Bills say no to Roethlisberger too

The Bills have joined the St. Louis Rams in saying no to a possible trade for Ben Roethlisberger, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The Steelers have reportedly contacted the Rams, 49ers,
Raiders, Bills, Jaguars, Seahawks and Browns about Roethlisberger.  Other teams may have said no, but it’s uncertain what teams.

Most noteworthy on this list: The Steelers would consider trading Roethlisberger inside the division.  That seems far-fetched, but the fact the call was made says everything you need to know about how the Steelers feel about Roethlisberger right now.

94 responses to “Bills say no to Roethlisberger too

  1. yeah. that might actually lead them to winning a few games. they wouldnt want to do that. face it bills fans, the best chance you have of seeing buffalo win a SB passed you when they went 0-4.

  2. This just in…
    The Arena Football League Says “NO” to Ben Roethlisberger too……
    P.S. Canada doesn’t want him either….

  3. The Bills said no to Roethlisberger, but apparently he has shown up at their practice, ran onto the field, and forced his way into the huddle. He won’t give up the football. This is awful. The players are trying to reason with him…

  4. No way they would trade him to the Browns. The Browns would have done the deal already anyhow so we know that one is false.

  5. I’m a huge Browns fan and I’ve hated Big Ben for years. He’s a disgusting, shameful human being. But if he was on the Browns and took us to the Super Bowl, I’d cheer for him like he was one of our own.
    If Osama Bin Laden could win us the Super Bowl, we’d probably cheer for him. He has the height.

  6. The only team left that I could really see going for him is Oakland. I’m sure Al loves the big arm and the Raiders don’t tend to be bothered by pesky character concerns. I figured the Bills would go for him, but if they are saying no, I don’t really see anybody else. My guess is that the Steelers want to trade him on draft day but will wait til the last minute to see if Clausen is available at the pick they get for him.

  7. buffalo: u are dumb. get him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There has not been a franchise qb there since kelly, bledsoe had a couple good years, even flutie lol. But seriously get him. Clausen is not the answer. but i guess the better idea would be to go 0-16 and get jake locker next year

  8. LOL..Big Ben in cleveland would be hilarious…exactly what those idiots in cleveland deserve.

  9. This douche bag has at least a four game suspension, possibly 6, looming over him as baggage. If the steelers want to get rid of him, I think that they are going to have to accept a lot less than a top 15 pick.

  10. This is just a charade, Rosenthal. If the Steelers cared about the actions of their players, they’d have gotten rid of James Harrison when he (allegedly?) beat his girlfriend. They’d have gotten rid of Big Ben the first time he (allegedly?) sexually assaulted a girl.
    Stop carrying their water. He’s not on the trade block. They just want him to think he is. Otherwise they’d have done a deal without the word getting out. The word is out because they put it out.
    And why does “inside the division” matter? Without a Dick LeBeau led defense and a HoFer Hines Ward, he’d have zero rings. The Browns don’t have HoFers, and they damn sure don’t have Dick LeBeau.

  11. This Dont Mean S**t!
    Just Because A Team Says No Doesnt Mean They Wont Get That Player Anyways!
    My Dolphins Said They Wouldnt Trade For Marshall And They Did Anyways! Teams Change Their Mind All The Time!

  12. I can’t imagine the Steelers would EVER consider trading Big Ben to a team inside the division, let alone the Browns.

  13. Good for the Bills. I’d rather go 3-13 (which we will) than have that rapist on our team. I feel bad for Steelers fans…

  14. Are there any reports corroborating Schefter’s tweet that the Steelers called those teams. I’ve heard conflicting reports that the Steelers have fielded calls from those teams, not initiated.
    Any chance PFT does some actual reporting, rather than merely reporting on tweets from Schefter?

  15. Jacksonville seems very logical, if Ben was there and Tebow they would have no problem selling out games

  16. Browns will trade one of our 5ths for him. We’ll let him run the practice squad….Shaun Rogers is hungry.

  17. Why is Ed Bouchette saying the Steelers are NOT actively trying to trade Roethlisberger and teams are coming out of the woodworks trying to cherry-pick, trying to get a great talent for little in compensation? “Teams are calling the Steelers, they are not shopping him around.”

  18. Yeah right. Do you realize how long it took Boston to overcome the curse of the Babe after they traded Ruth to the Yankees? They still have to see therapists about it. But sure, the Steelers are going to trade Roethlisberger to the Browns.
    This is all a big charade. If they were going to trade Roethlisberger it would have been done before the schedule was released and the Steelers got 5 primetime games.

  19. The Raiders do travel to Pitt in Nov. Ben should be starting by then on either team.
    what happens when we give up our 1st for ben and Gradkowski is winning? oops =o

  20. but the “fact” that the call was made says everything you need to know blah blah blah.
    FACT! What fact?
    It’s hearsay that the call was made.

  21. You don’t really expect the Raiders to either confirm or deny interest do you? PFT is still waiting for them to confirm that Cable will be the head coach next year.
    Remember, the Raiders don’t talk to the media or let their business outside of 1220 Harbour Bay Pkwy. Anything you hear is pure speculation.

  22. If the Seattle home office even accepted a phone call from the Steelers then the Hawks fans would burn their new coach and new GM at the stake!
    I’ve got a lighter…

  23. Just a hunch…Redskins trade McNabb and a draft pick for Rapistberger. Someone is going to take the scumbag and the Steelers are obviously done with him.

  24. I am really glad that the bills are not interested in Ben R. I realize that he would be a difference maker on the field, but if the Bills were to trade for him I think we are sending are community the wrong message. We don’t want someone who abuses women to finally bring us a championship. I’d rather go 3-13 this year with a clear conscience and not have to explain to the kids I teach why the Bills want a dirt ball on their team. Those two superbowls that the steelers won are now tainted because of Ben, and I feel bad for the Steelers fans because they are decent fans who have always been respectful at Bills games. I think Ben should probably be in jail or at least in a rehab facility for alcohol. Alcohol no doubt played a huge role in this idiot’s decision making, but it does not excuse his frat boy rapist actions.

  25. Hysterical. that classless organization is going to be stuck with a rapist as the face of the organization. thats KARMA for you. maybe if they had the guts to discipline the rapist instead of sitting back and waiting for the league to step in. what a bunch of hypocrites.

  26. If the Bills were smart, they’d offer their #9 pick this year and a 3rd rounder next year, which could become a 2nd rounder if Roethlisberger is able to get his suspension reduced to from 6 games to 4 and if he doesn’t get into ANY more trouble in 2010.

  27. @ robert ethan
    “The Bills said no to Roethlisberger, but apparently he has shown up at their practice, ran onto the field, and forced his way into the huddle. He won’t give up the football. This is awful. The players are trying to reason with him…”
    Best comment on this blog in a long time …

  28. I don’t think the Raiders will trade for him because Al Davis doesn’t like to pay players who won’t be able to play. It is why historically the Raiders very rarely draft a MLB in the first round (because in some situations they have to come off the field). I don’t see Al paying all that $$ to Ben if he can’t even play for the first 6 games.

  29. You’re the moron, coz.
    This is one of the best decisions this team has made in a long time.

  30. Man, Deb and Steeler-lady are MIA. LOL LOL LOL. That’s Steelers shop his butt around and DUMP him!
    He can’t even participate in training now. Banned from the facilities until his counseling is completed. He needs a lobotomy! Oh wait, castration would be better.

  31. The Bills said No to Ben, and then he got them drunk and raped them……
    Oakland is a great place to play Benjamin, just ask Richard Seymour.

  32. Rapistberger doesnt take “NO” for an answer!! he’s packed and on his way to Buffalo!!!

  33. The Bills said “No”, but Roethlisberger said “It’s OK”, and trapped Buddy Nix in the bathroom, held Buddy Nix down, declared himself to be a Buffalo Bill, and then left the Bills facility.

  34. I’d love to see the Bengals trade a 6th round pick for him…and then promptly cut him. That would be soooooooo worth it.

  35. Ravens634 says:
    April 21, 2010 2:55 PM
    LOL..Big Ben in cleveland would be hilarious…exactly what those idiots in cleveland deserve.
    I find it comical at how Ravens fans have been all over Ben during this fiasco. What about that plank in your eye Ravens634???
    Did you so easily forget that you have a murdered playing LB for you?

  36. Pittsburgh will end up giving him away on draft daft day for a bag of skittles and a six pack of Iron City beer.

  37. I hate this guy but i could see, the seahawks and the niners have 2 first rounders, so both their first rounders for roethlisberger and the steelers 1st rounder. everyone makes out the hawks or the niners get their franchise QB and keep one first rounder and the steelers get two first rounders to use one to pick their next franchise QB

  38. Bob Nelson says: March 26, 2010 2:51 PM
    Any NFL player using marijuana should have an immediate 1 year suspension. Anyone caught a second time should be banned from the NFL for life.
    The horrible evils done to society by marijuana druggies is astronomical. All those dopers belong in prison for many years. If we had beheadings like arabic countries for marijuana trafficking, we would have a much better society
    RebaT. says: April 21, 2010 3:28 PM
    ……..He needs a lobotomy! Oh wait, castration would be better.

  39. the steeler* super bowls arent tainted b/c their qb is a rapist, its b/c the league cheated to help them win in the 2 worst officiated games in super bowl history.

  40. of course if the Seahawks took a call on this guy the fans would probably burn qwest down and stone pete carrol and john schneider to death

  41. funny they arent interested, especially considering Doug Keeney is Asst GM there and came from Steelers, I wonder what he knows that we don’t

  42. Buffalo’s the perfect destination for Ben.
    The girls are ugly, no matter how tanked you are…it’d be like castrating the guy

  43. shanehawks? say it ain’t so! with hawks in your screen name i take it that you are a seahawks fan yet you speak of Ben as if you want him for your teams QB… if you like the Seahawks you should (IMO) hate worthlessberger. and if you somehow DO think he is a good QB in his own right why would a Seahawks fan want him on the 49ers? i’m all for a challenging game but this makes no sense.
    i agree with bunker here
    # bunker says: April 21, 2010 3:32 PM
    I’d love to see the Bengals trade a 6th round pick for him…and then promptly cut him. That would be soooooooo worth it.

  44. LOL…….I laughed sooo Hard i almost Fell of my Chair… God the Raiders need help bad…….


  46. dolphinfiegl99 says:
    April 21, 2010 2:57 PM
    This Dont Mean S**t!
    Just Because A Team Says No Doesnt Mean They Wont Get That Player Anyways!
    My Dolphins Said They Wouldnt Trade For Marshall And They Did Anyways! Teams Change Their Mind All The Time!
    Whats with all the capitalization? Is that a title or something? Just curious, not trying to be an ass.

  47. Seems a bit much to call a guy a rapist who’s never been convicted of rape. From what I remember, the first case involved a woman who filed a civil suit a year after the alleged event. This time, the DA decides he doesn’t have enough evidence to charge him. Am I missing something here? He might be guilty of questionable behavior, but as of now, he’s not guilty of anything else. Seems a bit unbelievable that he’s been suspended for 6 games and is now being run out of Pitt. And I’m not a Steelers fan, by the way, nor am I Big Ben or his mom. From what I gather, everyone inside the league must ASSUME he was guilty of raping this girl. Can someone just come out and say it if that’s the case? Otherwise how did he get 6 games?? Please explain this to me.

  48. If rather than trading Roethlisberger, the Steelers offered to pay the Bills to take him, it would still be a terrible deal for the Bills. Despite a decade of no playoffs, the 6 – 10 Bills sold out every game last year. The prior year with a 7 – 9 record they sold out most of their games. If they put Roethlisberger on the team, they might make the playoffs, but the stands would be at least half empty. Unlike Lynch who was convicted of one misdemeanor, for having an unloaded gun in his vehicle, innocent Ben has gained a reputation as an abuser of women and this is something that the majority of Bills fans will never accept.

  49. Wait…Is Osama Bin Laden really available? I heard that dude has an arm. And I bet he would sign a team friendly contract; hes already rich…
    Get it on it Ralph!

  50. franchise superbowl winning QB with 6yrs left on his contract . 8th pick a 2rd and a 4th next year would get this deal done.” just trade for him baby”

  51. It’s more than obvious that the man can play. It’s also more than obvious that Buffalo needs a QB. I’m not sure when Buffalo became a “holier than now” type of organization – with Lynch’s issues and all. That being said, I’m confused as to why Buffalo would be so quick to dismiss the notion of Ben Roethlisberger donning a Bills uniform.

  52. I hope none of you perfect people ever get into trouble….or even accused of doing something illegal or of being a racist or of bad character. Karma is a great thing. Get a life! Jealousy and envy are terrible things.

  53. sportsguy49…..
    well put. i look at a moron like casper67 who obviously has no clue and seems to revel in other people’s misery yet he claims to be looking out for kids and is all about honor and class. he then posts inane, petty comments that are so off base it brings one to wonder if he should really be cutting the pills in half.
    Casper67….if you want to be a class act follow soccer. if it wasn’t for this topic you wouldn’t have anything to even talk about as a Bills fan. Were you talking to your kids about that class act T.O.?
    tell me thqt you are kidding about having kids….frightening. a new feeder system for the psychotherapy industry.

  54. Ben not being good enough to play for the Shithawks….whatta laugh.
    Obviously still bitter about SuperBowl XL.
    Just a comment>>>>the CFL is a league, not a team and one cannot be traded to it by another league. Are there any blogs where actual football fans talk football? This is like a promo for “15 year old twats gone wild”

  55. Hopefully the Steelers cut him, I doubt any teams want a rapist as their QB. He is a dark spot to the league and any team that signs him.

  56. Anyone who compares Big Ben’s sexual assault of multiple women to Lynch’s problems of having a drunk person run into his SUV or posessing an unloaded gun in is vehicle or T.O.’s antics is a ri-tard.

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