Broncos showing interest in Tim Tebow

The Denver Broncos are either interested in drafting Tim Tebow this week or they’re going to great lengths to create the appearance that they’re interested in drafting Tim Tebow this week. is reporting that that Tebow will work out for the Broncos today, and that head coach Josh McDaniels and General Manager Brian Xanders will personally take part in the workout. Peter King of had previously reported that Tebow was meeting with the Broncos last week, but that meeting may have been pushed back to today.

Draft week is a busy week, so for the head coach and general manager both to spend time with Tebow is a fairly strong indication that the Broncos have interest. McDaniels has made public comments in which he sounded enamored with Tebow, including stating that there’s “no question” he’ll be a successful quarterback once a small “dip” in his delivery is corrected.

There are so many things you can say about the kid,” McDaniels said, per the Denver Post.

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  1. Never dismiss an outlandish rumor that doesn’t seem to make any sense, when it involves Josh McDaniels! He’s done quite a number of illogical things.

  2. McDaniels comes from the Belichik tree of deception and mis-direction. This is a virtually certain sign that the Broncos have no interest whatsoever in Tim Tebow and a virtual guarantee he won’t be drafted by the Broncos.

  3. Not true, it may be the Broncos have a plan in place to move back into the later stages of the first round.
    If that happens, then they can dangle that pick to a team that’s willing to overpay to get Tebow like the Jags. The Broncos need more picks, they have the extra second now in this year’s and next year’s draft, but need to recoup the 5th rounder they gave up last year to get Tom Brandstater.
    If they could trade out of the first round entirely with a team like the Patriots who are rumored to be interested in Tebow as well (Man what Belicheck could do with Tebow…) then picking up 2 rounders to pair with out two would be amazing.
    Good job playing the field before the draft, shows maturity by the Broncos and Mcdanie;s not to tip their hand like last season.

  4. @Klungemonger
    You are sadly 100% correct.
    No one should be surprised if McDaniels makes his 4th, count em (Orton, Brandstater, Quinn) 4th QB acquisition since getting rid of Cutler in an attempt to replace him.

  5. sweet, this makes perfect sense, trade away a pro-bowl QB, then trade away your pro-bowl WR, then draft a guy who can’t throw or run the play action
    yeah, totally makes sense

  6. This is Denver trying to get something out of the rumors that the Seahawks and Pats have interest in Timmy. Trying to strengthen the pot for possible trade out of #11 if Tebow is available.

  7. The Broncos seem to be interested in anything with two legs and has at some point in time played football.
    What whores.

  8. Tebow says that it is such a blessing that the Broncos are minimizing his flaws.
    Such a blessing because he is just so blessed.
    I’m truly blessed to be reading about someone so blessed.

  9. Tebow should hope that he lands in a truly developmental situation: an understudy to a great veteran QB. That would be teams like the Vikings, Colts, Pats, Saints, or Bengals. After 2- 3 years holding a clipboard for these QBs, he should be able to take charge. In the meantime, he is a very versatile addition to a wildcat formation.

  10. I think the Broncos woulda drafted him if they didn’t get Quinn, but now since they got Quinn to start in 2011, they won’t draft Tebow.

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