Redskins-Eagles, Jets-Patriots highlight Monday night schedule

The ESPN Monday Night Football crew won’t get another chance to broadcast Brett Favre face the Packers, but a revenge game highlights their 17-game slate.

Donovan McNabb and the Redskins will host the Eagles on November 15.  Another big division game on the slate should be the Jets’ trip to Foxborough on December 6. 

Rex Ryan’s crew leads the league in MNF appearances with three.

Noticeably missing in the primetime slate is McNabb’s return to Philadelphia.  That will be on Fox.    The annual Manning-Brady Bowl will also be an afternoon game — on CBS.  We already told you about the opening week Monday night games. Check out the complete of the Monday night schedule after the jump.

Sept. 13: Baltimore Ravens at New York Jets
San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs

Sept. 20:
New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers

Sept. 27:
Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears

Oct. 4:
New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins

Oct. 11:
Minnesota Vikings at New York Jets

Oct. 18:
Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars

Oct. 25:
New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

Nov. 1:
Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts

Nov. 8:
Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals

Nov. 15:
Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins

Nov. 22:
Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers

Nov. 29:
San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals

Dec. 6:
New York Jets at New England Patriots

Dec. 13:
Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans

Dec. 20:
Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings

Dec. 27:
New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons

13 responses to “Redskins-Eagles, Jets-Patriots highlight Monday night schedule

  1. Monday Nights are not Monday Nights anymore.
    Those days are gone.
    Just like Howard Cosell.

  2. Because thay sure as hell don’t want to see Donnie in thwe Dirt get the shit booed out of him in Philly.

  3. MNF in Minnesota Sucks!!! This coming from a Vikings fan. Tailgating is compressed to 4 hours!! This is why we need the stadium like Arizona and Green Bay. Put it in Anoka County where there is nothing out there but plenty of open space to park and party for AS LONG AS YOU WANT before the games!!

  4. “Look at that little monkey run!”
    I miss Howard. That booth could take the most mundane matchup and make it watchable. Now the games must have compelling reasons to watch the teams.
    At least ESPN realizes it. On paper, these games are pretty good.

  5. Hopefully ESPN will wise up and dump the beyond-tired Stank Williams Jr schtick and get something contemporary. Change is good. Screw the teabagging hicks in flyover country and their cotton-eyed joe sister-chasing music.

  6. I agree about the music getting old.
    How about a different band each week highlighting the music of the home team?!
    ( They may have to make the call between the visiting Saints Jazz band vs whatever in Minn.- maybe the perfromer formerly known as Prince?)!

  7. Mondaynight stopped being Mondaynight once it left the network. From Howard to Al, Juice, Dandy Don, Tarkington, and of course the master of the “literally” Gifford. 70’s and 80’s NFL. Turn out the lights…Mondaynights are over.

  8. Why is there anything wrong with skins and eagles on MNF. Storyline is there and you have a divisional game. Say Monday nights are gone but I can remember some great MNF games last year Indy at Miami was great even epic, Pats and Saints was good, and Buffalo and New England was ridiculous and I though Ravens at GB was good too. I understand resentment toward ESPN and I won’t apologize for their announcing or their coverage but gameplay itself was not subpar, the NE and BUF game was one of the best comebacks in a long time and I hate the Pats but I’ll give credit.

  9. I agree about the anti-climactic Monday Night game anymore. Especially since ESPN took it over, it just does not feel the same. I cannot remember the last time I watched a “non-homer” game on Monday night. Madden and Michaels were good, but even then it was missing something. The game is too corporate and no longer has the beer and pizza feel to it.

  10. Yea, I noticed the Sunday night games are usually pretty good matchups. Maybe the league wanted to make the bigger games available to everyone, even the people who dont have cable. People that dont have satelite or cable arent able to watch the ESPN MNF games.

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