Lions schedule leaked, too

One of the most awaited team’s schedule — the Steelers — has been leaked.  And so the appropriate bookend would be one of the least awaited.

We give you the Lions 2010 schedule, from the Detroit News.

Sept. 12, at Chicago; Sept. 19, Philadelphia; Sept. 26, at Minnesota;  Oct. 3, at Green Bay;
Oct. 10; St. Louis, Oct. 17, at N.Y. Giants; Oct. 31, Washington; Nov. 7, N.Y. Jets; Nov. 14, at Buffalo; Nov. 21, at Dallas; Nov. 25, New England; Dec. 5, Chicago; Dec. 12, Green Bay; Dec. 19, at Tampa Bay; Dec. 26, at Miami; Jan. 2, Minnesota.

As expected, the Lions host the Patriots on Thanksgiving.

48 responses to “Lions schedule leaked, too

  1. Doesnt look all that tough actually with winnable games against: Philly, St. Louis, Washington, Buffalo, Dallas and Tampa. if they can go .500 in the division and beat all the teams above thats 9 wins…

  2. Looks like the lions will be 0-8 by midseason and well on their way to another top 5 draft pick!

  3. I have looked over the Lions schedule from start to finish and cannot find a single loss on it. I smell a Super Bowl on the horizon.

  4. Haha, thank you schedule makers!
    If Favre does not come back, at least we play the lions the last game of the season.
    If Favre does come back, who cares

  5. florio redskins schedule leaked
    on Twitter via Dan Hellie
    DAL (SNF)
    IND (SNF)
    PHI (MNF)

  6. When is the NFL going to do away with this Godawful tradition of FORCING everyone to watch the Cowboys and the Lions play at home on Thanksgiving? Come on man some traditions are meant to be broken. Let the Thanksgiving games be alternating between different teams in different stadiums. I’m so tired of seeing the boring ford field and boring texas stadium on thanksgiving day. Both of those teams haven’t been relevant in the postseason for more than a decade. Why not give someone else a chance to shine on that holiday instead of lulling everyone to sleep with these two pitiful games every year?
    The turkey makes us tired enough.

  7. least awaited? never laugh at a hurt Lion.. a hurt lion fights fierce in the NFC North… there will be some surprises Mike …. some extra wins… not playoffs … but closer games and better D, and a great Offense…. even with the loss of Sims
    hurry draft so I can put some meat behind statements

  8. Patriots on Thanksgiving… I knew that God hated the Lions, but I didn’t realize the NFL did too.

  9. Good they can start 1-0 the Bears are now the worst team in the division have fun knowing how not having draft picks screws your team haha

  10. Looks like Philly finishes with the Cowboys for the 3rd yr in a row….I like it! (unless of course Kolb is already injured or on the pine w/ a 5-10 record)

  11. My friend bet me a plate of nachos that the Lions would not be in the top ten for next years draft….After looking at this schedule I told him I want Extra Guacamole on the side.

  12. All of you douches who negatively comment on the Lions news feeds, do yourself a favor and go rent a gun. No one asked you to click the link and we don’t care what you think. Do you really have nothing better to do then display your faggery? Yes, I know, I said faggery.

  13. Im the biggest Lions fan on the west coast and I’ll give them 4-12. Thats ok tho next year will be 8-8 and then playoffs in 2012, wait and see

  14. @ Ilovefoolsball
    You wouldn’t have football on Thanksgiving if weren’t for the Lions! There have been some great Thanksgiving games featuring the Lions. We’ve been down for a while, but now we have some competent people at the helm making solid moves. They aren’t going to be the butt of your jokes much longer!

  15. Nothing like having our first three division games all on the road. Talk about a crappy setup for us with Philly sandwiched as the lone home game in the first four.

  16. @Ilovefoolsball
    Then don’t watch football on Thanksgiving…. Not only is it a tradition, but nobody wanted to play and called it a burden. The Lions were the only ones to take it and at their own expense. Nowadays it’s big money so everyone cries about wanting the game….. Too bad…. Where I live, if I didn’t get Sunday Ticket all I’d get would be “fan favorites”. You can suck it up for one game. Hell, it doesn’t even get in the way of whoever your team is the following Sunday so STFU.

  17. @ Ilovefoolsball
    you didn’t watch the cowboys at texas stadium last season.
    plus the nfl is all about money, a few years back the NFL floated the notion about rotating the games on thanksgiving. bill ford jr, vice chiarman of the lions and chairman of ford motor comapny at the time, said ” thats fine and ford will not be advertising during nfl games.”
    That shut them up reeaallllll fast and suddenly you had the NFL network late game.

  18. lions go 4-12. anyhitng more is bold to say the least. STL, Bears week 1, buffalo, and washington.

  19. Occam says:
    April 20, 2010 5:51 PM
    Can the Lion’s schedule be leaked? I always thought it would be sharted.
    Occam – your comment inspired me to finally register and leave a comment on this site. You made my night. LMAO!

  20. i think Washington will be harder than last year, and the trade off will be they beat the eagles. i will say a 4-12 record would be great. I also believe that they can beat the bears 2 times and even series with the rest of the NFC North division.

  21. I got 3 paychecks on the under of 3 wins. Lions still don’t do one thing well.
    Last year they were terrible in every phase. In the offseason so far they have brought on nothing but other team’s cast-offs. Suh will need some time to really make a difference because every team will double him.
    They are still a long way off and this schedule doesn’t help. I just hope they do well enough to move out of the top 5 in the 2011 draft and get some pressure off JS and Meyhew to give them a couple more years.

  22. the lions will beat the patriots on thanksgiving day.thats right i said it. write it down it’s going to happen

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