Rosenhaus denies that Rob Gronkowski has spinal stenosis

Arizona tight end Rob Gronkowski missed the entire 2009 season after undergoing back surgery.  In response to a recent report from that Gronkowski has spinal stenosis — the condition that ended Michael Irvin’s career prematurely — agent Drew Rosenhaus says that Gronkowski is fine.

“Every team I have talked to says there are no concerns about his back,”
Rosenhaus told Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun.  “He passed his physical at the combine.  There are no red flags on him.  He is ready to go.  The back is not a
factor.  There’s no issue.”

In 2009, there was an issue; doctors shaved off a disk that was sticking out and onto his spinal cord.  His rehab kept him from working out at the Scouting Combine.

But if he has a condition as serious as spinal stenosis, doctors would know it.  And they’d be explaining to him the potential risks of playing football.  The diagnosis means that the patient’s spine is narrow, and that a routine hit can cause paralysis.

With all the money spent on the pre-draft procedures and examinations, it’s fair to say that anyone who picks Gronkowski knows or should know the truth.  If they don’t, and if his career is truncated due to the injury, then the G.M. who picks him had better hope that he can tap dance effectively when the owner wants to know what in the hell happened.

And if there are doctors out there who know or should know that Gronkowski has spinal stenosis and they are telling him to go ahead and play without advising him of the possible risks, we hope their malpractice premiums have been paid.

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  1. TMZ has photos of Aaron Rodgers attempting to be ‘straight’ in a Vegas night club!!
    hehe, Packer fans – admit it your QB prefers men (not that there is anything wrong with that)
    this was one of the reasons he fell in the draft.
    Someday he will write a good book about all this.

  2. There are still teams who _talk_ to Rosenhaus?
    Did the conversation go like “What about the spinal stenosis?” – “Next question!”?

  3. I have spinal stenoisis too. Not a condition to mess with. Cut short my college career once I started experiencing loss of feeling in my extremities after routine tackles. Wouldn’t draft anyone if they have this condition!

  4. Rosenhaus never actually says, ‘My client does not have spinal stenosis.’ He is quoted as saying the teams have no concerns and that he passed his physical exams. That is not the same as saying that his client does not have that condition.
    Let’s put it this way: if you knew rumors of a medical condition about your client were out there, that those rumors were affecting his draft position, and you knew your client didn’t have that condition, wouldn’t you be shouting from the rooftops, ‘HEY, MY CLIENT DOES NOT HAVE SPINAL STENOSIS!!!’? You’d have every reason to shout that if you knew your client didn’t have spinal stenosis.
    So I think it’s a pretty fair conclusion to say he does have it and Rosenhaus knows it, he is just spinning it as best he can for his client.
    Either way, that is a bad piece of reporting by the Baltimore Sun. You have to ask him that question with no qualifications, ‘Does your client have spinal stenosis?’.
    If he gives an answer like was quoted, you have to note in the article that he was asked that specific question in the above paragraph and declined to answer it. If you didn’t ask that point-blank question, then you aren’t doing your job as a reporter.
    I’m betting it was the latter. They didn’t ask him that specific question and they didn’t follow up on his non-answer with it.

  5. If they said Gronk had a bad back the scouts would probably exercise caution in drafting him.
    But describing it as “spinal stenosis” sends them running for cover. The dumbasses think it might be contagious.

  6. 2LiveDrew is a JOKE and if he didnt pay top dollar for the finest doctor in the country to exam, confirm and put in writing that Gronk doesnt have Stenosis then he a)DOES have Stenosis b) WILL drop like a rock in the draft c) Have a David Lefluer-like career even if he sneaks into NFL d) Will Fire Rosentoad when he ignores him after realizing he cant make $ off him

  7. If the dude had a serious spine injury he wouldn’t be able to pass a physical…they don’t just tell you to drop your undies, turn head, and cough @ the NFL combine…they go over these guys with a fine toothed comb

  8. Regardless of whether he has stenosis, he’s had back surgery in his early 20’s for a bulging disc. That’s just the endgame right there. You’re supposed to develop those back injuries after your career…

  9. Dr. Job, the premier sports Doctor in all of sports has said Gronkowski doesn’t have spinal stenosis. I hope the people at NFLDraftScouts have their insurance premium paid, to slander this kid and put out false reports that can cost this kid millions might be a good slander lawsuit waiting to happen.

  10. Just to clarify, it is not that the spine is narrow. The spinal canal narrows, resulting in compression of the spinal cord and nerves. Either way, it is not something most normal people would mess with, but if you pick Drew Rosenhaus as your agent, the “normal” goes out the window…

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