Torain finds a home with Shanahan again

Kyle Shanahan hinted that Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson, and Willie Parker will all make the Redskins final roster, but we don’t expect that to happen.

It seems far more likely that Johnson or Parker will get cut so the Redskins can find some young players to develop that can help on special teams as reserves.  One option will be Ryan Torain, who the Redskins signed Monday.

Mike Shanahan drafted Torain in Denver and once said he was “one of the most gifted running backs I’ve been around for a long time.”  Injuries have derailed his career since.

The Redskins also signed Marques Hagan.  Jerry Porter had a tryout with the team, but they passed on him.

17 responses to “Torain finds a home with Shanahan again

  1. If Ryan Torain is healthy again, this is great news for the Redskins.
    I wish Josh hadn’t cut him last year after his injury. (Along with a lot of other things he has done.)
    At least if my Broncos don’t do well, I can root for all the teams that carry recent ex players: E.g. Bears, Dolphins, Redskins… (Probably half the league by now.)

  2. This guy had first round talent and heart but injuries completely destroyed his career. He will be lucky to make it through training camp without a season ending injury. Too bad.

  3. Gifted players come and go when they can’t stay on the field for one reason or another. Hell, I was on track to be all-state…. blah blah blah.
    Haven’t we heard that one before? Good luck to the kid, but some dudes just have bad luck with injuries and I’m not sure he can bounce back. Not a bad flyer though, he did run hard in the limited action he was able to stay in games for.

  4. what were his injuries? didn’t he suffer a broken elbow and then played with a cast on it? I seem to remember wincing every time he got tackled or blocked …. dude could run like crazy though ….

  5. I have loved him since day one. When healthy, he might be the best back on their roster. Seriously.

  6. Is this guy good? For some reason I cant remember seeing this guy at all? “He might be the best back on the roster”? Like better than CP, LJ and WP??

  7. All this talk. Skin fans, don’t get your hopes up……lil danny snyder still owns the team !!!!!

  8. Mike Shanahan drafted Torain in Denver and once said he was “one of the most gifted running backs I’ve been around for a long time.”
    Shammy said that about a lot of guys he picked up over the last decade. All of whom – Portis excluded (and he ridded himself of Portis) – were chaff.
    Many busted draft picks, street free agents, and other detritus were pure gold in the eyes of Shammy and his Broncos puppet GM, Ted Dumbquist.
    Move on. Nothing to see here.

  9. @Ravens Macg
    Your still in b-more with no secondary and a QB that can’t connect on a 5 yard screen. Kill yourself.

  10. so just because shannahan was high on a guy that ended up getting injured makes him a liar???

  11. It’s not quite as sad a story as that of Kevin Jones or Dominick Davis/Williams, who had tremendous success over 1-3 seasonsbefore massive knee injuries, but it certainly fits into the same category.

  12. Ryan Torain is an exceptional running back. He is great at cutting back to the hole and has uncanny vision. If this guy can stay healthy, the ‘Skins don’t have an issue at running back. And for those who question Shanahan’s ability to judge backs, the Broncos had more rushing yards than any other NFL team for the last fifteen years. So he see’s something. Torain is a 2,000 yard back if he can stay healthy(big if though). Another back that had all of the skill in the world, but lacked confidence was Quintin Griffin. He should have been a star. And Clarrett was an issue off the field, not on it. I do still think the ‘Skins will get a guy like Joique Bell in the fourth.

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