Eric Berry holds a grudge against Deion Sanders

Likely top ten pick Eric Berry is the first defensive back in a long time who doesn’t look up to Deion Sanders.  In fact, Berry doesn’t seem to like him at all.

Berry says Sanders declined to give him an autograph when Berry was in high school.  That’s changed how the Tennessee safety approaches others.

“I just try to make sure that if someone comes up to me, whether it’s
for an autograph or a handshake — because I’ve been shot down before
like I told you — I don’t want nobody to feel like that,” Berry said, according to

Berry holds a grudge to this day, and wasn’t interested in speaking to Sanders at a NFL “Play 60” event held Wednesday. 

Something tells us PFT Planet member Rich Eisen will squash this on-air during the week.

104 responses to “Eric Berry holds a grudge against Deion Sanders

  1. I wouldn’t want to talk to Sanders either. He’s a real piece of S***. Remember “Primetime”. He was cocky, into the women and a loser. I don’t like the guy even though he claims he’s a born again christian. He’s born again my a**

  2. Yeah, all those fat 55 year olds in Bermudas cadging autographs for the memorabelia they sell on Ebay to make their living.

  3. One thing il always rember is Terrell suggs being an @$$ to me when i was 12, (im 15) and everyone says he a great guy

  4. Deion Sanders wishes he could hit as hard a EB. I think he’s probably defensive rooke of the year in 2010.

  5. Hey sexy Florio, just watchin you on NFL network top ten undrafted players, ur a top ten player in my eye, if you know what I mean, wink wink

  6. Way to go Eric. That’s BS on Deion’s part. Just shows how big of an impression something like this can make on someone, and how much it can mean to a young guy.
    Shame on you Deion.

  7. Good for him. Deion Sanders is a punk and always has been a punk. I’m glad Berry called him out for it.

  8. Good for Berry.
    He can respect what Dieon’s done on the field but that doesn’t mean he has to like him as a person.

  9. Go Eric Berry! Every fan in the USA who has ever been mistreated by someone famous wish he had the opportunity to do what your doing.

  10. I dont blame him.
    Deion is a douche.
    Good for you Berry. Glad to see that the some of these kids coming out now have learned how not to act from past players.

  11. That is awesome! I respect him a little bit more now. Every adult still has that time in the back of their mind when something like that happened to them…good for him.

  12. Just goes to show that a negative can be turned into a positive. Good for Eric – may he outshine Sanders on and off the field.

  13. thats cool i like to see im not the only one who thinks “primetime” is a douchebag

  14. I always kind of liked Deion, despite his cockiness. I don’t know that this makes me like him less, but it makes me like Barry more. I’d be proud to have him on the Browns. That kind of attitude would be much appreciated around here.

  15. I think this is a bit petty to hold a grudge for this long, when you were a high schooler getting denied the autograph (as opposed to a little kid getting dissed). I think it is more understandable for a little kid and their parents to stay angry about this sort of thing, even though I am of the belief that it should not matter if a celebrity signs or denies an autograph.
    On the other hand, I have to give respect to Eric Berry to use this sort of thing that did always stick with him, as a standard he has set for himself. I think it shows that he does have ethical expectations and guidelines for how to conduct himself, and that is a very good start for a young person starting a new career, whether it be sports or otherwise.

  16. Hey Eric,
    Deion was still basting coke when you were in high school! Hell, he probably doesn’t even remember seeing you!

  17. i think alot of people dont like sanders they just wont say it.Congrats to u berry last year rey maulauga had to be forced off field from signing autographs at training camp wish more athletes did this for kids.Cause we all know most adults just resale them.

  18. Deion’s good deeds are tainted by his eccentricities, I’ve just never been much of a fan. I like how Berry has the stones to say what he thinks of Deion publicly and sticks to it.

  19. Ha Ha! Yes! Neon Deion can suck it. This kid is going to be something special on and off the field. Hope he goes to the Chiefs at #5.

  20. I heard Eric Berry on Sirius radio, he sounds like a really nice guy. I don’t like Deion Sanders as well and i glad that he is not following behind his foot steps. I wish the Philadelphia eagles will move up and get Eric Berry but its going to be a lot of draft picks to do that. We need a corner first, then safety, then a good and fast defensive end.

  21. As a “Non Deon” fan…I like that Berry goes out of his way to sign. He is a Bad Ass and I can only hope the Skins make the pick at 4 for him…It is a two’fr…We take EB and put him at FS and Landry back to SS. Then we sign Flozell.

  22. And because of his dislike for Deon Peon he got to play his entire college career.. Calling Mr. Bryant,Dez Bryant!

  23. Way to go Eric! Deion refused me as well, when I was a college kid, even though no one was around at the airport in Tallahassee. I have never forgotten that.

  24. Hate how D.Sanders bashes alot of teams on NFL Network during game recaps. Especially the Raiders, Browns, Lions, Redskins, Rams.. and Nobody ever say anything bad about his Cowboys and Roy Williams.

  25. Deion just wants to try to take the great college DB’s and take them under his wing so he can make it look like he had something to do with their success. He went to FSU and instead of trying to mentor players from his own school, he goes and mentors players like Devin Hester who went to the school of their biggest rival. What a punk!!

  26. I have respect for Eric Berry. I like people with values and who remember where they came from.

  27. Deon Sanders was and remains a over-hyped player, far beyond his accomplishments. I remember his fear to come up and play the run game. Others had cover that job for him. Lame.
    While I find him semi-entertaining, any time he and Michael Irvin are on together, I automatically switch the channel now. BAD.

  28. We’ll see how Berry feels about it after the first million or so pictures/autographs he’s asked for while he’s out on a date.

  29. There ought to be a question on the wonderlic about whether or not the player admired Deion, it says a lot about their character. In this case, Eric Berry couldn’t be more accurate and spot on.

  30. As long as Berry doesnt become a Cowboy Deion wont be forced to not just give Berry his Autograph but a Christian Huggg

  31. Haha. It’s cause it’s mostly white people posting in here. I used to own a sneaker store and everytime new Deions came out, we’d sell out in a weekend. Brothers loved him. And the girls all bought the kids sizes. Hilarious.

  32. I remember after a workout in about a million degree weather Kevin Curtis and Hank Baskett of the Eagles signed autographs for whoever wanted them. I think all players should remember who pays their salary and should be willing to give up a couple minutes of their day to the fans.

  33. I like Berry even more. Sanders is the single most useless former player turned analyst on TV.
    He is reason they put a mute button on the remote.

  34. we white people hate confident black guys.
    prime time was one of the best corners in the league ever.
    we like tim teabow he charges $160 for his hancock.

  35. “Haha. It’s cause it’s mostly white people posting in here. I used to own a sneaker store and everytime new Deions came out, we’d sell out in a weekend. Brothers loved him. And the girls all bought the kids sizes. Hilarious.”
    You could’ve just saved time and said, “White people be like THIS, and bruthas be like THAT.”

  36. anyone who says deion was overrated is an idiot…a threat to go to the house anytime he touched the ball. shut down sides of the field not just receivers…the cowboys signed him to get him away from SF so irvin could catch passes again. result cowboys win the SB. He made Atlanta relevant way before Vick arrived.
    he made playing corner a “primetime” position…how many corners wear the same facemask he did? because they wanted to look like deion…before him corners were wearing full cage facemasks (lester hayes, hanford dixon, ronny lott, mel blount) how many wear 21 now because of him? first ballot hall of famer period…the only other in his class and arguably better was rod woodson (tackling ability)
    you may not like him but give him the credit he is due…

  37. Back when Deion played for the 49ers (1995) I was 12 years old. I waited outside of “Groove Time Records” in San Bernardino for 3 hours waiting for him. He was supposed to be signing autographs.
    He got there late, then everyone was told he would only sign his crappy CD, and then about a half hour later he just left. What a d***. Haven’t liked the guy since.

  38. That mexi a hole cop from chips did the same thing to george lopez lolz and that guy is 45 now and still isnt over it.

  39. If your name was Erica, Dieon would have nailed you! Sanders is an overrated piece of crap and can’t wait for him to get busted!

  40. Just more proof Eric Berry is one of the smartest players in this draft. Deion is a cancer to these young guys, yet they keep lining up to have him in their corner. Glad to see Berry is staying away from bad influences. Now if he can just stay off some of these terrible teams and slide a bit. It would be such a shame to see him waste his talent on the Bucs for years.

  41. @ marley66
    “Haha” is “cause it’s mostly white people posting in here.” ? Females having smaller feet than males is hilarious? You have an unusual sense of humor. I have to admit, though, I do find some white people to be funny. I think Lewis Black is funny. I think Rodney Dangerfield was really funny. Richard Nixon…not so much. As far as small feet being funny, maybe a size three on Flozell Adams. Other than that… not so much.

  42. @Marley66
    I’m white, I like Deion.
    “QB or not QB says:
    April 21, 2010 8:21 PM
    Deion Sanders wishes he could hit as hard a EB

    Deion couldn’t care less about that. In fact I can guarantee Eric Berry wishes to have something close to as acclaimed and accomplished of a career as Deion had.

  43. Im saying haha, because everyone’s ragging on Deion in here, Im assuming to be mostly white people, so we’re getting a slanted point of view. I mentioned the females buying the kids sizes up because they liked Deion as well, they just didn’t make a female version.
    Understand now?

  44. Did Deion bang some of your wives? How is this a positive for Berry? He holds onto something for 6-7 years and he should be applauded for it? What is he going to do when he gets beat for a touchdown, stew over it for the rest of the game? This is more making news out of nothing. Deion is still the best cornerback to play the game no matter how much some people hate.

  45. Eric Berry is ok in my book. Hell the Skins need to trade LaRon Landry away and draft this kid with the 4th pick.

  46. “tientzu says:
    April 21, 2010 9:38 PM
    anyone who says deion was overrated is an idiot…a threat to go to the house anytime he touched the ball. shut down sides of the field not just receivers…the cowboys signed him to get him away from SF so irvin could catch passes again

    Irvin had 12 catches for 192 yards and 2 TDs in that ’94 NFC title game, but why be accurate right? I mean you’re only trying to make a point after all.
    Besides that glaring mistake I absolutely agree with you about the morons who say Deion is/was overrated. I especially love when they bring up tackling like any team that signed him actually paid him to make plays in the running game. I forgot his contemporaries; Eric Allen, Aneas Williams, Rod Woodson and Darrel Green were such feared hitters too.
    Deion is the best cover corner/shut down corner ever, possibly one of the best returns guys ever and had he played offense full time he could have been a HOF wide out. Deion is a top 10 player all time regardless of position.

  47. Deon was exciting to watch on the field, but overall a d-bag, bitch off the field – Though the sweet ass jerri curl gave him major style points. All I know is it feels like christmas eve tonight! Santa better bring Berry to my Browns at #7!

  48. with a head like he has Deon should thank god every day he was a pro athlete and one that played wearing a helmet

  49. WetHog,
    Why would the Redskins trade Laron Landry to draft him? Laron Landry is a strong safety not a free safety dude. Or atleast thats what he was drafted to play.

  50. Eric Berry never did anything, he hasnt even stepped foot on the fottball field, chances are with that slow ass 4.5 speed , he wont do nothing and be another MIKE RUMPH, Michael Huff another garbage safety. Hes ALL HYPE. DEION the LEGEND GOT @ 2 SUPERBOWLS.

  51. No sht GoBrowns19. I want a guy who holds a grudge and hates Deion. Hell, I am that guy. Give me & the Browns Eric Berry NOW! You owe us, world!

  52. I think the Chiefs are interested in Earl Thomas too, I wouldn’t be surprised if Berry was around at 7. Hopefully, the Jets do something to trade up and get one of these two guys. Safety is the only position on that defense they really need. You look at the perennial top two of three or four defenses each year, Pittsburgh and Baltimore, each of them have elite play at the safety position with Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed. The Jets need that.

  53. Deion is still the best cornerback to play the game no matter how much some people hate.
    Eric Berry…outstanding! Sanders may have been the best CB, but he runs his stupid mouth, and shouldve been scolded for tampering. Good for Berry…it has NOTHING to do with “stewing”. its valid. ….

  54. Maybe this’ll teach athletes to always treat their fans right, because they WILL remember, and one day, it could come back to bite ’em.

  55. Deion is racist. I saw him play the jets during his rookie year and asked him for an autograpy. He said “I dont sign for white boys”, then laughed like it was a joke. I called him a D-bag and moved on…..always a douche

  56. Your Stock in Philly has risen Mr Berry!!!! I hope I can say Welcome to Philadelphia later on tonight!

  57. white caveman says:
    we like tim teabow he charges $160 for his hancock.
    Who said we like Tim Tebow?????
    Tebow is a Douche!

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