New report suggests Kroenke is looking to get paid to do nothing

After nearly a full week of reports indicating that Rams minority owner Stan Kroenke has every intention of purchasing the portion of the franchise that he doesn’t currently own, a new report suggests that Kroenke simply may be trying to make a little (or a lot of) extra money in order to let Shahid Khan purchase the available 60-percent stake unfettered.

According to Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal, Kroenke had asked Khan for a “mid- to high-eight-figure fee” in exchange for Kroenke not exercising his right of first refusal.  Kaplan speculates that Kroenke, whose bluff to date has been called by Khan, could be buying time in the hopes that Khan — or someone else — eventually will pay.

Said a spokesman for Khan, “Shad and Stan met on three occasions, and the discussions they had were cordial and constructive, but above all they were confidential.”

Basically, Kroenke knows that doing nothing has value, and he wanted to be compensated for giving Khan a clear path to majority ownership.  And while some may wonder why a multi-billionaire like Kroenke would squeeze his future partner in the Rams for a “money for nothing” payment of up to $100 million, the reality is that guys who get really rich without inheriting it or winning the lottery can’t — and won’t — turn off the drive that caused them to get rich in the first place.  At a certain point, it’s no longer about the money; it’s about the thrill of the pursuit of more of it.

10 responses to “New report suggests Kroenke is looking to get paid to do nothing

  1. New report suggests Kroenke is looking to get paid to do nothing
    He is running for political office?

  2. When a rich man is asked, when will you have enought money? The answer is always an unequivocal, “never.” It’s not turning a drive on or off, it is that they are insecure. They can’t ever feel secure enough in their lives that they can stop earning, or, stealing as the case often is. I am certain that the reason that a guy like Buffett won’t stop working while having more money than God is that, he is scared that if he doesn’t manage his empire, someone else will screw it up. It took years for Gates to loosen his control of the reigns and give up the day to day. This guy, Kranky, likely learned that killer instinct from his in-laws, the Waltons. No, not those Waltons. Good night, Stan boy.

  3. “Looking to get paid to do nothing”……Hmmmm…Why does that sound familiar whenever I’m on PFT?

  4. If I’m Khan in this one I tell Kroenke to twist in the wind. Kroenke has come across as nothing but money hungry .
    P.S. GO VIKES!!

  5. And this is just like a post I made on a related story a week ago. Kroenke (Cranky) is a rich guy used to getting his way. The key to the original story and posts was the response by Khan: he was extremely polite and respectful to Kroenke, who had just thrown a wrench in his plan, because Khan knew there was a very good chance this would all come back to him in the long run. Another clue at the time: Kroenke waited until the last hour to announce his intentions. Look, this is a multi-billionaire who knows how to make decisions and move on them — it was definitely a cat-and-mouse move to jerk away the prize at the last second.

  6. “guys who get really rich without inheriting it or winning the lottery”. I guess this technically applied to Kroenke but he married into money so it’s pretty much the same thing. To his credit, he hasn’t just sat on it. He has turned a fortune into a bigger fortune but don’t make it out like this is some self-made billionaire.

  7. How can something like this happen in a great country of Wall Street and personal seat licen… never mind.

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