Team needs: NFC East

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S: It says a lot about the depth and quality throughout this roster that a coverage safety looks like the team’s biggest need.  Maybe the Cowboys like second-year player Michael Hamlin, but he didn’t get a chance to play in the base defense last year.  

DE: The Cowboys have Igor Olshansky and three restricted free agents at defensive end: Marcus Spears, Jason Hatcher, and Stephen Bowen.  This isn’t a pressing need for 2010, but a quality pick in the first two rounds could help out this year, and start by next season.

OL: They are counting on Doug Free at left tackle.  That’s fine.  This offensive line is still aging everywhere else, and didn’t play as well as their pedigree would indicate last year.  They risk getting old all at once, like the Redskins did.

LB: We’re picking nits, but Bradie James and Keith Brooking are a so-so pair, and they aren’t going to get better anytime soon.  

WR: Roy Williams’ expiration date in Dallas is about one year away.  

New York

LB: Sometimes an entire season comes down to one fatal flaw.  For the Giants in 2010, it was their linebackers’ total lack of speed and ability to cover.  (Okay, let’s throw the safeties in there too. So two things.)  Michael Boley should start, but disappointed last year. Clint Sintim has coverage problems, and the team’s starting middle linebacker will probably come in the draft.

T: Kareem McKenzie has had a good run, but it’s time to replace him.  Will Beatty is an option there, but long-term he will probably move to left tackle.  The entire offensive line’s continuity could go from strong to stale if they don’t replenish.  

CB: Another cornerback would allow Aaron Ross to move to safety if Kenny Phillips’ recovery doesn’t go smoothly.  (We’re not counting on Deon Grant as a starter.) Corey Webster is an underrated cornerback, but Ross and Terrell Thomas could use competition.

DL: There is a ton of talent on the defensive line, but their performance was disappointing.    They need to have better luck in the draft than they did in free agency with Chris Canty and Rocky Bernard.


CB: The Eagles have plenty of numbers.  But after an inconsistent top cornerback (Asante Samuel), they have players that are stretched as true starters.  Looking at you, Ellis.   

LB: There are a lot of questions at linebacker, and not a lot of depth.  Basically everyone but Stewart Bradley could use competition, and Bradley is coming off a torn ACL.  

S: Macho Harris is an awesome name, but he’s not yet an awesome player.  The team signed Marlin Jackson from Indianapolis to convert to safety, but his health will be a question mark this year.

DE: It’s not an Andy Reid draft with a defensive line pick.  This group is basically in good shape, but they could use a player to develop and compete with Darryl Tappa and Juqua Parker.  

QB: Mike Vick isn’t a long-term solution, so the team needs a backup for Kevin Kolb that could be an option to start in a few years.  


T: Mike Shanahan’s system allows him to go cheap on the offensive line except for the tackle position.  With only one pick in the top 100, it would be very surprising to see them pass on a left tackle at No. 4.  Trent Williams could be the best fit for the system.

DL: Here’s the problem with changing to a 3-4 defense.  The Redskins had a great unit last year, but now they’ve created more needs by changing systems.  They could use help at any position because we’re not sure there’s a defensive lineman on the roster that will still be on the team in 2012.

LB: Rocky McIntosh is on the trade block and may be too light to be an inside linebacker in a 3-4 defense.  Andre Carter has struggled in the past when asked to play without his hand on the ground.

RB: Yeah, they have Larry Johnson, Clinton Portis, and Willie Parker.  But we only expect two of those guys to be on the roster on Week One and perhaps none of them will be there next year. 

9 responses to “Team needs: NFC East

  1. Washingtons needs:
    That is more than the number of picks they have. Too bad they used their 2010 3rd rounder arleady to draft a 4-3 DE!

  2. Washington’s #1 need:
    Draft Picks
    Trade down, then trade down again. This year is gonna suck anyways, so we might as well look to 2011.

  3. Provide an update for the Eagles with the addition of Sims.
    Draft prediction: Trade up for Thomas and lose our first 3rd rounder. Safety issue handled. Grab a CB with out first 2nd rounder (hopefully Mccourty/Wilson), grab an interior lineman and dlinemen.
    Result: 2010: 9-7 record this season. 2011: 12-4. 2012: Top of the NFC East possibly a SB contending team.

  4. Bradie James and Keith Brooking are so-so?
    James is 29 years old and has had the following stats over the past 2 years: 229 tackles, 10 sacks, 9 pass defenses, and 4 forced fumbles. He’s been durable, reliable, and a good guy in the locker room. Brooking, in one year, has become the fiery motivator of the defense. Yeah, he’s about to turn 35, but he’s had over 100 tackles for the past 9 years, including 106 in his first season in Dallas. He also contributed 3 sacks and 7 pass defenses. And, despite his age, he played every game last year and for the 8 seasons before that.
    What do you want out of an IB? I’ll take that kind of production any day.
    Oh, yeah, the Cowboys had the #6 team D last year, per I’m sure those “so-so” guys had nothing to do with that.

  5. skinsfan#33
    I would switch FS right behind LT. I think the defense need’s a guy who can get some int’s and be a good presence as the last line of defense. I will be ticked seeing Kareem Moore, Reed Doughty Or Chris Horton playing back and trying to play that role.

  6. # MagicMan407 says: April 20, 2010 9:07 AM
    I would switch FS right behind LT. I think the defense need’s a guy who can get some int’s and be a good presence as the last line of defense. I will be ticked seeing Kareem Moore, Reed Doughty Or Chris Horton playing back and trying to play that role.
    they never put one of them back there full time…. all 3 have been playing a lot of SS and they put Landry back there at FS (not his strong suite) we need a “true” FS but we can make do for now, what we REALLY need is OLINEMEN (yes plural) all this talk about LT…. who starts at RG or RT?, don’t tell me MWilliams and SHeyer…. I mean really what do we have at LG? Dock? I thought Kendall was a hair better (def at pass protection) and C we have Rabach and he screwed up more than anyone last year… I think we don’t sign another player and we don’t make another move until we address this line……. PLEASE! or it won’t matter if we have the second coming of DO IT ALL BAUGH… the guy can’t block for himself

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