Rolando McClain now says he doesn't have Crohn's disease

Following Alabama’s Pro Day, linebacker Rolando McClain revealed that he has Crohn’s Disease. But now he says he doesn’t.

“In all my talks with my doctors in the past two weeks, with all the tests we’ve done, they don’t even feel I have Crohn’s disease,” McClain told the Birmingham News.

McClain says he’s not sure why he was diagnosed with the disease in ninth grade, but that he’s gone through thorough medical testing in recent weeks and been told he doesn’t have the illness.

“I have no idea,” he said. “All I can say is, the doctor who diagnosed this, it’s his job to diagnose it. All I can do is go by his rules. I don’t have any signs of it right now.”

Crohn’s disease is a disorder that causes inflammation of the digestive tract, with symptoms including pain and diarrhea. Whether McClain has it or not, it didn’t appear to bother him during his All-American 2009 season at Alabama. McClain is expected to be selected in the top half of the first round on Thursday.

24 responses to “Rolando McClain now says he doesn't have Crohn's disease

  1. It’s widely-misdiagnosed. He wouldn’t be the first to spend years believing he has it, only to find out he doesn’t.

  2. “…including pain and diarrhea.”
    Sounds like all someone had was IBS.
    That’s still grounds for dropping a few spots in my opinion. You can’t have your middle linebacker shitting his pants on 4th and inches.

  3. CUJO says:
    “That’s still grounds for dropping a few spots in my opinion. You can’t have your middle linebacker shitting his pants on 4th and inches.”
    I lol’d

  4. “I don’t have any signs of it right now.” = “I don’t have diarrhea right now”

  5. Turned out to be just a mild case of spinal stenosis. Which has Rob Gronkowski doubled over crapping himself.
    Besides, isn’t it just bent over old people with warts on the end of their noses that have Crohn’s disease?

  6. lotusfather says:
    April 18, 2010 3:03 PM
    CUJO says:
    “That’s still grounds for dropping a few spots in my opinion. You can’t have your middle linebacker shitting his pants on 4th and inches.”
    I lol’d
    I did too. Good one Cujo

  7. Besides, isn’t it just bent over old people with warts on the end of their noses that have Crohn’s disease?
    no, f-tard

  8. Sounds like he just had a severe case of mud butt, maybe he’d better cut back on his intake of ribs.

  9. Didn’t SOMETHING flare up during his pro day, causing him to get fatigued to the point that he had to take a knee? It was after that when he talked about his condition with Crohn’s.
    So if he doesn’t have Crohn’s, WTF was bothering him during his pro day?

  10. This is weird. I heard a report that the Eagles are more intrested in trading up for McClain than Berry or Thomas, which wouild be just plain stupid considering safety is a bigger hole

  11. As one poster stated, Severe IBS and Crohns have very similar symptoms. Not to be ruled out, he could also have an ulcer which can cause stomach pains (severe) and some bowel issues.
    Lets just hope, for the sake of whomever drafts him, that he doesn’t get Bobby Hurley disease!!! 😮

  12. I don’t get it all the tebow hate,I realy don’t don’t get it from florio is a guy who is always writing about all bad things athletes do and the trouble they get in and along comes a guy who does nothing but try and do the right things and gets killed for it.florio likes to say it’s nothing personal or anti-relgion but then rips on any and everything he does.same with the othe other hacks who write for this site,let’s see we don’t have any dirt on him so lt’s rip him for making money on his name cause we all know he is not supposed to earn a living or raise money for his causes from anything other than football.I don’t even go to church but I want the guy to make it just so assholes like florio and the people who write all the hateful things about him have to admit they were wrong . I have never heard him say he was better than anyone else,he chooses to live his life a certain way and stands up for it,good for him! and the fact this upsets you tree hugging left wing liberals makes me root for him all the more.

  13. Cue Eddie Murphy from Trading Places:
    “I can see! I can see! I got legs! Hallelujah! It’s a miracle! Praise the Lord!”

  14. Actually, I’m not real sure how good of an idea it is to mention this just before the draft. Everybody was saying that Crohn’s Disease would not inhibit him from playing football, but now teams may wonder what he might have if it’s not Crohn’s and whether it will have an impact. I still see either McClain or—especially if the Broncos can trade down—Pouncey as the Broncos’ first pick.

  15. @thegenerel…..
    Ya sorry, generel, must have been Old Crone’s disease I was thinking of. Sir!

  16. I crapped myself reading this. Really? It has come to this? How many days until we get to talk about real football?

  17. If he eats the same food as Terrence Cody and Andre Smith… No wonder he had diarrhea all the time…

  18. I think we should all know by now that it’s damn easy to find a doctor who will provide the opinion that you pay him for.
    Just like the whiplash doctor your attorney sends you to; you can be damn sure that he’ll attribute whatever he can to the injury claim, and provide an opinion that you are gravely and permanently injured, for this suits the personal injury attorney, plaintiff and doctor’s mutual interesting in squeezing as much money as possible out of the recovery opportunity.
    NFL team doctors provide opinions that are 100% on the opposite end of the scale. All injuries are dressed down, and cast in a minimalist light. Players need a minimum of treatment before they are released back to the field, and there is no talk, whatsoever about the permanency of their injuries. They are paid to provide a service to the team, and their opinions conform to their employer’s need, accordingly.
    Then you have the doctors who prescribe Adderall and other amphetimenes to athletes, for “ADD”, testosterone/HGH for “low testosterone count” and other dubious uses of medicine, again, conforming their opinion and diagnoses to their employer’s needs.
    So in this case, it would appear that McClain’s camp found a doctor who is willing to provide an opinion that he does NOT have Crohn’s disease, despite the prior admission of same. This really doesn’t mean squat. It really should be no trouble at all for an Agent, with their financial resources, to find a doctor willing to work for them like this.
    We are raised believing that doctor’s are trustworthy and have taken up their noble profession for the sole purpose of healing people. In reality, those doctors are outnumbered by doctors who are in it for financial gain, more than healing, and who put their own financial self-interests over that of their patients. I’d recommend that you keep this in mind, next time a doctor gives you an opinion. They may simply be acting to pad their wallet, than to heal you. Doctors cannot be trusted.

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