Matt Millen says Ernie Sims didn't fit with Detroit's new defense

simsjpg-dd58aedb863a5d39_medium.jpgAs yet another first-round pick from the failed Matt Millen regime in Detroit becomes a former member of the team, who better to explain what happened with linebacker Ernie Sims than, well, Matt Millen?

In an interview with 97.3 FM in Atlantic City, Millen told Mike Gill of The Sportsbash that Sims simply doesn’t fit the new defense that’s being implemented in Detroit.

As Millen explains it, Sims was drafted to play weakside linebacker in the Tampa Two/Cover Two defense, which is premised on speed and athleticism.  Under coach Jim Schwartz, larger linebackers are required.

Millen also suggested that the Eagles got a steal, given that they got the ninth pick in the 2006 draft for only a fifth-round selection.

“The problem is when you change the defense, sometimes guys fit, [and] sometimes they don’t fit,” Millen said.

Still, the Lions got tight end Tony Scheffler and a seventh-round pick for Sims.  If anyone got screwed here, it was Denver, who got a two-round upgrade (from seven to five) for a guy who was a second-round pick four years ago.

94 responses to “Matt Millen says Ernie Sims didn't fit with Detroit's new defense

  1. matt millen should be drawn and quartered. go back in your cave you miserable P0S

  2. Every time I see that mans name it makes me sick, I lived in the Detroit “area” my whole life, a devoted Lions fan, my whole life, I cant believe this man gets paid to give his opinion about talent, not to mention he is suing to get the remainder of his contract from the Lions, he said years ago that if he was ever not wanted, he would walk away, and would not expect to get paid, THIS GUY IS A SCUMBAG and the NFL and ESPN should be ashamed for putting him on the air to give opinions

  3. I think Florio is the only person who gives a rat’s arse what Matt Millen thinks. Kinda begs the question on why I bother to check this site for anything.

  4. How the hell does Millen have any right to comment about the Lions or the NFL? How does he find work talking football? Does anyone listen to this ass? How about ask him what its like to run a team into the ground and getting $8 Million a year for it?

  5. Sims didn’t fit in the Tampa Two defense and it screwed him up!!! MOR0N!!!1!11!!!!

  6. If anyones getting screwed here it’s the lions fans who had to put up with 10 years of millen’s BS and still have to hear about him.

  7. Dang….
    Millen says that Sims doesn’t fit in Detroit’s scheme.
    We all know what that means:
    Sims is an All Pro in Detroit’s scheme.
    Why does anyone ever listen to what this douchebag says?

  8. And Matt Millen is the one person all of us should listen to. Remember he was the GM Who got his team to 16-0 L-W record.

  9. Philly wins.
    Detroit continues a strong off season.
    And Denver is so very screwed.
    They haven’t done anything right since McDaniels arrived.
    Lousy draft last year.
    Poor trades this year.
    That roster is headed south faster than Kim Kardashian around an open fly.

  10. This trade for Sims reminds me of the Jonathan Vilma trade from the Jets to the Saints. Same exact situation and look how it worked out for the Saints.

  11. I seriously doubt Ernie Sims didn’t fit with Detroit’s new defense. I think the problem was just Matt Millen. Anything that comes out of Millen’s mouth is no longer credible. The guy doesn’t know how to run a football team. The man single handley destroyed the Lions franchise. Man, I wish he would’ve ran either the Cowboys, Eagles or Redskins instead.

  12. Who still talks to Matt Millen??
    Seriously. How does this man still have a job in football?

  13. I have been reading PFT for many years and have never made a comment. However, how can anyone believe anything Matt Millen has to say about the Lions or any football team for that matter? He is the sole reason for the demise of the Detroit Lions. He took a not too good team and completely destroyed it. Matt Millen has absolutely no credibility whatsoever.

  14. Millen should keep his mouth shut about anything having to do with football in Detroit. He ruined this franchise, not just for the decade he was here, but for at least three years beyond his departure. Schwartz and Mayhew are trying to undo the carnage he left behind. As a football GM, he was talentless and classless…..and an even worse evaluator of football talent.

  15. Millen givving insight on a player? GWUMP….Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
    Thanks for all the useless/wasted picks Matty Boy! with Sims gone, we have only 10 players left since the 2000 draft and only 2 of them starters. That means only 8 left to cleanse the team of your ineptitude.

  16. Hey Matt – great to hear from you! If there’s one thing this world needs more of, it’s Matt Millen making sense of the s*!t show that is the Lions. Welcome to Webster’s living definition of irony.

  17. Millen proved one thing during his tenure as GM: not just any idiot off the street or out of the booth can run an NFL team.

  18. Of course Millen is trying to spin it. He’s the clown that drafted the guy in the top 10 that just got traded for a FIFTH. More evidence Millen is a turd.
    And then a non-cover 2 team trades for him?
    Why did anyone hire this clown for his analysis?

  19. Matt Millen
    Stick to the booth….
    you have zero street with this crew……seriously everytime someone hears you talk about “personal” ,everyone says the same question to themselves……..”What the F*$@does he know?”

  20. I was wrong. In all fairness, Millen left us with 11 players from his draft and 4 of them are starters. Not bad Matty, 11 out of 62 picks with 4 starters. Good work buddy, thanks again!

  21. As a lifelong Lions fan I can safely state that no one in the state of Michigan, who cares about the Lions, really gives a **** what Millen has to say.
    In fact, Millen would just be better served to have a nice hot cup of “Shut the **** up.”

  22. worst GM in NFL history…just go away…who would really listen to this guys input???

  23. I can’t believe Matt Millen has the audacity to defend this trade or talk up this player. Its a steal that the Eagles got the 9th pick in the 06 draft for a 5th rounder??? Hey douche bag, Seattle just signed Mike Williams off the wire for nothing! How about that for a steal??? Idiot.

  24. Don’t forget that Denver spent a second round pick LAST year on a TE who had one return for 19 yards and two special team tackles (Richard Quinn)
    Fine if he’s a blocking TE, but even Mark Bruener would catch passes once in a while, and he didn’t cost a second round pick!
    Can’t wait to see what Denver’s rookies this year. As Bad as Cutler’s interceptions were last year, they were just a louder version of the same disappointment Alphonso Smith and Robert Ayers have brought Denver in their first years.
    And before you tell me how good a KR/PR Smith is, with that 5th round pick pitched in the Cutler deal, Bears got a pro bowl alternate KR who produced far better numbers with Cutler than Eddie Royal with Orton

  25. Matt only knew how to make Bill Ford his little football buddy. Unless some other football GM was holding his hand and feeding him player info (pre-Lions GM days), Matt was clueless about players. Where’s his excuse for Charles Rogers, Michael Williams, …
    Ok Matt, don’t forget when Mickey’s big hand is on 12 and his little hand is on …

  26. A smart team would sign Millen to be an advisor to their GM and do the exact opposite of everything he recomends

  27. Yeah, Matt. He doesn’t fit. They are trying to build a good defense. Actually, they’re trying to build a legitimate NFL franchise. That’s why none of your draft picks outside of Calvin Johnson are fitting. And to be honest, Joe Thomas would have fit better, you most giant D-bag of all D-bags on earth.

  28. 0-16. Why does anyone care about Matt Millen’s opinion, especially regarding player evaluation? He has zero credibility — in fact it’s probably negative because I instinctively think he’s wrong about anything he says unless proven otherwise.

  29. The question is not who get the better deal here, but what exactly is Favre doing at this moment??

  30. Oh Millen says,?!?! oh ok…yea I think my pubical sack has more credibility than this jizz-wad. go set another franchise back ten years, you human piece of excrement

  31. There was clearly something wrong in Detroit other than player selection. It’s not like they were reaching for players. They were getting good players, and something happened when they got to Detroit. I’m going to say either just something about the team itself, or more likely, a severe depression set in when they realized, oh my god now I have to live in detroit.

  32. This coming from Millen who consistently drafted players that did not fit the scheme his numerous head coaches were trying to implement. Anything he says is pretty much null and void after his time as a GM in the NFL. The Millen era put it front and center exactly how little many of the talking heads we have to listen to actually know about putting together a winning team.

  33. Who cares about Millen? The payoff here is that Scheffler got sent to Detroit.

  34. Is he trying to validate the fact that they traded one of their only really solid defensive players for a pass catching TE, which if I remember right, they spent their #1 pick last year on?

  35. A Steal? Philly fans don’t get your hopes up with this guy. I am a die hard Lions fan. This guy aint worth sh*t. Yeah hes real fast and he supposedly a hard hitter. But he never hits anyone, he never makes plays behind the LOS either. Earlier I heard that dumb@ass Marcellus Wiley talkin about how good Sims is and how hes got sideline to sideline speed. All the guy does is chase down tacklers way beyond the line of scrimmage. Hes garbage. Good riddance Ernie. Some data to back me up. Check it out Philly fans.

  36. I bet if you took a poll on what football personality the general public would most like to STFU and just go away… it would be Millen.
    Seriously, it must be a rough day when any opinion this guy has makes a headline anywhere.

  37. As an Eagles fan, I can’t say I’m thrilled they aquired someone Matt Millen drafted in the first round. I would rather listen to Lions fans analysis of Sims(injury prone,out of position,undersized etc.) than anything Millen has to say….

  38. #$%*!!! Just reading what that D-bag has to say makes me want to punch his mustached face. #$%*!!!

  39. Why does anyone want to ask Matt Millen an opinion?
    Maybe they should start out with, “As a GM who failed miserably…………………………………?”

  40. The guy who wouldn’t know a football if it hit him in the head and who got the Lions into the mess they’re in because of his draft choices and FA’s is giving the reasons why Sims didn’t fit? LOOK IN THE MIRROR ,MATT, AND AND YOU’LL SEE THE JACKASS THAT DIDN’T KNOW TALENT AND HOW THEY FIT INTO ANY SCHEME.GIVE THE MONEY BACK YOU STOLE FROM DETROIT YOU MISERABLE HUMAN BEING!

  41. I find McDaniels very interesting.
    Once again, he has made some extremely aggressive moves, ridding the roster of players who obviously weren’t on board.
    This will not doubt earn his little nerd self credibility.
    It can’t be easy for a little midget with a weak voice and frat boy affect to take control of a locker room of NFL players.
    Respect McDaniels! He’s all in. Let’s see what happens. At least he wasn’t afraid to put it all on the line. Kind of like a boxer who swings for the fences. Win or lose, at least he fought with heart.

  42. There is a good reason to not draft Tebow. This guy is a proven cry baby every time he loses. Thats not a lie. Go back and watch the last 2 games this idiot lost and he cried like a bitch. I hope the GM’s and people had fun with that one in their meetings with Tim at the combine and workouts and such. What a pussy

  43. They need another TE to stay in and block so Stafford can stand up for another second to throw it up for grabs in hopes of a festivus miracle.

  44. @ Franchise,
    Not a really solid defensive player. He was barely the 4th best LB on the Lions last year. Which is why he got benched for a rookie picked in the 3rd round.
    You aren’t very Brilliant!

  45. Millen, the mastermind of the only 0-16 team in NFL history says the Eagles got a steal. Uh, sorry Eagle fan, 1st round Ernie will bust-out just like 1st round; Joey, Charlie, Roy, Kevin, Mike, and Gosder. Millen the worst F***in’ GM in American sports history. He doesn’t know talent. That’s not an opinion, that is a stone-cold-fact. My Blind Grandma could pick names out of a bag and do better than this genius.

  46. Sims struggled in the Tampa 2 as well as the new defense. I wouldn’t say he’s a bust but considering some of Millen’s other picks but injuries and being undersized, it was a gamble taking him a 9 when we did.

  47. In everyone’s rush to trash Millen, did anybody consider the fact that he’s absolutely correct on this matter. Simms is a pretty good player and Detroit changed their defense. The Eagles got a steal. Unless everyone now thinks the Eagles are stupid too?
    As for McDaniels, this guy is obviously an egomaniac. He learned from Belichick who was known to get rid of players that weren’t his kind of guys. Parcels does the same thing. The difference being Parcels and Nelichick have been at this for decades. McDaniels has been at it for 10 minutes.
    Say the term “belichick guy” or “parcels guy” and you have a good idea what kind of player you’re talking about. Who is a McDaniels guy? Apparently a McDaniels guy is any unproven player who will not dare question the loopy-eyed egomaniac.

  48. He should stand in a very public place place in downtown Detroit and deliver his talent assessments. I would actually pay big money on pay per view to watch him get his ass beat. Anyone remember the crazy lady from the movie Airplane who freaked out on the plane?? It could be something like that.

  49. What the hell is Denver doing?????? A low fifth round pick for Sheffler???? That is a Matt Millen type move. Millen is the worst GM in the history of sports most likely, certainly in the history of the NFL. The hard nosed linebacker who drafts WRs and fielded one of the worst defenses the NFL has seen.
    The Eagles have suddenly put together a fast defense with Tapp and Simms. Taylor Mays at 24 is looking good now.

  50. First post here. I had to sign up to warn my fellow f-ball groupies.
    IGNORE anything that blowhard p.o.s. Millen has to say. That man is a tard of the highest order.
    If you see him on t.v., just changed the channel please.

  51. Wow…. After just 30 years in football Millen finally got something right…. LOL… Had to happen eventually

  52. Matt Millen surely deserves his share of blame for the Lions mess. However, take a look at the whole picture. The guy who is deserves true blame for Millen is the owner. How can the owner allow Millen to do what he did?

  53. Many of these posts are right. Millen is a scumbag. ESPN should be ashamed for employing this failed GM.

  54. Dear Matt Millen,
    you have single handedly ruined not only the integrity, but the face of the lions as well as the football nation in Michigan. The fact that you convince yourself that someone in the world, other than the author of this article and his interviewer, actually cares what you think, is absolutely the most ignorant thing i’ve ever seen as a sports fan.
    -A Witness

  55. Matt Millen was the problem in Detroit.. the real problem was that they never had a real QB besides Garcia and/or Kitna
    at times they looked decent and played competitive(almost beating the high powered cowboys)
    Roy Williams wasnt a bad pick he just hasnt been used properly in Dallas..
    I mean 4teams were interested in trading for him 3yrs ago not just Dallas.. remember philly

  56. Matt Millen is the worst GM in the history of professional sports whose incompetence will never again be matched. It’s a record which will never be broken.
    Anyway, if history has shown us anything is that Ernie Sims was a reach at No. 9 overall to begin with. Focusing solely on the LB position, Demeco Ryans has been a far better player.

  57. As soon as something football related starts off as “Matt Millen said…” means it is a comedy and shouldn’t be taken seriously. How this guy still has a job in the NFL or broadcasting is stunning.

  58. Sims was one of the few good players Millen drafted. Linebacker is a weak spot on the team and they just traded their best one. Puzzling.

  59. “Not a good sign for the Eagles when Millen says you got a steal”
    On the contrary – who knows more about stealing than Millen? He stole every dollar the Lions ever gave him.

  60. Matt Millen screwed the Lions.
    Gotta blame the owner for keeping him on the payroll for so long.

  61. BDiddy says:
    April 19, 2010 10:03 PM
    You lost me at “Matt Millen Says…”

  62. Problem is, as Millen says, Ernie was drafted for the Tampa 2, he didn’t fit that either.
    Ernie Sims is a straight ahead runner. See the ball, get the ball is all he can do. If he has to think or a blocker gets in his way, it’s all over…….
    Sims is a BUST & the Eagles, if they have to big of ideas for him, will be very unpleased with this guy.

  63. “FireJerryJones says:
    April 20, 2010 7:50 AM
    Matt Millen screwed the Lions.
    Gotta blame the owner for keeping him on the payroll for so long.

    Gotta agree here. Millen isn’t going to fire himself.
    Just like I blame Huisenga for the Fins coaching and GM mistakes before The Tuna took over.

    Now there is the start to a really qualified statement. Few have ever witnessed such blatant incompetence in his tenure as GM, or in any other leadership position.
    Please don’t get us all started.

  65. Nobody gives a flyin s*** what Millen has to say.STFU and bury yourself in a hole you degenerate.Guess what a**hole he didnt work in your system either!!!!

  66. Millen is a fraud!!! Take his advise and pull a “Costanza” with it by doing the opposite. Everything Millen says and does is wrong so if you do the oppposite, you have to be right.

  67. Millen is a fraud!!! Take his advise and pull a “Costanza” with it by doing the opposite. Everything Millen says and does is wrong so if you do the oppposite, you have to be right.

  68. who better to explain what happened with linebacker Ernie Sims than, well, Matt Millen?
    r u kidding me Florio??? this is garbage, i think im done with this site

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