Redskins add a veteran receiver

After eyeballing receivers Jerry Porter and Marques Hagans on a tryout basis during a weekend minicamp, the Redskins have made a decision.

They signed Roydell Williams.

Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan in D.C. reports that the team has added Williams, who last took the field in a game that counts in 2007 for the Titans.  He broke an ankle in practice before the wild-card round that year, and he never has been the same.

Last year, he was in camp with the Redskins, but ultimately was injured.

21 responses to “Redskins add a veteran receiver

  1. McNabb must want no parts of T.O. because as much as I hate to admit it… he makes the most sense here.

  2. I dont know what to think about us always signing veterans instead of young talent.

  3. Ha Ha Ha Ha I see what you did there, you changed McNabb to McFag. Ha ha ha that is clever!

  4. “Persona”” you are an idiot. Or probably a Cowgirl or an E-A-G-L-E-S pinhead. Don’t you have anything of substance to say? Pitiful.

  5. Easy there on the Cow-Girl stuff San-Fran fan. You play 500 ball one year and you think you can talk. I do agree that Persona must have a very small brain, if thats the best he can come up with but there is no need for name calling. LOL I hope the Redskins choke again this year GO COWBOYS!!!!!

  6. Speaking as a lifelong Raiderfan, you guys should thank your lucky stars you didnt sign Jerry Porter, He’s a jerk and a bum a waste of money and I hope he never gets picked up again. He is the Jamarcus Russell of Wide Recievers…

  7. haha the jamarcus of WRs…
    heres better- limas sweed, chad jackson, mike williams, charles rogers……

  8. Mcfag hey persona??? Classy and witty but i wouldnt expect any less from a cowboy fan…. im just suprised it wasnt super racist as well, init tha riaght boy….

  9. At least my Seahawks aren’t the only 4 & 12 team signing has-beens & never-wuzzes. But now I have to be concerned that Washington may end up w/a higher first round pick, again, in 2011.

  10. The Skins could go out, give up a #1 draft pick, and shove a bucketload of money to a stiff like Roy Williams like the Boys did.
    Even Mr. Snyder isnt that f***ing dumb.
    And no, I’m not a Redskins fan. My team is the squad that put that boot up the Cowboys ass and sent them home to Texas in the post season, and the team that will do it again in the regular season this year.
    BTW, tell Brooking he is STILL a whining bitch.

  11. The Skins could go out, give up a #1 draft pick, and shove a bucketload of money to a stiff like Roy Williams like the Boys did.
    Amen Franchise !!

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