Team needs for NFC East and NFC North are ready

The Dallas Cowboys roster is deep at nearly every position with talented players that know the system.  It’s go time.

Wade Phillips probably needs to get a round further in the playoffs to keep his job, and he knows the team’s window of opportunity may not stay open forever.  The defensive line is unremarkable and is full of restricted free agents.  The offensive line risks getting old all at once.

With that said, we felt the Cowboys had fewer pressing needs than the rest of the their NFC East competition. They are mostly drafting for 2011.  Bang it here to get all the NFC East team needs, then check out Silva’s excellent look at the NFC North.

5 responses to “Team needs for NFC East and NFC North are ready

  1. “The defensive line is unremarkable and is full of restricted free agents.”
    I’d say that Jay Ratliff is a pretty remarkable player.

  2. Dallas played horrible ball last year just like the rest of the NFC East. It was just masked by their record. They have done nothing to improve their Flaws and I think it will show this year.
    The Eagles put up great number in about 5 games but they could not even beat a team over .500, Let alone the Raiders. I do not see them losing a step with Kolb but the restructured Defense could let them down.
    The Skins were 1 good QB away from winning 5 more games and the Giants Just had a Giant meltdown.
    The NFC East will be very competitive again this year but I doubt the Cowboys will be back on top. I think the Giants will barely beat the Eagles for 1st in the Div. The Eagles Might make it as a WC again and the Redskins and the Cowboys will duke it out for last. But what do I know….I’m just a Fan.

  3. “I’d say that Jay Ratliff is a pretty remarkable player.”
    You’re right, Vox. NO one flexed his muscles and posed more while his team was losing than Ratliff. You have be a “remarkable” jackass to do that.

  4. Ratliff’s undersized for a nose tackle and has 14.5 sacks the past two years.
    I don’t want to talk out of my place because I haven’t watched and don’t know enough about Dallas’ 3-4 defense to truly say, but those numbers plus his size seem to tell me this guy’s not playing the role of a traditional nose tackle, even though he’s been productive.
    It’s fine as long as the gears are still working, and by gears I mean DeMarcus Ware’s body. Should he get hurt, I think we’ll see how Dallas relies far more on talent than scheme on defense, which may explain how inconsistent they can be.

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