Jason Taylor says he only had one offer

J. Taylor.jpgIn a sad, small news conference Tuesday night, Jason Taylor said he had no choice but to leave the Dolphins for the New York Jets.

“This is the only offer. There is no other offer,” Taylor told the Miami media.

Taylor admitted that he had a contract extension offered to him from Bill Parcells last November and passed on the deal.

“It wasn’t the right time,” Taylor said.  “If I was important enough in November, why don’t you want me now?  I’m better now. My shoulder works now.” 

Taylor seemed to have bitterness towards the Big Tuna.  “What is a Parcells guy? I always felt like I was a
Tony guy.”

There was some debate about how much the Dolphins wanted Taylor back.  Dan LeBatard credited a source on 790 the Ticket that Taylor did have a contract offer this offseason.  Taylor’s agent disputed that.

“If we had a contract offer from the Dolphins, Jason Taylor would have signed it.  . . . I promise you, he would be a Miami Dolphin,” agent Gary Wichard said.

In theory, Wichard was on air for damage control purposes in the Miami.  It was clearly a difficult decision for Taylor.  But we wonder how these comments will play in in New York:

“He’s not happy like he would be if he signed with the Dolphins,” Wichard said.  “But he’s going to make the most of it because he wants to play football and be very, very happy.  Because that’s where he really wants to be.”

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  1. You know, I really wished to hell I cared if some shithead millionaire football player is happy or not.

  2. Taylor seemed to have some bitterness towards the Big Tuna. “What is a Parcells guy?”
    A guy who doesn’t take off training time for “Dancing with the Stars” and turn down contract extension offers at the age of 35…see the other Jason, Ferguson.

  3. Hey Dolfags…..here’s one of your beloved talking about JT and the fish:
    Zach Thomas on Taylor and his utilization…
    “You don’t think Rex Ryan has a game plan for Jason Taylor? It’s going to be better than the game plan they were utilizing him last year. I hated watching it, when they were taking him out on third down. It’s like taking Bruce Smith out on third down. That was frustrating for me. I’m a fan now. You want to take one of the best pass-rushers of all-time out on third down! I don’t know how Dolphins fans are now, but I’m frustrated. … I’m always going to be a supporter. I’m going to cheer for the Dolphins all year long. I’m not going to be a bitter guy. But, right now, I will say when it crosses the line and they way they dealt with Jason was disappointing.”
    This message has been brought to you by the letters O, W,N,E and the letter D

  4. If Taylor had no othe offers, why in the world would the Jets give him a 13 Million dollar deal for 2 years? Crazy

  5. At least we kinda got a pick for him. We still got a 6th rounder this year from the Skins — left over from the first time he left town.

  6. Agent Gary Wichard too busy hiring lawyers to defend his $2M lawsuit by the BOZ? Hope he didnt manage Taylor’s money too.

  7. Yet the media will make it sound like Rex got his man.
    Simple fact all the players then jets got this offseason, no one wanted.
    Cromartie-soft player who hasn’t been good in 2 years.
    LT- consistently declining, dissapears in the playoffs, thinks he’s better then he is.
    Santonio Holmes-headache
    JT- doesn’t even want to be a jet.
    These look like redskins moves. Seriously jets fans have to remember it was lightning in a bottle and luck last year..undeserved.
    The fall will be hard.

  8. Well he would have gotten more offers if he wasn’t asking for such a potentially large contract. I’m sure if he’d accept his market value he would have been able to choose from more than a few teams… I would have liked to see him on the Pats..

  9. Jason Taylor was a great football player. He is not the elite player that he once was. The 2010 draft is deep on linbackers and the Dolphins need to take advantage of that. Perhaps an elite OLB with the 12th overall pick.
    Athletes always believe they can still play just before retirement. Then reality sets in. It will be great for the Dolphins if Jason Taylor is starting for the New York Jets.

  10. Wasnt Wichard in the lawsuit with Bosworth over referring to Accountant Boz claims “stole” $2M from him? Maybe he was too busy meeting with lawyers.

  11. Can’t really blame Taylor for being pissed. He still wants to work and the only place hiring is one of the worst franchises with one of the worst fan bases in the league. The Jets. He should have retired.

  12. of course he’s not happy to be going to NY. he can’t start lying about it now.
    now he’s gotta get sacks or he’ll get booed off the team

  13. Oh crap. Taylor admitted that he had a contract extension offered to him from Bill Parcells last November and passed.
    Wichard, dude, do you talk to your, own player? Anyhoo, Jason WILL HATE New Jersey. He truly does not like the Jets. He is done after this season anyway.
    But hey, he can head down the street to Broadway to jumpstart his theater/film career. BTW, only if he was more like Dwayne Johnson.

  14. Another day, another refusal to acknowledge that WICHARD was sued by Bosworth for $2M! You guys are pathetic and biased as all heck. Wichard is having a bad week.

  15. JT – Jet Traitor. He should have signed the extension in the fall or submitted a counter-offer, or waited until after the draft like they had asked him to do. Instead, he signs with the %@#$ Jets??

  16. I love the new found HATE for the JETS… that must mean we’re doing something right! J E T S yyyyyyeeeehhhhhhhaaaawwww!!!!!

  17. What is Jason Taylor, twelve? Twice in the past two years, he has spat in the face of Dolphins fans just to spite Bill Parcells.
    He spent one year riding the bench on the injury list in Washington. Now, he’s heading north to suck up to Fireman Ed, who regards JT as a meathead (a hideous insult to actual meatheads, by association).
    The Miami Dolphins have more success when Taylor is not on the roster. Get out and stay out, you hypocrite.
    Thank you … for taking that tired act back on the road where it belongs.

  18. JT was a Miami Dolphin hero. He went dancing and then to Washington…and sucked. We welcomed him back to the Fins…and he was invisible….now he is Jet.
    I think JT has gone from Heaven, to Limbo, to Purgatory, now Hell.

  19. You have to wonder about someone who is publicly stating they would have stayed with their old team had an offer come about.
    I am a skins fan and this guy hated DC, too cold, far away from his family, narrow parking spaces at the Palm for his Ferrari, just awful.
    That being said, he might actually bring something to the table for Jets but he’s old and he’s worn down. This guys has two bad shoulders, a bad leg and he doesn’t seem to do well anywhere BUT Miami. I like Jason Taylor and I think he will go down as one of the better pass rushers in NFL history but you can’t help but wonder why Miami is willing to let go of a guy when they need pass rush help and they have a franchise institution in Taylor. It speaks volumes that they had an offer on the table in November and now that offer is gone. Parcels is no fool, I think he recognizes Taylor may not be someone who can hold up even in a situational role.

  20. A lot of Redskin fans have it in for Taylor, but in large part that trade failed so badly because our defensive co-ordinator refused to use him properly.
    Taylor had never been that big as a speed rushing right-end, had spent a few seasons as a 3-4 linebacker and then a summer ballroom dancing. He didn’t look much over 240lbs when he arrived in Washington.
    Blache plugged him into the hole left by the injury to Phillip Daniels, a run plugging left end who spend his summers competing in power-lifting competitions and is at least 50lbs heavier.
    Blache made no attempt to changed his very rigid scheme. It couldn’t even be claimed that he tried to hammer square peg into a round hole. He tried filling a big hole with a much smaller peg, which unsurprisingly disappeared straight down to the bottom and broke.
    I can understand that Blache was pissed that the front office had got him a replacement that didn’t fit his scheme, but his total refusal to try and use Taylor in remotely sensible way boardered on certifiable. It was no wonder that Taylor wanted to stay away from offseason training the following year.
    Taylor had a decent season last year and his year in Washington was not representative. I think he could be effective for the Jets and that the Dolphins will regret letting him walk to a division rival.

  21. Taylor can help the JETS in a lot of ways. He still is a strong pass rusher. His presence will make up for the Gholston fiasco!
    He can be a fill in receiver. He ability to catch the ball is much greater than that of Braylon “hands of stone” Edwards!
    Good deal all around! Go JETS!

  22. He turned down an offer because he thought it wasn’t worth enough. Why would anyone think the Dolphins should keep coming back?
    Simple enough, “He turned it down. Really? OK, let’s figure out what we are going to do.”

  23. For all the Dolphin fans who talk shit, just remember you had the playoffs in your hands last year, and you lost your last 3 games all to non playoff teams.
    Don’t choke again or your coach will be fired!

  24. I have no sympathy for Taylor. He was offered an extension in November and turned it down because he, like most of the players, thought that an uncapped year meant a big pay day. Now he’s crying that the fins didn’t make him an offer. That he would have played for the veteran’s minimum.
    Please, go cry to your mama. You had an offer and got greedy thinking you’d make more cash once you were a FA. Deal with it.

  25. Now I hope his back goes out and misses 3 quarters of a season! Isn’t this how the dice rolls? Things that work for the fins dont for the jets? Chad Pennington enjoyed his time.

  26. “123456” – you by far are the biggest D-BAG on this board. The overated, overhyped jets will be worse then the skins years ago when they signed every has been to their shitty team. Congrats on become the new team to beat up on…..hey maybe Rex can call John Offerdahl to see if if wants to make a comeback……

  27. Jason Taylor says he had no choice but to leave the Dolphins for the Jets. HELLO! You were a free agent! You didn’t leave the Dolphins, they let u walk! Don’t get it twisted!

  28. Cro hasnt been good in 2 years because the Bolts changed the D scheme to be more zone. If you EVER watched CRO play especially in college (FSU) you would know he is a man-to-man CB. Jets run man-to-man more than any team and now Cro will be defending the teams #2 WR not #1. This change was good for Cro as he goes back to his natural coverage schemes.
    As for Holmes, great pick up. Jets get a WR on the rise for a 5th rounder. If he doesnt work out, he is gone
    Why so concerned with the Jets pick ups anyways? Scared!?

  29. If Jason was so dedicated to ending his career in Miami he would have signed the 2-year contract offered to him last year. Now he will be “Dancing With The Jerks”.

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