Texans get more national exposure

Fantasy football owners have always had a soft spot for Gary Kubiak’s Texans because they always put up yards, if not wins.

Now that the team is finally coming off a winning season, they are getting more respect from the national television networks.

The Texans appear in primetime three times, the most ever for the franchise.  They head to Indianapolis in Week Eight for a Monday night game, play on Thursday night in Week Twelve in Philadelphia, and host the Ravens on Monday night in Week Thirteen. 

Houston hosts the Colts in Week One, which just may be the most meaningful opener in the league.  (We can hear the stories now: Either “More of the same” or “This year will be different!”)

Based on 2009 winning percentage, the Texans have the toughest schedule in the league.  But we’ve seen in past years that number means virtually nothing.  A game that looks tough in April often doesn’t turn out that way by November.

15 responses to “Texans get more national exposure

  1. When will the NFL learn and finally stop putting these pretenders on primetime NONSTOP????! Same with the Niners…its such a joke!

  2. Ahh I’m quite nervous for us. As you mentioned, toughest schedule and we dont do anything in FA. Wait, we added a kicker who may or may not make the roster and a guard in Wade Smith! We come out flat in openers(see last year when the Jets kicked our ass). Storyline for Week 1 as you mentioned: “More of the same, Colts beat Texans”.

  3. Good for them. I’d like to see more of this team. They seem like they’ve been around long enough to merit some sort of love from us.

  4. “Virtually nothing”
    Yeah right. It might not mean as much as people think, it means a lot more than “virtually nothing.”

  5. I am excited about watching the “Texans” ON prime time.
    After 8 years of having a Texan in office, I realized I am not that dumb.
    Texas, please leave the union! Go back to Mexico where you belong.
    We are waiting.

  6. Last year we had the #1 passing offense and ranked#30 rushing. Thursday or Friday that will be fixed. And only 2 maybe 3 holes on D (CB, DT, and S) will be addressed in the draft. This team has been built slowly, but no matter what schedule they give us THIS IS OUR YEAR and we will prove it to anybody that gets in our way.

  7. Some appropo graffiti I saw on the men’s room wall today:
    “Here I sit, butt cheeks a flexin’
    Just gave birth to another Texan”

  8. Keep tellin yourself that Texan boy…its the same song every year with you guys. Peyton and the boys will put you in your place once again, i’m lookin forward to it!!

  9. As much as I love the texans I have to admit it is the same song every year and idk if it will change next year either. Those needs at DT, S, and CB are a big deal. The secondary is the biggest deal and people just run right up the middle on us. I can’t see how we’re suppose to win any games with that kind of combo against the defense. Then you can say what you want but I really think kyle shanny had a big part in the offense being #1 in passing last year. I hope that i’m wrong but I don’t think I am. O and the jets beating the texans 1st game is nothing to frown about, we got beat by the nfl’s best defense in their first game. No game tape nothing and it was still semi close. Not too bad if you ask me

  10. Hey dogsweat, perhaps you should get your head out of your arse and read some real facts. Texas currently has the best economy in the nation and more people moved to Texas in the last 3 years than any other state. So regardless of whatever you think of the Houston Texans football team…our state owns whatever state you call home.

  11. What’s up with all the haters? Talk sh@# about the team all you want, but “Don’t Mess With Texas.” And, don’t blame us for Baby Bush…even after his 1st term disaster, he was re-elected. Stepping away from politics… yes, the Texans have only beaten the Colts one time- but at least our team didn’t spit on history and give up on a perfect season! In case some of you have forgotten, the Texans are an expansion team…unfortunately it normally takes years and years before such a team actually starts playing well on a consistent basis. Finally, I see some Cowgirls fans here… even with all of their talent-they were sitting at home watching the super bowl just like we were.

  12. The Texans have been the predicted team of the year for the past 4 years and lay and egg every year. Now they get 3 primetime games for going 9-7 and having it’s first winning season, wow. Sounds like the league lil’ sweethearts yet once again.

  13. The only game the Texans got owned in last year was the first game with the Jets. Then after a couple more rough games with the RBs running crazy on them they got that tied up and defense on track. Every year they really are getting better, and with either a top CB or RB with the first round pick they will be on their way to being a contender. Bring it on 2010!

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