A caution flag for NFL Draft excitement

Everyone loves their picks in the immediate aftermath of the NFL Draft.

A pair of moves Tuesday afternoon, just two days before this year’s fun at Radio City Music Hall, help to remind us not to get overly excited about rookie impacts.

The Rams wanted to get rid of 2007 No. 13 overall pick Adam Carriker so much that they traded him for the honor of moving up 28 spots in the fifth-round of the draft.

The Jets so desperately wanted to avoid playing the No. 6 overall pick of the 2008 draft — Vernon Gholston — that they chose to overpay Jason Taylor.

The moves are a good reminder that draft picks are often like new cars.  Most go down in value the moment you buy them.

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  1. How about Reggie Williams and Mike Williams signing with the Seahawks after being out of football all of last season? Reggie Williams was 9 overall and Mike Williams was like 8 overall. And neither is 30 years old.

  2. Great points! People so overrate draft picks like every 6th rounder is going to turn into Tom Brady. The draft is a crapshoot.

  3. In some cases, their value goes down spectacularly the second they’re picked, especially if by the Jets.
    I look forward to seeing Gholston in future clips of Jets fans losing it at the draft.

  4. Carriker isn’t nearly as terrible as Gholston. He’s a victim of being mishandled by a crappy organization and injury. His rookie year he looked like he was going to be pretty good. Redskins got a steal. Everyone knew Gholston was a Zeus in the workout room but a bum on the field other than one game. Jets definitely blew that pick.

  5. There should be a new word created for this type of occurance……
    AH, I have it!!
    definition – a top 10 draft pick that didn’t work out.
    used in a sentence… “man, the Lions surely got jabustused in last years draft”

  6. Don’t tell Ted Thompson that.
    The guy still lives in the dark ages as far as player movement.
    Draft picks are gold, Jerry, gold!

  7. I would LOVE to see the Browns pick up Gholston,,, Granted, I am an OSU homer and a Browns fan… oh well…

  8. someone should remind the so called experts this they seem to overly promote the draft picks every year.

  9. See? It’s easy being a scout. They all suck and don’t know what they’re doing.
    Once in a while they get lucky but anybody who even half pays attention to what’s going on can do just as well.
    Mel Kiper is considered an “expert” but you could duplicate his success with picking who will be good/great NFL players by flipping a coin. He only keeps his job because he has absolutely ZERO accountability.
    It simply doesn’t matter if Kiper is 100% right or 100% wrong about any given player because he will be back next year spouting off the exact same blathering nonsense.

  10. “Everyone loves their picks in the immediate aftermath of the NFL Draft.”
    Yeah… right. Quite the opposite when McDaniels drafted Knowshon Moreno and Robert Ayers over BJ Raji and Brian Orakpo and then traded a 2010 first rounder to grab Alphonso Smith over Rae Maualuga. We hated those picks… and still do.

  11. Tell that to the ESPN’s of the world, they are the ones proclaiming greatness before they have stepped on the field and they especially do this for their pet teams, Pats, Eagals, Cowgirls and so on.

  12. What a BUZZKILL. Wow, I was under the impression that every player ever drafted in the first round was a shoo-in for the HOF…

  13. Jesus. What a downer. Someof us are Seahawks fans and need Something to get excited about

  14. And there’s no Santa Clause either – thanks Debbie Downer. For now I’m just going to Gruden all over the draft and have fun. So shut it.

  15. wow… this post is absolutely USELESS…. shocking i know…. much like 99.9% of this idiotic blog.

  16. That may be true, but the reality is all you can see after the draft is the potential, and so we get excited (unless of course, you pull boneheaded moves like the Jets have oft done. Always funny to hear the boos from Jets fans when they pick in the draft).
    Most knew Gholston would be a bust. I know here in NE we were all praying that the Jets would take him so we could get Mayo. Luckily it happened that way. Gholston was one dimensional, and it showed. What was odd is that even that one dimension never showed up at the pro level.
    What we see after the draft is the potential for our teams to be good for the foreseeable future. We also love to see the pre-season so we can see these guys play at the NFL level, and hope that our prayers have been answered.

  17. They lose value the moment you drive it off the lot. Or, in the case of football players, the moment they hit the field.

  18. its true… half of the guys that went in the 1st round last year are not even worth 3rd round picks right now.

  19. What is really obvious is that teams value picks in this draft extremely high.
    Almost nobody has been trading even third or fourth round picks.
    Holy cow, they are overrating this draft. It’s still a crapshoot.

  20. No sh*t. Thus the most overrated event in all of sports. The new format moves it into absurdity.

  21. I am surprised Gholston never came around last year and developed
    I knew he was a pansy taking hits but I figured he would toughen up at some point

  22. I lost excitement because they decided to screw it all up and show it during the week while I’m working. Nice move NFL.

  23. Mario, Cushing, Demeco in the second, and this year the next DROY Earl Thomas.
    Some of us don’t hate our recent picks.

  24. ThaPenguin says:
    April 20, 2010 4:05 PM
    Debbie Downer
    I agree. Pointless reminder.
    The draft is the only major oasis for football fans in the 7 month off-season. I think everyone knows many draft picks will flame out despite draft day excitement and optimism by the fans.
    However, the opposite can be said. What kind of shape was the Colts franchise in for about 25 years preceding their selection of Peyton Manning on draft day. What kind of shape have they been in since?
    Most “experts” say teams are built through the draft. Then they turn around and write pieces like this to try to stifle fan enthusiasm about the draft in the midst of also cranking out hundreds of articles analyzing the draft for months. WTF is the point?

  25. Just goes to show you can’t be enamored by the workout wonders like Gholston and forget to look at film to see if the guy can, oh I don’t know, actually play football. Teams used to interview the college coaches of the player to get a sense of how hard they worked in practice and in the locker room. Not sure if they do that anymore.
    We get excited about the draft because there’s no football on at this time of the year. Hockey and NBA playoffs are cool though, but football is still king.

  26. “Most go down in value the moment you buy them.” … Especially true of Al Davis is the one selecting you!!

  27. Recently haven’t the majority of picks coming out of OSU busts? Ted Ginn, Gholston, Troy Smith, Katzenmoyer, ahmad plummer, Bobby Carpenter….. The list goes on and on. If you draft from any other school I think you have a much better chance at not choosing incorrectly.

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