Titans, Redskins have talked Haynesworth

Titans G.M. Mike Reinfeldt made it clear he couldn’t say Albert Haynesworth’s name Tuesday, but he didn’t squash the potential for a reunion with the former Titans defensive tackle.

“You want me to guarantee we’re going to make a trade before the draft? I
can’t guarantee that,” Reinfeldt said.  “We’ll have a number of
discussions over the next couple of days and we’ll see where it goes.”

Jim Wyatt of the Nashville Tennessean reports the two teams have had discussions. 

So basically Mike Shanahan is full
of it
.  But we knew that. We don’t even hold it against him.

According to Wyatt, “If the Redskins are truly done with Haynesworth, and want to unload him
for cheap, the Titans are ready and willing to take him back in.”

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  1. LMAO. Look at what greed gets you fat Albert. He left Tennessee for the pay check when he should have just taken the home town discount and stayed. Now it looks like he’s on his way back and he’s probably going to take a paycut anyways.

  2. Will be very interesting to see if this works out as the skins travel to tennesse sometime this season.
    Do not give him away for anything less than a 2nd rounder.

  3. but what can the Redskins get in return? i don’t think Haynesworth will be any better then what he was in his last year with the Titans
    if he’s not motivated he won’t want to play
    and he has rubber ankles. he’s never played a full season his whole career.
    a 4th round would be ok, anything higher would be robbery
    Redskins atleast have to correct this huge mistake they made
    how about Kenny Britt and a 4th round pick for Haynesworth straight up

  4. “So basically Mike Shanahan is full of it. But we knew that. We don’t even hold it against him.”
    Where does that report contradict anything that Shanahan said? Did you even read it? This is the first sentence:
    “Titans General Manager Mike Reinfeldt made only one thing clear today regarding a potential trade for Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth — nothing has happened yet.”
    Later in the article it says “We’ll have a number of discussions over the next couple of days and we’ll see where it goes.’’
    At no point does it say that the Redskins called them. Nothing to say that it the Titans aren’t the ones looking for a deal hoping to profit from the divide between Shanahan and Haynesworth. From the article alone it is not even clear that Reinfeldt is referring to discusions with the Redskins, instead of internal discusions with the rest of the front office and coaching staff.
    Shanahan might have lied, but nothing Reinfeldt said justifies the statement you made.

  5. If he ends up with the Titans again, and that is where he wanted to be the whole time, then it is really a genius move on his part. He made over 30 mil guaranteed for a one year hiatus.

  6. it would be nice if the Redskins had grown ups running the team. i have hope that Allen and Shanny will be better than Cerrato/Zorn, but they didn’t win the hearts and minds by signing mcnabb, I’ll tell you that. if they’re smart they’ll get something good for fatass and dump him, or get him motivated to perform, which may be more difficult, I dunno

  7. WarrenMoon…
    You idiot…..a straight up trade is 1 player for another player..
    LOL….Britt and a 4th rounder for Albert straight up……LOL

  8. “and he has rubber ankles. he’s never played a full season his whole career”
    DUDE, Fat Albert doesn’t even play a whole game. He leaves the field to for snack breaks. He lays down on the field on second down costing the team a timeout to get his fat, winded, useless, ass off the field.
    Another huge waste of the money that the fans and sponsors have paid for!

  9. The Redskins can straight up keep em. The lazy fat ass only plays hard in a contract year, he’s all about himself and anti-team.

  10. Precedent might be the Jared Allen trade which was a 1st (17th?) and a 4th. Vike renegotiated Allen’s contract to make him a top paid end. Vike took chance on a player with some baggage with no regrets
    Haynesworth’s existing contract may not have to be renegotiated. Redskin have already overpaid him. So, why shouldn’t trade compensation be 1st round level? Titan looking for a discount because Snyder spoiled him…?

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