’t BR’s job to card the people
    in the bar. The DA said everybody involved
    deserves to be criticized.
    She and her friends were wearing tags, “DTF”
    Down to F___. They were also supposedly
    following BR and pinching him to get his attention.
    His actions should have been to leave.
    We will never know the whole true story,
    it’s up to you all if you believe in redemption.

  110. Just a thought .
    Maybe if they paint a picture of a hot chick’s face on the the center’s ass, Rapeherfurburger may settle for a manhole instead.
    This guy is a POS, and should have no right to play in the NFL….Banish the rapist !!!!

  111. @Grumpy Old Man …
    She’s only seven, but if she were old enough and I had anything to say about it, I wouldn’t let my niece go out partying with ANY NFL player. Are you kidding???? Noooooooooo. Have you ever seen “North Dallas Forty”?

  112. @JungleJuice: The Steelers proved last season, with the great Ben Roethlisberger, that there are no “easy” games. The weaker the teams, the worst “the ultimate quarterback” played.

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