No announcement on Ben coming today

On Sunday night, Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reported that the NFL is expected to announce a suspension of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on Monday or Tuesday.

It didn’t happen on Monday.  Now, Adam Schefter of ESPN says it’s definitely not coming today, and that the earliest it will happen is Wednesday.

We’ve heard that teams who play the Steelers want the decision to be made and announced before the draft.  Though it’s borderline ridiculous to think that teams could make draft decisions based on whether they’ll play the Steelers with Roethlisberger or someone else at quarterback, coaches crave information — and the teams who’ll be playing the Steelers early in the season want to know before the picks start what they’ll be facing when they face the Steelers.

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  1. It seems that teams who might be interested in trading FOR Ben might want to know before the draft if he’s eligible for 12, 14 or 15 games.
    Especially if you’re a Head Coach who might be on the hot seat.

  2. Yeah it’s probably ridiculous to try and craft an argument to that effect.
    But it’s just as ridiculous to defend not announcing any punishment inflicted on Roethlisberger.
    Rip it off. Be a man.

  3. Teams want to know for trade reasons involving the draft. That’s the only reason for an announcement by tomorrow.

  4. Sounds like Yahoo Sports was just trying to get people to come to their site to read an article about something that they had no idea what was going to happen……………JUST LIKE HERE!!!!!

  5. Coaches…inmates running the asylum. They’re the same guys who will look at 30 seconds of tape on a player that has been scouted for a full year and want to impose their opinion.

  6. Teams want to know if Lil’ Ben’s playing only for the cheerleaders’ protection. If Bennie’s there the ladies will be kept in the owner’s club seats under armed guard.

  7. Maybe they don’t want to overshadow the release of the schedule and/or the draft. How about that scenario? Oh yeah, not ‘juicy’ enough.

  8. Where is the Eric Foster update? Shouldn’t you be convicting him by now? Come on PFZ do you job and drag that guy’s name through the mud by now?
    Suspending players for just being accused of something without any arrest, charges, evidence is a dangerous precedent to set.

  9. Dont care about the announcement of Ben, ‘we know it is coming.
    I want to know when he is going to address the other deviants in the NFL and the other sexual predator that plays for the Colts and done somehting with that girl before the Superbowl and we are just now hearing about it.
    He said himself on Dan Patrick, it doesnt have to end in a charge all he needs is an investigation.
    Were waiting Roger.

  10. Yup you told us that was coming on Wednesday. Must be a slow morning at the office. Tell Dwight I say hello………….

  11. Suspending player for just being accused of something without arrest is NOT a dangerous precedent to set. That’s why the NFL has a personnel conduct policy, and the douchebag violated that. There are thousands and thousands of professional athletes in this country, yet only 1 gets repeatedly “falsely accused”. The commish knows exactly whats going on, and he knows that GA girl is now rich beyond belief.

  12. Mr.Godell better look at Eric Foster of the Colts for doing same thing! If not, he will punish a white man and let a black man off???

  13. “No announcement on Ben coming today”
    No shit.
    Didn’t you just write 3 separate articles on this only yesterday??
    Don’t forget the “Still No Announcement” piece later today, douchenozzle.

  14. lol, I love these…
    ..” and this just in, no news”…lol
    Bring on the lockout

  15. @superspanky36 –
    There are plenty of devious people in the world, and now that they know how damaging an accusation can be without any proof behind it people will take advantage of this. Case in point a women accuses Eric Foster on assault 4 months after the alleged incident.

  16. It’s almost as if, in an Orwellian fashion, you are watching Ben’s every move.
    Go figure.

  17. How much contemplation and effort does it take to say “he is suspended for 4 games”?
    Get it over with so we can all hear about something else.

  18. “Hello I am Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC, and what is your name?”
    “Uhhh, it’s Ben, Ben Roethlesberger.”

  19. Ben will be traded to the Rams-Lambs for the No. 1 pick and Steelers pick Bradford. Four game suspension will be reported afterwards, a la Holmes. St. Louis hasn’t even spoken w/ Bradford yet– you figure.
    Rams get respectability required for their new owners to be able move the team back to La La land. Pittsburgh gets its QB of the future.
    Steelers aren’t going to bet the franchise on Bluto any longer.
    You’re welcome.

  20. any team that will alter its draft plans based on whether Roethlisberger is playing the first four weeks or not deserves to fail.
    that’s the worst logic ever. he might miss four games….. and you’re going to determine your draft based on that?

  21. Anyone who would change their draft, and thus change the player their franchise might have for the next 10+ years, based one player missing a game or two this season is an absolute moron.

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