Three-way trade sends Tony Scheffler to Detroit, Ernie Sims to Philly

An offseason full of big-name trades has added another significant deal to the mix.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports on a three-way trade between the Eagles, Broncos, and Lions.  Linebacker Ernie Sims will land in Philadelphia, while tight end Tony Scheffler goes to the Lions.

PFT’s Mike Florio reports that the Broncos will get a fifth-round pick from the Eagles.  Denver will send a seventh-round pick to the Lions.

It’s not a great deal for the Broncos, who wanted a third-round pick for their promising young tight end.  Instead, they essentially dumped Scheffler to move up two rounds on the draft’s third day. 

The move also shows how down the Lions were on Sims’ long-term prospects.

UPDATE: Here’s a look at what we learned from this trade.

156 responses to “Three-way trade sends Tony Scheffler to Detroit, Ernie Sims to Philly

  1. Son of a Bitch.. as if it being Monday wasn’t bad enough, now this. Scheffler should have been a Bengal!
    Oh well.. Welcome to Cincinnati Jermaine Gresham.

  2. So you waste a 1st rounder on a LB who was too undersized to play the position you wanted him to, then waste a 1st round pick on a TE, and still trade your fist wasted 1st rounder for another TE? Not to mention they wasted 4 of their 30 official visits on TE’s?

  3. The Lions were having a pretty good offseason till this stupid trade. They gave up their best linebacker for a TE when they spent a 1st rd pick on a TE last year. Their linebackers are gonna suck something awful next year. No more Larry Foote or Ernie Sims looks like the Lions have to start drafting LBs again. If they were gonna trade Sims they should have done it for a running back maybe Marshawn Lynch.

  4. Wow. I bet Scheffler is regretting talking smack about his income now. He’s now in the NFL’s version of hell.
    Well, hell, maybe he’ll draw some coverage away from Calvin Johnson, my keeper fantasy receiver.

  5. Martin Mayhew you are the freakin man.
    Enjoy Sims running into the wrong gap Philly!

  6. Horrible move by McDaniels. I know that he wants ‘blocking’ tight ends to fit his ‘scheme’, but when you have talent, it doesn’t make sense to me to start over rather than build around these guys.

  7. A little surprised to see Scheffler going to Detroit. I’m sure they are still grooming Pettigrew to start, so Scheffler will be kept in a backup role. And Sims was a young, quality player who really filled an important role on that defense. Interesting move for the Lions.

  8. go get um josh mcdaniels!!! you single handedly made matt millen look like a professional!!! wow youre the worst coach in history, and im not even a broncos fan, its just ridiculous that management would allow one guy to do this

  9. The Lions just spent a high draft pick on Brandon Pettigrew.. Why deal away a good, young, fast defender like Sims for another pass catching TE??

  10. Scheffler a blocking TE? I thought not.
    Didn’t Detriot draft “the TE” last year getting that guy from OK?
    He seriously hurt? A bust already?
    Lions collecting TE now instead of WR?

  11. Sucks for Scheffler. Even the Bengals would have been a better landing spot. On a side note, Josh McDaniels is the biggest idiot ever and I am glad my Packers don’t hire 30 year olds that should not have the authority to make dumbass decisions like this. Is he on the 10 year plan to rebuild this team? Already let 3 high profile young offensive players leave and has a defense he needs to fix that is held down by an ancient saftey.

  12. Awesome trade. Sims can help the Birds right away. Deal was for a 5th rd pick, GR. Finally got a WILL.

  13. dont we already have a #1 tight end?
    i know simms hasnt been too productive but know we have a hole….
    what was the logic in this?

  14. Sweet! Scheffler is good in the passing game, now we don’t have to waste a draft pick on another TE.

  15. Trading a player for a draft pick is like trading for a lottery ticket…
    You know you are getting screwed, but you still like your odds.

  16. Wow, didn’t Detroit just draft a TE in the 1st round last year? This didn’t seem like a big need for them…

  17. Kind of an odd trade. Why would Detroit want Scheffler when they already have Pettigrew? I can see why the Eagles would want Ernie Sims. And of course the gnashing of teeth continues in Denver.

  18. This might be the biggest steal of the off season. Almost makes up for the pocket lint they received for Sheldon Brown.

  19. what is Denver thinking? … hmm, let’s get rid of all of Orten’s targets, that sounds like fun!!… I bet Kyle is getting pretty ticked about now.

  20. ernie sims is detroits only good player on defense the last 4 years, wow is all i can say, but im happy for the seminole to go to a real team… and why exactly did the kitties draft brandon pettigrew? that has nothing to do with matt millen!!!

  21. Wasn’t Sims a first round pick a couple of years ago? Eagles need LB’s in a bad way, should be a good deal for them.

  22. Eagles get Ernie Sims, Lions get Tony Scheffler and a 5th rounder from Philly, as well as a 7th from Denver. WTF did Denver get?

  23. and don’t the lions have pettigrew from last years draft?? wtf are they doing up there? And so the eagles got ernie sims for a 5th round pick?? This proves to me that the redskins will never be good until they start building through the draft. The broncos are going to own the afcwest for years to come starting in a few if they keep this up.

  24. Hey: we got a 5th for a dude that McD wasn’t gonna use. Good enough for a tight end that behaves like a girl.

  25. Why the hell would the Lions get rid of their best player on D to pick up another TE?

  26. Obviously, Brandon Pettigrew is not progressing as hoped with his recovery…

  27. As a Lions fan, I really like this move. Pettigrew doesn’t have to rush back from his ACL injury and when he is healthy they will have even more weapons to allow Stafford to develop. Sims hasn’t lived up to his draft status and didn’t really fit the new scheme.

  28. Crazy! Looks as though Pettigrew is a little more hurt than Detroits letting on. Spikes to the Lions in rd#2?

  29. As an Eagles fan, I love this. He’s a young, fast LB that will fit in perfectly with the Eagles Defensive system.

  30. It seems to me that since the Lions offense already has Pettigrew, and the Lions defense has really very little to speak of, giving up Ernie Sims (who, in the past, has looked good) for Tony Scheffler and a 7th round pick doesn’t make much sense for the Lions.
    That being said, a fifth round pick for Sims is a pretty good deal for the Eagles, while the Broncos continue to hemorrhage talent.

  31. Looking like the Lions starting LB’s next season will be Peterson, Levy and Landon Johnson.
    Decent LB core; I liked Sims but Scheffler is a great pickup if Pettigrew’s rehab isn’t going as well as they liked. Plus; in a league where two-tight end packages are more and more common; having two good TE’s is a luxury, considering a soft WR core, with the exception of Calvin, and a questionable RB core, with Kevin Smith coming off an injury.
    Consider this one of the first moves of the draft-week the lions will be doing; including my guess, of a trade down in round 2 in hopes of picking up a RB and an extra pick.

  32. A little early to pull the trigger and trade Sims in my opinion.i though the wasn one of their brightspots in recent years drafting.
    Somewhere this morning is Ernie Sims grinning from ear to ear on the prospects he gets to play for a relevent franchise. Albeit one in a slight state of flux.

  33. I don’t understand why the Lions were willing to let their best LB go for a box of chereos and a camel to be named later

  34. Do the Lions have a trade suitor at number 2? Is this a sign that they’ll trade down and take Rolando McClain?
    Confusing trade on the Lions part. Former first round picks just aren’t getting any “dap” anymore.

  35. as a broncos fan im ok with giving up tony and our 7th rounder, but only recieving a 5th rounder…we got owned.

  36. The Eagles sent a 5th-round pick (137th overall) to the Broncos. The Broncos sent TE Tony Scheffler and a 7th-round pick to Detroit. Detroit sent LB Ernie Sims to the Eagles.

  37. So after having done some reading this could in face be a good deal… someone care to enlighten me? I’d hate to be one of those angry ignorant eagles fans… I prefer just to be angry.

  38. So…The Eagles get the 9th overall pick in the 2006 draft for a fifth rounder? The only downfall could be that Matt Millen drafted him….

  39. Who the F*(# is running this team?????
    WHY is there this constant focus on Tight Ends with this team????
    We now have an even BIGGER hole at OLB…..
    There are no DRAFTABLE OLB’s who can come in as rookies and play at a similar level.
    Ernie wasn’t that great, but we have soooo many holes, and now they created another one….
    And another 7th round pick???
    What the F*(#??????????

  40. Lions fans, give me a outlook on Sims..what can we expect..I’m not familiar with this guy.

  41. Considering the Lions only took Brandon Pettigrew last year and Sims was one of their better LBs this is a very odd trade IMO

  42. why would Detroit do this? they drafted Pettigrew in the 1st round last year

  43. i agree severs. i don’t quite understand it…Sheffler is decent, but didn’t realize TE was quite the need for Det. And it creates a hole at OLB. I don’t think it’s a good deal for Det as they basically get a decent TE for a former 1st rd pick OLB.

  44. # Flipadelphia says: April 19, 2010 11:50 AM
    “Martin Mayhew you are the freakin man.
    Enjoy Sims running into the wrong gap Philly!”
    Ok… enjoy your backup TE.

  45. Sims was probably their 4th best LB last year behind Levy, Peterson, and Foote. He was good at overrunning plays and getting out of position though.

  46. @ Flipadelphia
    Even if he did choose the wrong gap on occasion he was a tackling machine and a team captain!!! You don’t give that up for a TE and a 7th round pick.
    In the words of Bud Selig “Goodness Gracious”

  47. lions might get some play outta sheffter – i mean sheffler – but hes still a big turd .. we get a third day pick in denver to take a flyer on a decent prospect – take it and run .. addition by subtraction has worked before in denver – javon walker ring a bell ?

  48. i dont know if anyone has any more info but the denver post is reporting denver got two picks in this deal. anyone heard anything about that?

  49. Trade doesn’t make sense for Detorit with Pettigrew taken last year. I sense another trade on the horizon probably with Miami. Lot of talk Brown might go to the Lions for a second. Maybe a TE comes back too in a package.

  50. Now that I think about it, Scheffler is trade bait. No way you deplete an already bad “D” by trading away Sims. Something else is going on here. Stay tuned Lions Fans………

  51. Anyone who thinks Sims was the Lions best defensive player hasnt followed the team closely. Ernie is infamous for hitting the wrong hole, getting his knees buckled when one on one with RB’s, getting shooken off from tackles by going high and most importantly, being perpetually in the wrong place on the field. I am a Lions fan and dont like the trade but I can see merit in it. He was our 4th best linebacker last year at best. We just had a pass catching tight end retire due to concussions and had a hole to fill.
    I think Jordan Dizon will step into that role or Caleib Campbell.
    This does not open a hole on the team, just removes some depth from a key position.
    Linehan runs an offense dependent on 2 strong TE’s and this is testament to that.

  52. the article says two undisclosed picks going to denver. makes me wonder. you would think you could get a lil more for a tight end that produces like sheffler. you cant just give talent away….

  53. I’m guessing alot of you have never watched the Lions (which is expected)
    But for all of you that are expecting to get Ernie Sims the awesome 1st rd draft pick…wrong. Another Millen wasted pick, he should’ve went in the 4th or 5th by the way he’s played.
    If you think he’s a tackling machine then your definition of tackling must be jumping on someones back and getting dragged 10-15 yds downfield. He’s undersized and is not a smart player.

  54. Screw you McDaniels and Martin Mayhew! Stop making the Eagles better by doing stupid trades! The Iggles get a 1st round LB for a 5th rounder?! I don’t care if the guy was half the player he should be, that’s still crazy cheap. I thought Holmes for a 5th rounder was the stupid deal of this year, but then this one crossed the wire. At least you know Holmes was cheap cause he had a 4 game suspension.

  55. So…
    – The Lions forgot the drafted Pettigrew last year?
    – McDaniels is continuing to sabatoge the Broncos.
    – The Eagles get a 1st round talent at a postition of need for a 5th round pick.
    Yea, sounds like a fair trade to me

  56. Wow, lots of misinformation from Lions fans about Sims. He was a significant reach in the first round, which shouldn’t be a shocker since that was under Millen’s & Marinelli’s watch. Marinelli desperately wanted Sims because he envisioned him being the Detroit’s Derrick Brooks in the Tampa 2, except they found out that Sims is clueless in zone coverage and misses way, way too many tackles because he launches himself at every opportunity. He’s better suited to play the middle where he can react and not have to think, and I believe this is where Philly will put him. Simply put, Schwartz and Mayhew didn’t want him with the limitations he had and DeAndre Levy (last year’s rookie) is world’s ahead of him. Scheffler will play the H-back role and team with Pettigrew in 2-TE sets.

  57. mcdaniels is pulling a herman edwards move from a few years ago-if they arent his guys they arent on the team-
    welcome to 2 to 4 win hell for a few years denver-

  58. Ok, so I had to sign up for an account for this one…
    First off… any Lions fan that says Ernie was good must have not watched Ernie play.
    Yes, he is fast and hits hard… only problem is he has a football IQ of ZERO… he runs really fastto the hits the wrong hole hard. Want to fool Ernie… just run Playaction…. the guy has been a gaping hole since he has been drafted ..
    This somes it up from MLIVE
    “Sims was locked in constant battle with Levy for starting reps and playing time, and has been maddeningly inconsistent throughout his four-year career. He’ll flash breathtaking quickness and incredible hitting ability one week, and a total inability to hit the correct hole or tackle well the next. That reckless, undisciplined play is bad enough when it comes from an otherwise excellent defender – but when it comes from Sims, it’s inexcusable. All that freelancing has generated only 2.5 sacks, 5 passes defensed, and 1 INT in his entire career.”
    Congrats Philly… your D just got worse… our last ranked defense couldn’t get any worse so I’ll call it a win!

  59. As far as TE…. Linehan loves the 2 TE system and with Petti banged up it makes sense to have another solid TE…
    Of course this could all have went down so the Lions could trade Tony away…..

  60. Sims is fast, but too often fails to play within the system and just does his own thing. I think Dizon and Johnson will fill in just fine.
    Plus, two tight-end sets are pretty common and both TEs will be good receiving targets. Teams will need safety help on the coverage of Pettigrew & Scheffler, meaning less double and triple teaming of Megatron…
    This has potential for the Lions.

  61. From McDaniels:
    “Pro Bowl QB – Check
    Pro Bowl WR – Check
    Pass Catching TE – Check”
    …oh, crap – that was the keep list??

  62. At first i didnt know what to think of this move but to be honest this seems like a good move for all parties involved.
    I keep seeing some say Ernie was the best the Lions had on Defense, however this is wrong … last year he didn’t really live up to standards, and had less than 50 tackles, … he’s was a high draft pick coming into the league, and though he shows potential, hes never truly gotten that “PRO BOWL” mentality and level of play, hopefully going to Philly will shape him into the PRO BOWL caliber LB he always could be consistently…
    as for lions fans … or haters, i think this is the start of making moves going toward the draft in a lot of different ways, lets not forget there are still a few good OLB left , vets at that, that could easily come in and fill shoes as they go through another off season or two … tryin to get this team right … i know he was injured last year, and not really sure on his rehab, but dont forget Keith Bullocks is still a UFA and a former Swartz player for his defense, i could see them maybe making a move for him if hes healthy enough …. and he’s familiar w/ the coaches play style

  63. This makes little sense if you’re the Lions.
    #1: You spent a 1st round pick last year on Pettigrew
    #2: You gave up your best defensive player to acquire another TE
    #3: Denver wanted a 3rd for Scheffler, why didn’t you just trade a 3rd and get Scheffler and keep Sims?
    #4: You now must spend your second or third round pick on a LB, that you’re gambling is going to be better than Sims….
    Eagles Fans, be happy, he’s a stud linebacker that is a little on the inconsistent side. I’m willing to bet he’s a probowler on a team that has a defensive line in front of him.

  64. And that concludes the Shanny purge at Dove Valley. That is pretty much everybody that Josh wanted to get rid of from the old regime.
    Good luck making all that work Kyle.

  65. Lions spend the #20 on Pettigrew who blew his ACL out last year.
    Sims was a Marinella/Millen draft pick. He looked good initially, but then when Marinelli was out, he looked totally lost in the new defense scheme. He tended to freelance, over pursue, and always seemed to hit the wrong gaps. Really frustrating to watch as a fan. He started to come along in year 2 of the system, but then got hurt.
    The Lions run alot of two TE sets. Casey Fitzsimmons (one of their other TEs) just retired at age 29 from concussions. The only other TE they have really is Will Heller who is more of a blocking end but does have soft hands. They needed another TE, but not at the expense of the linebackers IMO. Now they have massive wholes at LB (lost Foote, may not resign Peterson, Levy was a rookie last year, etc…). HUGE holes at LB now. Sigh.

  66. Sims for a 5th rounder!?!??!?!
    Eagles win this trade hands down.
    And even if Sims is on the decline (or whatever the Lions are “down” on him for)…he’ll look great on the Philly D in Madden 2011.
    Mayhew was much better playing CB (second fiddle to Darrell Green) than pretending to be a GM.

  67. this is a setup trade for ronnie brown its dumb to get a running back who cant stay healthy i thought we had that already in kevin smith.

  68. Loved Ernie when at FSU, and the way he would play ‘all out’. He was getting hurt more and more frequently, and couldn’t fight through traffic….. just kept getting rag dolled. Don’t know anything about the new TE, but with Fitz gone, it just left stone hands Heller behind Pettigrew, unless Gronkowski impresses more than he did last year. Big/strong Ernie wasn’t.

  69. Obviously every single person above me doesn’t understand NFL football. It’s Jim Schwartz we’re talking about, he’s a defensive guru. Give him time in Detroit, he’s cleaning out the mess that he walked into, and to get rid of Sims who’s undersized, injury prone, and pretty much a bust over the last two years for depth at a position to give their franchise QB something to throw to…I like it.
    Scheffler provides depth. DEPTH DEPTH, it’s what wins rings, not one player or two stars. I’m not saying Scheffler is a star by any means, but he could open some eyes this year.
    Skol Vikings.

  70. Ernie sims is not detroit’s best defender. He is not the best linebacker either. He got outplayed by a rookie and Constantly misplayed his gaps leading to long TD runs

  71. All you so-called Bronco fans make me sick! McDaniels, McDaniels, McDaniels! Shut UP!!!! FYI Josh McDaniels is not in charge of trades… Brian Xander is…. Furthermore, Tony Sheffler didn’t fit in McDaniels offense. (Did any of you watch the Broncos last year?)
    The Broncos will be fine… Josh McDaniels will win here and I hope he tells all of you so-called fans to kiss his ass!

  72. And with the 2nd pick of the 2010 draft, the Detroit Lions select… Rob Gronkowski, TE Arizona.

  73. Maybe detroit will part with Pettigrew to some other club, like say Washington for Rocky McIntosh?

  74. Umm as a Lions fan I want to know what everyone else is seeing about how great Ernie is? I mean he’s decent but is he a Pro Bowler? Does he average over 100 tackles? Does he miss gap assignments regularly? Well, that last part is true. Look at the numbers and combine with the fact he’s been part of one of the worst defenses in the NFL and you’ll realize maybe there’s something to this trade. I don’t get the Scheffler move but like others have pointed out I assume Petti’s rehab might be a little while. Once Brandon is good to go next year we can trade Tony.
    All I ask is you please stop with all the ‘Ernie is so great!!’ talk. Levy played with better football instincts last year as a rook.

  75. Just “wow.” The Patriots must be ballistic abotu now. The little Napoleon McDaniels didn’t even give them a look for Scheffler? Gave him away for a 5th minus a 7th? Dear God! The Lions part of this is fine. The Eagles end up indirectly with Denver’s massive dump here, getting Sims for a 5th. Just Wow, little Napoleon in Denver.

  76. Denver: This trade doesn’t make sense, unless they were considering cutting Scheffler anyway; if that is the case, then a 5th rounder is better than nothing.
    Detroit: Schwartz is a very solid defensive mind and Gunther Cunningham has had some pretty good Defenses in his time; so if they don’t think Sims was a good fit, then it makes sense to get rid of him. That said, Sims was a tackling machine his first three years, and one down year (in which he only played 11 games) shouldn’t be enough to get you booted. As far as acquiring Scheffler, that move makes sense if Pettigrew is bound for the PUP list. Even if he ends up coming back strong, they now have a very solid 2 TE set and another safety valve for Stafford.
    Eagles: Made out like bandits. Sims fits their D and should start at WLB. No way they were finding a starter in round 5, great trade for them.

  77. 2 TE sets are going to be Deadly in Detroit now.
    #1 Reciever- Calvin Johnson
    TE- Brandon Pettigrew
    #2 Reciever- Nate Burleson
    TE- Tony Scheffler
    RB- Dexter McCluster
    Have Fun Gameplanning against that DC’s

  78. I was hoping they would get more for Scheffler but when McD didn’t have much use for him getting anything is a bonus.

  79. I’ll take it!!! Petitgrew won’t have to rush back from his ACL injury (Which is progressing well, he is already running straight-line sprints.) Moreover, Sims was near the end of his contract, he is a little undersized. I honestly think this is part of getting rid of nearly everyone on the sh*tty teams from the past few years. Sims has gotten banged up the past couple years.
    Then we will have 2 TE and WR sets which includes, Petitgrew Scheffler Calvin Johnson and Burleson.
    We signed Landon Johnson this offseason. From what I understand he a more than capable of being a successful OLB.
    One final note, our other undersized Lb we drafted in the 2nd round 2 years ago might be able to contribute more as well. Jordan Dizon the 45th pick in the draft, going into his 3rd season and came from Colorado. Who knows, lets see what happens. Peace out Ernie. Dont lead with ur head, the league has harsh concussion rules now.

  80. Pettigrew must be behind in his rehab, Sims was an injury waiting to happen and never lived up to his potential. Inconsistent sums up his career at Detroit. Another 7th round pick? Detroits not done trading.

  81. Nice to see the Lions are still operating under the same roster management principles as they did when Millen was in charge.
    Why did anyone think the jokers who worked side by side with Millen would do things differently?

  82. Although it was fun to watch Ernie get piggy back rides by opposing players im glad hes gone. Ernie was not a good LB people, hes fast, ill give him that……but hes not that good. The Lions fans that think he was good have the same clouded vision that Millen had when he drafted the 6’0 220lb LB in the 1st rd.

  83. I had been liking what the Lions had done this off-season (not the salaries for them, but getting better players), but this one doesn’t do much for me.
    Ernie Sims is a very good football player. Fine getting Scheffler, but to give up on Sims like that seems strange.

  84. So…
    – The Lions forgot the drafted Pettigrew last year?
    He injured his ACL last year.
    – McDaniels is continuing to sabatoge the Broncos.
    I have no idea what he’s doing over there, but don’t care, because I’m not a Broncos fan. He certainly has destroyed the offense.
    – The Eagles get a 1st round talent at a postition of need for a 5th round pick.
    Sims may have been drafted in the 1st, but he’s not a first round talent. However, a starting LB for a 5th rd pick is still a good deal.
    Yea, sounds like a fair trade to me

  85. I love this for the Eagles. Despite the mixed reports from Lions fans about Sims, the Eagles must think he fits their system like a glove, because they seriously considered drafting him. And for a 5th rounder? Why the heck not? Chances are he’s going to be better than that 5th round player.

  86. I guess now that Ernie is traded lions fans want to say is that he was a bust, or that he was injury prone when he started every game his first three years of his career..mistake? he started eight games last year. three and a half seasons and the guy has 420 tackles. my favorite number. props to the eagles for giving nothing but a fifth. a complete steal.

  87. Lions fans,
    All of your remarks that breaks Sims down sounds like this to me. . . Sims is incredibly fast and tackles well, however he had really bad coaching and was never taught this defensive scheme. He fits better in Philly’s D because they have better coaches that will actually teach him what to do.
    Bottom line he has the intagibles, but unless you personally know him to be a moron then it was bad coaching and misuse of his talent.
    You saw what happened to Roy Williams “the safety” when all of the sudden they told him he had to play center field. He couldn’t. Did that mean he wasn’t a playmaker and a probowler before that? Nope. But bad coaching and misuse of talent sure puts a guy in a bad spot.
    Just because Sims wasn’t as useful there doesnt mean he wasn’t worth more to another team. . .LEARN THE PLAYERS VALUE TO ANOTHER TEAM BEFORE YOU TRADE HIM FOR PEANUTS

  88. The Eagles have a history of getting good value out of fifth round picks…
    …when they’re not pissing them away on roster fillers and training camp bodies. I had a strong gut feeling they were going to put this year’s eleven draft picks to good use. So much for strong gut feelings
    I think the Lions did fairly well on this deal.

  89. Boy, a lot of sour grapes from Lions fans. The leagues most clueless franchise just made another bone head move. Hey nice first round pick last year in Pettigrew. So nice that your team went out and made a deal this off season to get another te. For all you Lions fans who say say Simms misses a lot of tackles. Well he may not of lived up to being the 9th pick in draft but didnt he have 170+ tackles a couple of years ago? That doesnt sound like a lot of missed tackles. Look what he has had to endure. Constant Coaching changes and scheme changes not to mention inferior talent around him. I think the Eagles system will be perfect for him and he will thrive. Cant wait to see the Lions draft another te in first round this year, lolololololololol

  90. Well it may seem like the Lions are planning to run the wishbone except they are stockpiling receiving TE’s instead of blocking.
    Maybe they are planning to run the same 2 TE sets Indy runs. Difference is they can block. This one is a head scratcher.
    Clearly the model is offense first and defense last. Or is it last in defense….again. WTF

  91. Sims is a liability at OLB. If the Eagles play him there and the opposing RB busts off a 25+ dash around the end, back up the DVR and I’ll bet you’ll see Ernie shooting the wrong gap or diving and missing. Either the Eagles think they can reclamate him at OLB or they’ve scouted the film and they’ll let him play the middle where he doesn’t have to operate in a lot of space.
    Scheffler will fit into what Linehan is doing on that offense and becomes the 3rd best receiver on the roster behind Johnson and Burleson. And he’s not there to take Pettigrew’s spot, he’s there to create mismatches in the passing game, as in when Pettigrew is healthy he won’t come out of the game for Scheffler, it will be a 2-TE formation.

  92. “brianb4233 says:
    April 19, 2010 2:05 PM
    Sims is a liability at OLB. If the Eagles play him there and the opposing RB busts off a 25+ dash around the end, back up the DVR and I’ll bet you’ll see Ernie shooting the wrong gap or diving and missing. Either the Eagles think they can reclamate him at OLB or they’ve scouted the film and they’ll let him play the middle where he doesn’t have to operate in a lot of space

    “Reclamate”..Wasn’t that a warren G song??..Duh dun dun de doo de dooo dah..”16 in the clip and one in the hole, Nate Dogg ….”..??? Emmit Smith Class of 2010 superstar Grammar Champ….brianb4233
    Hopefully Tapp and Bell and Jackson get themselves reclamated too this year…..7 high draft picks left still…Maybe the Kolb era will be good……………

  93. to howboutdemcowboys…
    Check the Roy Williams (WR) trade before you go mouthing off about the Lions ability to trade for value now that Millen is gone. Great investment researching his value to your team.

  94. @ MrSmithTP,
    Yea Sims is good enough to lose his starting spot to a rookie that was a 3rd round pick last year. Sims had those tackles in his rookie year. Tackles don’t mean shit buddy. Paris Lenon had 150+ tackles when we went 0-16, and he is so good that he is a backup on the Rams. Sims is an undersized OLB who plays like an undersized MLB. The Eagles pass coverage and run defense will suffer now.

  95. Some of you are fools?
    This move is what all 3 teams wanted….
    #1 – Sheffler was a head case, and had issues with Mcdaniels…I think it is exclusive to Mcdaniels, because the little arrogant fool, is completely destroying the team!!!! But they didnt get along, and Like Marshall, good ridence…
    #2. The lions acquire a Stud at TE. He is a top 5 TE in this league, no doubt! With some offensive line help, and with the receivers they are putting in place for Stafford(whom is a stud too) the lions will start being awfully naughty on offense.
    FYI- Pettigrew has a bad knee injury, and may not be 100% til mid to late Season…They wanted to shore up that position, which they did.
    Also, the lions have alot of picks in the early and late rounds, with a handful of Money and will fill the Sims position all day long!
    #3 The Sims to Philly gives them immediate linebacker help!!! Remember last year, Phily was so depleted they were bringing in retired players for tryouts, they somehow nailed down whitherspoon? correct spelling? I am not sure, but he ended up being a stud. So this helps everyone involved…I am die hard Vikings fan, but a closet Lions ally too. I would love to see this team come from the Black hole, and start tearing this up, Matt Millen should be banned from the league…Does anyone else get annoyed watching him do the pre and post game analysis????? Its embaressing to watch him….does anyone , really anyone take him even a little bit serious?????

  96. Do you know what it means when one OLB gets so many tackles? That means the defense is horrendous, and that the D-line never stopped the running game. It doesn’t make him good at all. Sims has almost twice as many tackles as Demarcus Ware in the same number of games. Does that make Sims better? It just goes to show that tackles is a near meaningless stat. For people that watched the Lions play, it was easy to see Sims wasn’t getting any better, and almost always went the wrong way and was a liability on defense.
    The Lions traded him because Sims was on the last year of his contract and the Lions wouldn’t re-sign him anyway because they want to be done with him.
    Getting the 7th would have been almost acceptable on its own. Getting a solid young TE made it a superb trade. Given the Lions have no receiving core, there is no reason they wouldn’t always run two TE sets. Scheffler and Pettigrew both have much better hands and route running ability than any receiver not named Calvin Johnson or Nate Burleson on the team.
    Denver really got shorted, and the Eagles will find they wasted a 5th round pick, just like the Lions wasted a 1st on Sims. Sims is too small, and even worse, too stupid.

  97. This is huge. The Lions will win the SB because of this.
    Keep up the Lions talk.

  98. @ Sneki
    I agree that trade was some bullcrap. A year and a half ago I blasted Jerrah for that crap and am still pissed. However, my comments were not comprimised by the Roy E Williams trade (even though it was an abomination)
    Skeletor needs to learn the value of draft picks. He was not trading away talent for peanuts, rather waaaaaaay overspending on a lack of talent.

  99. @ MrSmithTP,
    Sims high in tackles is 134 not 170+, and he has never had more than 100 solo tackles in a single season. Guess what his high is in sacks and interception for a year, 1. So he can get tackles 10-15 yards downfield, but ANY NFL LB can do that. Sims isn’t even close to a playmaker. He is anohter mediocre LB that should be a backup in the NFL. Seriously, instead of making shit up out of your ass, why don’t you look at his stats and watch some film on him before you proclaim him a demi-god.

  100. @GoForkUrself
    Dont compare a 4-3 OLB to a 3-4 OLB in a stat like tackles. Not to mention an average 4-3 OLB to a GREAT 3-4 OLB
    That is not proving your point.

  101. ToledoLions, GoForkUrself, BigBenBangedBarbisBackside, brianb4233…people who get it.
    Thank you

  102. O.k.,
    I’ll ease off my earlier comments.
    Ernie is no game-changer, but our LB corps last year, along with Louis Delmas, was our ONLY bright spot on defense.
    So they’ve let Larry Foote go, got rid of Sims, and they expect to keep that one area competitive by……..adding a tight end……
    The Tight End part is confusing.
    I have no clue about what Denver gets out of this deal at all….
    The Lions now have to add a solid OLB or WILL. I think they can add ONE in the second round of the draft, but they will have to acquire someone in free agency now, AND, since they’veburned the second round pick on a LB, there is a higher probability now that they don’t draft a CB at all and sign Lito Sheppard……maybe even the “rain Maker”……

  103. Lions2x says:
    April 19, 2010 12:31 PM
    Ok, so I had to sign up for an account for this one…
    First off… any Lions fan that says Ernie was good must have not watched Ernie play.
    Yes, he is fast and hits hard… only problem is he has a football IQ of ZERO
    Hell, if i played for Detroit i would have ZERO IQ

  104. @ ToledoLions
    Well have fun with all your te’s, lolololololol. How does it feel to be the laughing stock of the league for so many years now????? What a joke of a franchise. Enjoy your 3 wins this year. I cant wait to see the lions draft a te in the first round this year.

  105. All the people responding saying stuff like
    “Sims was Detroits best player”
    “Another TE?” Like they’ve never heard of a 2 TE set and don’t realize that Scheffler and Pettigrew are total opposites as types of TEs.
    All you’re doing is making youselves look like football retards.
    Sims SUUUUUUCKKS!!! He was beat out by a rookie LB last year and wouldn’t of been a starter this year.
    We traded a backup player for a starter to BE OUR BACKUP. How is that bad?

  106. To me this is low risk/high reward for the Eagles. If he sucks it is only a 5th round pick. They can draft or acquire a LB next season. If he pans out then they got a steal. I didn’t watch enough Lions games to make an informed decision on Sims. Sometimes a change of scenery does a player well, especially when you were on a team that won one more game in 4 seasons than the Eagles won last season. I hear he is good in the locker room, which the Eagles need. Time will tell.

  107. I agree with Bobby above, a low risk move for the Eagles. Sims has some obvious limitations (I’ve watched every game he’s played) but he does bring a lot of passion to the field and he his a good guy to have in the locker room. I trust that the Eagles have done their homework and see the same limitations and will put him in position where he can best be an asset. I hate to dog the guy because he’s one of the ‘good guys’ but Kirwin said on Sirius yesterday that an OL told him that when he went to block Sims he was off in totally different area than where he should’ve been, and that Schwartz/Cunningham were so flabbergasted with him that they just blitzed him all the time. But it’s a vet for a 5th round pick and I don’t see the harm in that. I would look to Detroit to sign one of Schwartz’s favorite players to fill Sims’ slot – Keith Bullock.

  108. Its funny how many people forget about Follett. 7th round pick who moved from practice squad, to a special teams star and right into the starting lineup with this trade.
    Sims high tackle #’s are also misleading in the fact that the defense was so bad those years that they were on the field for long periods which allowed higher numbers. Those numbers have nothing to do with talent. I hope he does well in Philly, but he’s definitely not a fit in Detroit’s new defense.
    And no one forgot about Pettigrew. They were visiting TE prospects because Linehan always uses 2 TE sets and with Fitz retiring, they needed another option. Sheffler gives them a top option and makes this offense potentially explosive without giving up or paying much. And moving away from Sims, who was another Millen mistake, by getting Sheffler and a 7th in return was a bonus.
    People can say “same old Lions” all they want, but if you’ve been paying attention, you’d see that this front office is definitely not the same old, and they actually are making strides at improvement. No one was expecting a turn around like Atlanta or Miami and going from 0-16 to the Superbowl. Its a process. They’ll improve this year and be pushing for the playoffs by next season.

  109. ANYONE who thinks that Ernie Sims was an “above-average” player here is an idiot who has NEVER watched a Lions game ONCE during Sims’ tenure. Just for comparisons sake — Paris freakin’ Lenon was racking up 120 tackle seasons as a starter on our team. He got benched last season for a ROOKIE.
    He will probably put up high tackle stats in Philly, but also get engulfed by the offensive-line and cause a 15 yard gain. Not to mention this guy gets abused like a ragdoll by TEs.

  110. And will you IDIOTS please stop saying that Ernie Sims was our best defensive player these past years. Shaun Rogers says hello. Heck, even Louis Delmas made more of an impact his first year then Sims ever did in “4 years.”

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