Video draft preview, part two

Yesterday, Rosenthal and I talked about a few of the issues relating to the draft.

Today, here are some more.

(OK, we actually taped both of them on Friday.  But they still apply.)

We look at veterans who could be traded, the potential success of the new format, and we make our bold predictions.


5 responses to “Video draft preview, part two

  1. Florio .. You are probably correct in saying “this draft format is going to be a ratings bonanza”, as far as the NFL goes’s Cha-Ching in the wallets.
    but..for the NFL fans , who like to get together and have a draft-party … its a big FU!
    Once again (IMO) .. it’s just another way for the NFL to say ” we welcome the $$$,anyway we can get it .. even if we shizz all over the fanbase.

  2. You lost me at “Jason Campbell is a good starting quarterback.” I believe he can be, but he certainly wasn’t last year.
    I’ve been watching the Magic a lot this season and the Nuggets and Suns games had wild finishes the last couple of nights, not to mention the great Washington Capitals vs. Montreal Canadiens series in the NHL. I like the NFL most but I will be tracking it online until it gets close to my team’s pick or one of my friend’s team’s picks and watching live sports.

  3. Mike,
    No one is going to give the Raiders anything close to a draft pick for Jamarcus Russell.
    The Raiders would be lucky to get a burger and a soda off McDonalds dollar menu for him.
    Speaking as a Pats fan , I think they should give JM another season to start.

  4. The Raider should trade a 3rd or 4th for him, they would be a much better team with a better QB.

  5. I feel bad for people who closely follow other sports. I mean really…..go outside. ‘Nuff said.
    ‘Nuff said once again.

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