Rams trade Adam Carriker to Redskins

The St. Louis Rams have shipped defensive lineman Adam Carriker to the Washington Redskins.

Adam Schefter reported the trade on ESPN. Schefter didn’t have the terms of the trade, but he did report that the trade does not involve Albert Haynesworth.

Still, the trade — like Monday’s acquisition of Howard Green — is yet another sign that the Redskins are seeking to beef up their defensive line, which could be a sign that they would like to deal Haynesworth.

We noted a month ago that the Redskins had contacted the Rams about Carriker.

Carriker started all 16 games as a rookie after the Rams chose him in the first round of the 2007 draft, but he started only nine games in 2008 and missed the entire 2009 season after suffering a serious shoulder injury.

UPDATE: The Redskins acquired Carriker for the low, low price of a move down 28 spots in the fifth round, according to Schefter.  That’s it.

76 responses to “Rams trade Adam Carriker to Redskins

  1. No, Mike. You didn’t note that the Skins contacted the Rams about Carriker. Jason LaCanfora did. You merely piggy backed off of someone else’s work as with your entire site. Why did you go to NBC? WHY???

  2. So they are replacing Haynesworth with Green and Carriker??? Good luck with that.

  3. I really hope that this is a sign that they will be shipping Haynesworth and Campbell for draft picks. There are too many issues that need to be addressed with only 3 draft picks.

  4. I keep telling people… it doesn’t matter who the GM or the coach is. It’s the same old Redskins. As long as Snyder is in charge they’ll do the same stupid stuff.
    It looks like, once again, they’ll have something like only their 1st round pick by the time Thursday rolls around.

  5. Can’t believe the Skins still have gobs of money to throw at the franchise and still can’t be contenders.

  6. how about the Skins’ website has nothing about this.. jeez
    I’ll tellya, You guys suck all around

  7. Lions fan here, and my theory:
    Okay, the Rams take Suh at #1 now. Lions trade out of #2 to Seattle who wins a bidding war for Bradford. Lions slide back and can take Spiller, Berry, Okung or Williams.

  8. A high motor, low maintenance role player worth his cost. As a Nebraska resident fan, I can tell you that Adam will bring it (and leave his mouth in the locker room) every single practice or game.
    Someone finally knows what their doing with this team.

  9. Adam Carricker has looked every bit the bust so far; does Washington see enough in him to go ahead with moving Haynesworth? After adding Green, Carricker, and Kemoeatu, the Skins would be silly not to move Big Albert though.

  10. I dont understand why the redskins continue to get player who have not played in forever, or who are ready to go out as “old Farts” are we sure this is the right direction. All this stuff is crazy.

  11. and what did the skins pay for this guy?? that might be an interesting thing to mention in a story about an acquisition………….

  12. NOT stupid..and is this a possible sign the Rams are interested in Haynesworth and the #4 pick for their #1?
    I think so.

  13. And I thought Ernie Sims to Philly looked like a steal. Were Allen and Shanahan wearing ski masks while they consummated the deal?

  14. Wow, looks like we swapped 5th Rounders for Carriker apparently the skins are higher in the 5th Rd… And no JLC didn’t break the interest in Carriker, its been all around ExtremeSkins messageboard for several months now. What you thought JLC actually had inside sources?? Rofl.

  15. Reports are that the Skins didn’t even give up a 5th rounder straight-up but rather they only had to swap 5th rounders. If all they had to do was move back later in the round to get Carriker, this is a clear win for the Skins. Even if the guy contributes absolutely nothing the cost was almost negligbile. HAIL!

  16. Carriker will play DE in the 3-4 scheme and will get a shot at resurrecting a career. for the Skins to only give up 20 spots or so in the 5th round to get him, that’s a solid move.

  17. Outsyder, did you pay attention to the “swapped 5th round picks” part? They have the same number of picks now as they did 3 hours ago.

  18. Skins now have the opportunity to trade Haynesworth to the Rams along with the #4 pick for their #1..you heard it hear first..

  19. Skins now have the opportunity to trade Haynesworth along with the #4 pick to the rams for their #1 pick. You heard it here first.

  20. Great move by the Skins, they got him bassically for free and he should be a much better fit in a 3-4 than he was in a 4-3.

  21. Oursyder, how can you say it’s the same old Redskins? They got a 2007 first round pick for swapping 5th rounders. In the past they probably would have given up the 4th overall pick for Carriker.

  22. Carriker was a DE in college. The Rams moved him inside to DT. My guess is he plays DE in their new 3-4. The Skins still need a NT.
    I’d love for the Falcons to get Haynesworth.

  23. Well, Haslett has a man-crush for Carriker. For such a low price, why not I guess…

  24. Looking at Carriker’s college career it would appear he is more suited to play DE in a 3/4 scheme. The Skins need some of those.

  25. A swap of fifths, that’s all! Even if Carriker is a bit injury prone he is probably worth the difference between the 135Th and the 163rd pick.

  26. As much as people have been down on Adam , he is a great talent who was stuck inside by himself for the longest . Long isnt anything to fear so of course he didnt have “superstar” stats, but this was a good deal for the DC Skins . The Rams I’m not so sure of , but they are still a long ways away . … Haynesworth is now definitely on his way out , and I don’t see the Lions actually being in the hunt . Schwartz is great a defensive coach and would really not appreciate having to deal with Albert again . I actually think the Raiders are in the running for both Campbell and Fat Al . Of course , I dont have Florio’s contacts but I’d say Raiders , Miami, and Arizona look like possible spots .

  27. Yeah, you guys talk mess, but the Shanahan era hasn’t even begun. Talk after Shanahan has had some games in.

  28. Wow….the Skins got this guy for pretty much nothing…and listen to all of you ready to start crying!!! A player and 5th rd pick for a 5th rd pick…..how can you have a problem with this one???

  29. The rams are gonna take suh probably now and get McCoy in the 2nd. The rams are confusing the hell outta me.

  30. Wow… I this clarifies that that RAMs will be taking Suh with the #1 pick.
    Bradford will fall to the Skins at #4… or as part of the deal, the Skins will move up to #1 switching places with the Rams and take Bradford. He then has a couple of years to learn from McNabb (at least one year if McNabb doesn’t sign the extension the Skins had hoped for).
    To me is looks like the Skins will not address the O-Line with a high draft pick as all of the Mock Drafts suggest.

  31. Round 1 Pick 1- Suh
    Round 2 Pick 1- Tebow or Mccoy
    I called it, heard it here!!

  32. More updates needed… … are there reports that this could affect the 1st overall selection?

  33. If this was the same old Redskins then our roster would have Peppers, Dansby and Rolle on the squad. Instead they are going for productive players. Even signing Larry Johnson and Parker, their contracts are full of incentives, come on. I am sure that the skins are not going to have just 3 picks in this draft. Until they prove you other wise then still believe in the new Head Coach. Man bunch of haters

  34. Veritas Amber – Florio’s article was nothing but a regurgitation of what LaCanfora wrote. That was the point. But now that you have brought it up, are you remotely serious that LaCanfora is sifting through the pages of ExtremeSkins to get scoops? You have got to be kidding me if you believe that.

  35. Can’t fault Washington because of how cheap Carriker comes, but he is total garbage. Can’t stay healthy. I don’t even know if he’ll start in Washington.

  36. I can see the Rams doing the Haynesworth trade…swap firsts, pay back half Fat Albert’s bonus, and you actually have a proven D-line commodity with a smaller salary and guaranteed money than whoever would have been picked at #1.

  37. To everyone who is saying “OMG the skins aren’t going to have any picks left for the draft how will we get players????” :
    When trading a pick for a player, you address a position needs by getting a player.
    When drafting a player, you address a position need by getting a player.
    Whether they use the pick to get a player via trade or draft, they are still GETTING A PLAYER FOR THAT PICK.

  38. Good pickup they didn’t give the 5th just swapped their 5th for The Rams’. He plays the three technique very well, and is a very, very, effective DT. He jumps the gap and disrupts things, plus he’s young. Get him for just moving down 22 spots in the same round is excellent value. I wouldn’t have picked him in the 1st round like the rams did though.
    I think the Skins are going to trade down and get Williams for the OL and get their 2nd round pick back.

  39. For swapping 5th round picks he doesn’t need to start. Solid move shanny/Allen. I’m not sure y people want us to package Albert and our four for the one. We don’t need nor should we want to pick one and if we trade Albert it should be for ADDITIONAL draft picks, not just to move up a few slots.

  40. heh… JLC is a joke and everyone who’s a skins fan knows it. Oh and I’m hearing the Skins move up to swap 7th rounders too What a steal for washington LOL

  41. ANOTHER BRILIANT MOVE !!! You get a young lineman who is now healthy, worse case he does,nt pan out but the fact remains he was a first round talent and if healthy he should pan out. the current defensive chief has a history with him, you gonna trust his judgement.Worse case you only loss a 5th round pick. This new regime is smart and creative.

  42. Outsyder, they swapped 5th round picks. This is a good move. If it’s not PLAINLY obvious that Snyder isn’t calling the shots anymore then I don’t know what to tell you. He would have sent a 3rd and a 5th to the Rams for him.
    Bucmadness – You didn’t need those guys, you need OT.

  43. Love ALL the idiots cracking on the Skins for making this deal like it’s similar to acquiring Haynesworth or McNabb. Listen dumbasses, they swapped 5th round picks. I guess reading the details fully is too much to ask you simple minded morons to do before you spew your blind hatred.


  45. Does this free up St Louis to draft either Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy if they feel that Sam Bradford will be too difficult to sign? Or does this just leave an empty spot to fill with the first pick of the Second Round?

  46. This just proves once again that Scott Linehan was THE worst evaluator of talent in NFL history (as well as John Shaw and Jay Zygmunt). Only two of our 2006 and 2007 picks are still with the Rams. All teams should look at this and be warned: never let Linehan be a head coach again.

  47. How can anyone with 1/2 a brain criticize this move. They didn’t give up anything but moving down in the 5th round. And if you are a Redskin fan who has wanted Snyder to change and he did by getthing a GM and new coach, let the new guys make the moves they feel necessary. How can you complain about no change for 10 years then get the change and constantly complain about the moves the new guys make. I have been a die hard Redskin fan all my life and I will support any move the new guys make.

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