LaRon Landry says "everything is cool now" between him and the Redskins

A couple of weeks ago, safety LaRon Landry was mentioned as possible ammunition for the trade that brought Donovan McNabb to D.C.  Last week, apparently due to frustrations regarding his potentially tenuous status, Landry walked out of the team’s offseason training program.

He recently told Jason Reid of the Washington Post that “everything is cool now.”

“During that time, as far as a trade being concerned with me, I
didn’t take it as a negative thing or being upsetting,” Landry told Reid.  “I looked at it like this,
‘There are other teams who wanted me.’  They really wanted me.  If the
Skins wanted to give me up, I’d be gone by now.  The only thing I did, I
stepped back and thought of my next career move as a businessman.  That
didn’t mean I stopped working or didn’t want to be with the Skins.  I was
just thinking of my next business move.  Talking with my agent and that
was it.  I wasn’t mad or anything.

“I read . . . I
heard what [a reporter] was saying, but it wasn’t that big of a deal to
me.  I just stepped back and said, ‘Okay, if I’m gonna get traded, I’m
gonna step back and let it pan out.’  Wherever I was going, that’s where I
was going.  As far as if the Eagles wanted me, I was going to the Eagles
and I was going to be there.  I didn’t take it as anything being
negative.  It was just a business move.  I let my agent handle everything. 
When everything calmed down, you see I’m here. I’m proud to be a ‘Skin
and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  But if I was going to be traded,
what was my next move?”

Last year, Landry stayed away from much of the team’s offseason program.

18 responses to “LaRon Landry says "everything is cool now" between him and the Redskins

  1. Yeh, it’s all cool. Except for the fact that he can’t cover and after getting blowed up by Brandon Jacobs he doesn’t hit anymore either. I was a huge fan, but have tired of seeing WR’s behind him or a blur go accross the screen as he intentionally(yes, on purpose) flies right by ball carriers to avoid contact. He’s done.

  2. Florio-why are there two of the same Laron Landry headlines back to back? Do you have an editor? Is Big Ben’s penis really gray?

  3. Everything “is not cool” between Redskin fans and Landry. It’s time for LaRon to get back to basics (tackling) and focus on fundamentals (coverage). More than once, last year, Landry cost the Redskins, big time…
    Stop trying to kill people with every tackle and start playing football – fans might learn to appreciate having him around if he can do that!

  4. The kid’s up to 230 lbs now. Put him around the line of scrimmage and let him blitz through the quarterback.

  5. How can you walk out of camp and claim you were still working?
    Unless you were actually working on your pass coverage, since you were nowhere near receivers last year either.

    LAUNDRY you dont wanna be on a shitty squad anymore do you?
    i’d do the late 2nd rounder for him. or that 2 & our sevens
    cmon cmon cmon

  7. Laron is a hell of a hitter when he connects. Unfortunately for him last year he was missing people and receivers were catching 40 yard passes over his head because he was more worried about tattooing someone than covering someone.
    I’ll never forget that game the Saints played the Redskins and he let two big plays go over his head. Without those two plays and the Meachem strip the Skins would’ve been the first team to take down the Saints last year.

  8. ilovefoolsball….you 4skins kill me. coulda, woulda shoulda…thats your motto the last 20 yrs as you have not won a damn thing.
    when was the last time your team competed for the nfc east? LMFAO.

  9. If only the vision of Sean Taylor and Laron Landry hadn’t been snuffed out. Oh well. They need to switch this kid to the strong safety he was drafted to be. His coverage skills are not up to par for free safety.

  10. boysroll says:
    April 19, 2010 5:35 PM
    ilovefoolsball….you 4skins kill me. coulda, woulda shoulda…thats your motto the last 20 yrs as you have not won a damn thing.
    when was the last time your team competed for the nfc east? LMFAO.
    Guess everything really is bigger in Texas, including the D-BAGS!

  11. Yeah, Laron Landry sucks.. He get’s forced to play outta position with the death of Sean Taylor. He has been run over 1 time I have ever seen. By Brandon Jacobs when Landry was 210 and Jacobs 260 Check and see what happened when he met Fletcher a little closer to his size. Landry is a strong safety not a free safety he shouldnt be roaming centerfield he should be in the box rocking people closer to the line. Heres an example and whoever said Landry is scared to hit is an IDIOT!

  12. Landry got caught in the wake of Sean Taylor’s murder. Taylor was a true phenom, an unearthly safety. Teamed with Landry it would have gotten really ugly for receivers really quick. But, after Taylor’s death, Landry had shoes he couldn’t fill. Stop trying. Use him as he meant to be used. Get him back to the box and make people pay. And pay they will. Hail!

  13. Package up Laron and Campbell for for some draft picks.
    Common NFL viewers to die hard Skins fans should see this guy went BUST.

  14. after being an avid reader of PFT I have come to the conclusion that “boysroll” is the most ignorant ill informed D BAG on this site. He runs his mouth cuz he’s nervous. He jumped on the band wagon in 96 and I GUARANTEE when the boys start losing , and lose they will, you wont hear an effin peep from him. You are a clown boysroll. And if it weren’t from the skins being in every other headline on this site and your incessant need to nervous chirp, your computer would never get a break from downloading homoerotic and bestiality porn . So from all us skins fans to the friction sores on your groin, your welcome.

  15. SkinsDan says:
    April 19, 2010 6:40 PM
    boysroll lives in the DC area. He is a fake Cowboys fan like so many others around here.
    The number of ignorant posers in the DC area that claim to be Cowboys fans despite the fact that they never have and never will so much as set foot in the state of Texas is mind boggling. Really, what’s the motivation people? What, mommy didn’t pay enough attention to you growing up so now you act out by pretending to be a fan of the local team’s rival? Having people think you are d-bag is better than not having them think about you at all?

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