Dwyer says positive test related to attention deficit disorder

Responding to a report that Georgia Tech running back Jonathan Dwyer tested positive for amphetamines at the NFL scouting combine, Dwyer says the positive test was the result of a medication he takes for attention deficit disorder.

I have had it since I was in the fifth grade,” Dwyer told ESPN’s Joe Schad. “Georgia Tech knew about it when I went there. The NCAA knew about it before every drug test I took there. And the league knew about it before the combine as they got several letters from my doctor who prescribed me the medication.”

It’s not unusual for athletes to get therapeutic use exemptions allowing them to take stimulants related to the treatment of attention deficit disorder. It’s been reported that nearly 10 percent of players in Major League Baseball have such exemptions.

Jay Glazer and Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com were the first to report Dwyer’s positive test. They also reported that USC tight end Anthony McCoy tested positive for marijuana.

22 responses to “Dwyer says positive test related to attention deficit disorder

  1. way to go Glazer, you forced a kid to publicly admit he has a developmental disorder just so people don’t think he does drugs. Feel proud.

  2. He has ADD? Hmm… does he make good jukes or does he actually just change direction because he saw a bright shirt in the crowd and wanted a closer look?

  3. The bigger story is these things are supposed to be confidential.Whomever leaked this story should be fired and go to work for U.S. government.
    As for Anthony McCoy let’s not be too quick to judge.Perhaps he too has Attention Deficit Disorder (i.e.- he knew smoking dope was wrong but he forgot).

  4. Why is it that everyone that tests positive have an excuse? People who smoke weed always have an excuse as to why they smoke. As do all drug users….doesn’t make sense.

  5. I don’t even know why most of the prospects even do some of these tests at the combine unless they are assured that it’s not going to be leaked out.

  6. I’m sick of the media making such a story of this and putting this guy in such a bad light, especially ESPN. There’s no need for it to even be published, and now he faces scrutiny and has to explain himself for a behavioural difficulty.
    What is more, the REAL problem ( and his marijuana problem) is but a mere footnote in every article I’ve read about this. It’s disgusting.

  7. McCoy has Attention Surplus disorder. He needs to take a medication that makes him forget where he left the keys or how he ended up sitting on the pier or where that damn burger place was, every once in awhile.

  8. In another story, Anthony McCoy releases a statement that he has been smoking to fight glaucoma.

  9. @ stoop57 this excuse would be pretty easy to prove whether he is telling the truth or lying.

  10. I think this is a big odd. I was medicated for ADD when I was in school, and while I’m not sure what exactly the impact of having ADD would be on playing your best in a football game, I can tell you what the impact of taking amphetamines would be.
    To me this is like saying doctors have determined a rare personality disorder that can only be treated with a combination of HGH and Testosterone injections.

  11. “Dwyer says positive test related to attention deficit disorder”
    Yeah, he wasn’t paying attention when they said “Don’t do drugs.”

  12. News Flash: Glazer takes Viagra cos he is a p u s s y to be invading the private lives of players.

  13. I love all the commenters stating that ADD is “bullshit” or claiming it isn’t a legitimate condition.
    If you don’t have it, you have no idea. Don’t be “that guy”.
    (I.E. the arrogant asshole).

  14. @ finsbooyah
    are you a medical expert? Or is that your no research, no medical degree opinion?

  15. Its common knowledge ADD is treated with drugs that fall under the classification of amphetamines. IDK why anyone is on here trying to chastise Dwyer for “excuses”. I’ll take the kid on my team, solid back.

  16. It’s common knowledge that ADD/HD is treated with medications that fall under the classification of Amphetamines. IDK why any of you on here would chastise Dwyer for making “excuses”. I’ll take him on my squad. He’s a solid back.

  17. Some teams will be spooked by this,there thinking is he smart enough to remember the plays,are there other problems ,can he stay focus he will get draftedbut this will cost him a few bucks

  18. “stoop57 says:
    April 19, 2010 11:03 AM
    Why is it that everyone that tests positive have an excuse? People who smoke weed always have an excuse as to why they smoke. As do all drug users….doesn’t make sense. ”
    Are you being serious? I guess ADD is an ‘excuse’.
    wow, just had someone compare a guy who is on legit meds since he was a kid to a pot head…..Stoop57, I have to ask…..were you stoned when you wrote that? what you said ‘ Doesnt make sense’

  19. ADD is simply another lie incorporated by progressives to excuse low productivity. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the type of nonsense we’re up against.

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