Kiper denies favoritism for Clausen

J. Clausen2.jpgMel Kiper has Jimmy Clausen as the top quarterback in this draft, while Todd McShay’s Scouts Inc. has Clausen ranked 38th, 35 spots below Sam Bradford.

That disparity has raised questions about the relationship each draftnik has with the agents for the quarterbacks.  McShay is believed to be represented by CAA, which also represents Bradford.

Kiper denies that he shows any favoritism to Clausen’s agent Gary Wichard, a long-time friend.

“I have so many friends who are agents: Tom Condon, Joel Segal, Tony
Agnone, Gary Wichard,” Kiper told Rick Maese of the Washington Post.  “Ask them how many battles we’ve had on the phone
over players that they’ve represented. I don’t shill for

Some have said Wichard represents Kiper, but that has been denied.  Kiper points to the criticism he’s made of Wichard clients, including Taylor Mays and Dwight Freeney.

Maese’s excellent profile is worth a complete read.  McShay calls Kiper an “institution.”   Love or hate Kiper, McShay is right here.

Even though Kiper’s preeminence has been challenged in recent years, Kiper’s spot at the big boy table during the draft remains secure.  He’s the one who will sit on ESPN’s main site throughout the draft, while McShay does a lot of his work from Bristol.

51 responses to “Kiper denies favoritism for Clausen

  1. McShay wasn’t sold on Matt Ryan either. Go to the tape. Dudes an idiot. Ask Andre Woodson . I believe that’s his name. Projected 3rd left school early. Good call McShay.

  2. Yet, neither McShay or Kiper come close to Mayock in terms of projecting collegiate players to the NFL.

  3. They are both full of crap… Anyone could make their “predictions” with enough insight.

  4. Name one year when Kiper’s gotten the first five picks right? The guy, like Clausen has made a cottage industry of douchebaggery.

  5. If Bradford is 35 spots ahead of Clausen’s 38th best QB in the draft, who are the #1 and #2 QBs?

  6. McShay should be fired from ESPN. Based on the posts on PFT and elsewhere, it sounds as though nobody in the NFL has any respect for him. And, McShay couldn’t act any less professional towards Kiper and others when I see him pompous ass on the air. What a douche.

  7. Mike Mayock is head and shoulders above both of them. Between the two thought I’d take Kiper over Mcshay any day of the week. NFL scouts have respect for Kiper, none for Mcshay.

  8. Interesting article on Kiper. He may not know as much as Mayock, and he might whiff a bunch, but you can’t say he doesn’t put his heart into it.
    I also doubt he expresses any sort of favoritism based on agents. He is all over the board when it comes to these things. In his line of work, it pays to know the agents as well.

  9. like this is crazy – what difference does it make if they play to their favorites? like Belichick or Parcells or Tannenbaum are going to listen to them and move a player up or down a board?

  10. Let’s put this in the proper perspective…drafting and mocks are a guessing game, built upon the masses og stats/video/scouting/etc. Both of these guys (and many others) are doing a ton of homework and breaking down their opinions of the same stuff…for us.
    Any expectation that they would get it right, or make sound judgements that will stand the test of time, is foolhardy.
    I appreciate their input (so I don’t have do all that work) and their perspective…but they are merely the weathermen of the NFL world.

  11. Does it really matter? I highly doubt NFL teams pay attention to what Kiper and McShay say about prospects. Each team has scouts that know more about football than those 2 guys.

  12. Mayock is on point.
    McShay is a soulless ginger.
    And Kiper needs a haircut, and you always have to wonder about a man who does nothing but stare at & analyze sweaty young men

  13. Kiper is a meatballs. It’s interesting that when the draft goes comepletely opposite on how Kiper predicts (which is every year), ESPN still goes back to him for analysis. Why go back to him? He’s always wrong about everything. Kiper’s predictions make weathermen look good.

  14. Has anyone gone back and tracked what Kiper has said vs what actually played out with the players. I remember him saying some not so nice things about Aron Rogers. Woops.

  15. If either of these bozo’s were any good at their chosen profession, they’d be a GM of a professional team, instead of part time hacks playing pin the tail on the donkey….

  16. Kiper has been kissing Jimmy’s Golden Dome for a long time. Makes you wonder what Jimmy’s agent promised Kiper in return for helping boost his draft stock. Its such a joke guys like Kiper are the political equivalent of lobbyists in Washington. If the price is right they will tell you anyone is a franchise player before draft day.

  17. McShay is a d-bag.
    Kiper is like Madden and Vitale at this point. “Analysts” for dummies. At least he’s entertaining.
    Mayock is obviously the best in the business.
    But seriously, McShay needs to go. Absolutely worthless.

  18. Can we just have the Draft already?
    If I see one more Mock Draft I think I’m going to Mock Vomit.

  19. I agree with the post that seriously doubts anyone from the NFL takes what either one say as any merit toward who they pick. This is all about ratings for ESPN, period end of sentence. It’s get viewers to watch, and people to follow the posts. Remember howard Stern’s movie, Private parts? The ratings were higher for people who didn’t like him, why? They couldn’t wait to hear what he said next. This is all the same, people watch and ESPN gets good ratings and sells advertising spots, all becasue people watch to see what they say next. It’s entertainment, Mel could care less what viewers say or think about him, or the same for McShay. As long as they keep watching, they keep getting paid.

  20. At issue is the blurred lines between entertainment and journalism. Journalism should be held to standards of accuracy and accountability (but rarely is). Entertainment has no such standards. Much of the public doesn’t know or care about the difference.

  21. I don’t read Kiper any more, but back when I did, he pretty much said the same thing each time.
    “Here’s a kid who could turn out to be the best player in the draft. I honestly feel that is possible. But he could turn out to be the worst player in the draft. That is just as possible. Most likely, and this is something of a gut feeling on my part, he will fall SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN. I want people to remember I said that 5 years from now. Like Bernard Berrien. I said that same thing about Berrien when he came out. No one else did. Look at him now. Is the the best player in the league? No. Is he the worst. No, you can’t say that. You can’t say Bernard Berrien is the worst player in the league. Some people will say that but it’s not true. I mean look around, you have guys that never get on the field. Backups, I call them. Bernard Berrien is better than a lot of those guys.
    So, just as I knew way back then, Berrien has become neither the best or worst player in the league. You can say that about a lot of guys, but I feel especially strongly that way about this kid. I mean who knows, he may end up the best player in the league, but really what are the chances? I mean how many players are there in the league at a given time, 300? Almost. So his chances aren’t that good. It could happen but I doubt it. It’s even harder to be definitively the worst player in the league. So much depends on what the coach isn’t looking for at the time. Anyway if you are the worst, you don’t often have a long career. Players like that tend to get cut a lot.”.

  22. all 3 are douche bags………..But hey, they are getting paid for it…
    Go with the HAIR!!!

  23. The only thing that makes Mel Kiper Jr. awesome is the fact that he is not married, has no kids, and named his dog Mel Kiper III. True story.

  24. Unless you’re the Bengals or Raiders with the worst “scouting departments” what team even listens to any of them. Imagine:
    War Room: “I love this guy, he should be our pick.”
    War Room #2: “I don’t think so, Kiper had him going in round 3, so we better wait.”
    Owner: “What did McShay say?”

  25. What amazes me about Kiper is how on draft day he sits at that ESPN table and reels off stat after stat about everybody without even blinking an eye. The guy must have a photographic memory.

  26. “If either of these bozo’s were any good at their chosen profession, they’d be a GM of a professional team, instead of part time hacks playing pin the tail on the donkey….”
    Mel has been doing this for 30 years (works year round not just part-time) and has never been fired. How man NFL GMs can make that claim!

  27. Whatever it’s worth….5 year 1st round only correct picks: 42 of 159, 26.4%. Kiper 40 of 159 25.2%. McShay/Scouts inc. 36 of 159, 24.5%. These are the “experts”?

  28. If Bradford is 35 spots ahead of Clausen’s 38th best QB in the draft, who are the #1 and #2 QBs?
    @TheDPR: Rosenthal screwed up. Or at least he wasn’t clear. In the first half of the sentence he was referring to just the QBs, in the second half he was referring to overall players. I’d give him some crap about it, but then I’m not responsible for posting like eight blog entries a day. So I give them all a little slack.

  29. Clausen’s agent to Kiper, Jr (allegedly)? “Hey Mel, instead of buying 1,000 of your draft book can I make that 2,000 and double up on the positive press?”

  30. “McShay wasn’t sold on Matt Ryan either. Go to the tape. ”
    Wait. Matt Ryan’s good? That’s news to me.
    I honestly believe both Kiper and McShay are too close to the draft to be any good. Over analysis leads to bad judgement.
    Plus, it’s just like analysts for any other sport, Kiper and McShay are too institutional to go out on any real limb.
    Personally, I don’t think Bradford or Clausen will do very well at the next level, but even if Kiper and McShay believed that, they wouldn’t take the risk by actually saying it.

  31. FAS – “I appreciate their input (so I don’t have do all that work) and their perspective…but they are merely the weathermen of the NFL world.”
    atleast you get it, that now makes 2 of us.

  32. “He is president of Mel Kiper Enterprises, Inc., which he founded in 1981 while at Essex Community College obtaining his degree in aeronautical engineering.”
    Why do we listen to this moron? He has an associates’ degree in engineering (modeling man balls?) and has no football back ground…

  33. winslow says:
    April 19, 2010 11:36 AM
    Kiper has secretly been conducting the Raider drafts since Al Davis died in 1997.

  34. There are some seriously stupid people commenting on this site…Look, NO ONE is suggesting GMs listen to what either Kiper or McShay have to say. Kiper, though, did say the Raiders shouldn’t have taken DHB where they took him. Is he stupid, or are the Raiders?
    Clearly, though, there are enough NFL-starved rubes who pay ESPN Insider subscriptions to read what they have to say, so they’re doing something right.
    It’s their opinion, if it doesn’t interest you, don’t read it. I can’t see the rationale behind people’s utter hatred of either one of them. The fact is, though, Kiper watches tape, he is in frequent contact with scouts, GMs and coaches around the league and he’s the guy who basically started all of this from the fan’s perspective. At this point in his career, he has absolutely nothing to gain by pubbing Clausen as the best QB in the draft. He wouldn’t be in the spot he’s in if he shilled everyone.

  35. Neither McShay or Kiper know their asses from holes in the ground. If they were worth 2 shits, they’d actually be scouts for teams. They couldn’t even do talent evaluation for Arena football. Kiper is the worse of the two, and his righteous indignation is what usually drives the on-air releases of hot-fart air from his mouth….and I wonder how an aeronautical engineer could fit a hardhat over that ridiculous pompadour. McShay’s sense of entitlement belies his ability to look at teams’ worst starters and assume they’d replace the ones that they can’t trade for with FA’s–in the draft, i.e. the F-ING OBVIOUS DRAFT PICKS.

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