Falcons may have payback on mind for Vick game

Combing through the NFL schedule release articles this morning for our latest one-liners, I noticed this interesting note from ESPN’s Pat Yasinskas.

He writes that the Falcons may see their October 17 game in Philadelphia as a revenge game
Apparently Atlanta felt like the Eagles made a point to showcase Michael Vick against his former team.

“The Atlanta
brass was too classy to publicly complain about it. But there were
plenty of people within the organization who were furious with
Philadelphia coach Andy Reid,” Yasinskas wrote.

The Eagles won that game 34-7, with Vick scoring his first two touchdowns since he was released from prison.  Atlanta should have a better chance at keeping this one close if Matt Ryan and Michael Turner are available this time around.

57 responses to “Falcons may have payback on mind for Vick game

  1. This is stupid. If a team has to have something like this to get up for a game then there is something wrong with the team. People with multi-million dollar contracts shouldn’t need a reason to get up for a game.

  2. Yea it was bush league. Vick doesn’t play all year and Reid makes sure to put him in when the Falcons are at home and some of the crowd (who are dumb) are chanting “we want Vick”? Garbage.

  3. The “too classy” bunch that eabled him to run a dog fighting ring by not making him account like other players.
    give me a break.

  4. Hopefully atlanta ends the dog killer’s career. As for reid, he’s one of the biggest a–holes in the NFL, this is par for the course.

  5. Please, Atlanta brass to classy to publicly complain. No, act like little school girls and say it to someone else so they can say it for you, now that’s class.

  6. how can you complain about getting shown up by someone who was a free agent. If you did’t want him to embarrass your defense you shoulda picked him up for your offense.
    And if Turner is back, i think he’ll run all over our D anyway . So then will we get a post that whines about them ‘showcasing’ Turner? GET REAL, its the NFL you got beat, there’s 15 other games to bitch about

  7. so the brass in ATL were furious because Reid let Vick have more snaps?
    Gregg stop pulling stories from out of your ass

  8. How does that sound, that one brass unit is upset at another brass unit because they put in a player that the other brass cut?
    If you didn’t like what the Eagles did – you should have played like men and not chumps.
    The only thing the Falcons brass is mad about is that the player they cut, came back and in their house they had to listen to:
    They wanted the new face of franchise – now deal with it…………. ha ha ha
    Andy Reid did what the Falcons never did – show that he is behind his players and appreciation for what he had.
    The only payback that will happen in this game, will be when Vick will be starting and playing the whole game and put up 4 touchdowns this time around.
    If you get blown out 34-7 at home, you can expect a 40 spot this time around.
    Maybe this time around, Matt “CHOKE” Ryan won’t fake injury and play against Vick like a man and not an ailing woman…………..
    ha ha ha

  9. What is there to complain about? Play better defense and those touchdowns would not have happen, regardless who scored them! Payback? really?

  10. What reason would they have to be “furious” with Andy Reid? For Andy playing a QB on his own team – in the manner in which he acquired him in the first place – for the wildcat??
    “Andy played Michael Vick more than usual, and we are so mad about that!!”
    This sounds like an absolutely ridiculous reason for the Falcons to seek revenge.
    Although I don’t like Vick, and I’d prefer he wasn’t on the Eagles, I don’t see any legitimate reason whatsoever for the Falcons to be furious other than the fact that they lost that day. But they lost without they’re starting QB, so its not like it was a significant drubbing.

  11. And wait a minute, are they complaining about playing the back-up QB too much in a blowout? Seems most coaches get killed for leaving the starters in the game.

  12. “The Atlanta brass was too classy to publicly complain about it. But there were plenty of people within the organization who were furious with Philadelphia coach Andy Reid,” Yasinskas wrote.
    So they are pissed because they used Vick? What do they expect the Eagles to do? Play nice?

  13. birdmancometh says:
    April 21, 2010 10:45 AM
    They should have stopped him from scoring…
    THIS +1
    don’t like it — get better

  14. Nobody cares about a bunch of whiners who bitch about not being able to stop a third string quarterback. Put on your big boy pants and play some defense you bunch of pussies.

  15. You have got to be Kidding me! What should Reid have done kept him on the bench so as not to offend the Falcon Brass? WAAAAAAA–WAAAAA, Grow the F— up! If you were Embarassed maybe next time stop him from scoring then you would fell better.
    I am not a M. Vick fan at all but child please , get over it.

  16. Um, guys – Atlanta’s biggest (silent) gripe wasn’t Vick’s playing time. It was that Reid made Vick a captain that day, and had him lead the team on the field.
    Basically, it was a large middle finger at Arthur Blank, a guy who’d lost millions upon millions of dollars due to this scummy, dog-killing guy. And Andy Reid walks into the Georgia Dome and gives him a hero’s treatment. I certainly would have taken it personally.

  17. if they need that to get up for the eagles game then they don’t belong in pro footfball. you guy’s in the media are really grasping at straws, you must really need something to write about. this was a real b.s. story

  18. I was at the game…
    Not a fan of either team…
    It was disgraceful to hear the home fans chanting for a player on the other team.
    The chanting was by most of the black people in the crowd, some of whom argued that Vick is a better QB than Ryan.
    Just sayin’…..

  19. fuhgyou says:
    April 21, 2010 10:47 AM
    The whole Falcon crowd was chanting to see Vick
    Lowest IQ of any fan segment in the NFL…the “VICK ONLY” Falcon fans. I bet the Falcons losing most of those troglodyte ahole fans was more than great compensation for having to put up with them for just one game against the Eagles.

  20. What a classy organization to refer to themselves as classy through someone else. Are you sure you guys don’t want to trade for Ladanian?

  21. @adameagle 5, ding ding ding, you win today’s prize. I am laughing my ass off. That is awesome!!!!

  22. If I am not mistaking, it was the only sellout the Falcons had last year, or at least the hardest ticket to get. So Arthur should be thanking Andy for the addtional revenue.

  23. Boo Hoo
    we were the only ones that couldn’t stop Vick all year and that mean Mr.Reid kept using him!

  24. Thats funny. Too bad the Falcons stink, otherwise they may have been able to get back at the big bully.

  25. Maybe they should be furious because they played like garbage and showed that they have no depth whatsoever.

  26. Considering that this is a city (and a fan base) that boos Santa Claus, showcasing the dog killer isn’t exactly unheard-of behavior when it comes to dick moves. I’m just amazed they didn’t hold a “Junior Eagles Let’s Pull The Wings Off Flies” event at halftime of that game.

  27. What the Falcons should be embarrass about:
    – Spent 72 million on a bust
    – Franchise qb threw 18 picks in last 16 games
    – Franchise qb has ZERO pro bowls
    – Franchise qb has ZERO playoff wins
    – No playoff wins since 2004
    – No championship games since 2004
    – No division titles since 2004
    If anyone is classless, it’s the Falcons brass not meeting their requirements to the fans that spend all their hard earned money in bringing results.
    They didn’t want Vick, yet they haven’t done anything without him.
    Now that’s CLASSLESS.

  28. Funny how the 0-3gles are in the felon rehab program, maybe they should have put more focus on beating the Cowboys or winning a playoff game.

  29. Most people need to re-visit how this game played out. Vick was in when it was still being decided. He actually could not play during the blow-out portion because Vick got hurt (or according to some smuck above faked being hurt like Ryan)
    It was the first game (was it also the only?) where Vick was prepared and scheduled for significant snaps.
    It also played out where Vick was put in when the Eagles were in a position to score more often then he had in prior games.
    So there was specific game planning for Vick because it was the Falcons. Would they had done this if the Falcons were at full strength?
    Its probably childish on both teams parts. The Eagles for doing it, the Falcons for complaining about it and not stopping.

  30. They’d be right to feel some revenge is in order.
    I am an Eagle fan, but that had to be the most classless thing I have ever seen a Philadelphia franchise do. I was embarrassed to be an Eagle fan for that half of football.
    Seriously, it was worse than the Phillies fan puking on the family of three.

  31. you play to win the game. just because a team is up 21-0 doesn’t mean they should not attempt to score a TD in every game.
    i love how everyone in the country loves to find reasons to hate on the eagles.
    the falcon fans, coaches and players should be mad at themselves for letting the eagles score 34 points and not getting a TD until the last minute of the game.

  32. I live for Sunday and the Philadelphia Eagles. Alway have and always will. Guess what Eagle haters. We hate you MORE than you hate us.

  33. Keith Brooking called and told the Eagles that they are classless for playing Vick against the Falcons…….Now that would have been a more believable story!

  34. 60eagles says:
    April 21, 2010 2:47 PM
    I live for Sunday and the Philadelphia Eagles. Alway have and always will. Guess what Eagle haters. We hate you MORE than you hate us.
    In fact as an Eagles fan, We LOVE the Fact that you HATE us. because we frankly, DONT CARE.

  35. This is what they were mad at…The eagles have Vick leading out the team onto the field like a highschool cheerleader..picking his jersey and pounding his chest yelling “this is my house”
    then taking the cointoss as a captain-the only time all year…and airing out a 55 yard bomb on first down up 20 with 7 minutes left in the 4th quarter…I had no idea that a third string QB possessed such great leadership skills that the team regards him captain material..or maybe Reid felt he had lots of practise with coin flips to determine who was the pitcher and who was the catcher in the prison showers.

  36. @BlondBlueDevils
    If anyone is classless, it’s the Falcons brass not meeting their requirements to the fans that spend all their hard earned money in bringing results.
    They didn’t want Vick, yet they haven’t done anything without him.
    Now that’s CLASSLESS.
    No your post is classless & as always, slanted & uninformed:
    NO division titles since 04?
    MV’s record in 2005 was 8-7
    MV’s record in 2006 was 7-9
    No playoffs either year with your hero @ QB.
    Lets get deeper into it:
    Your hero took them to the playoffs twice in SIX seasons – Matt Ryan has been the 2 seasons, per your reasoning (if that’s what you call it), he gets 4 more seasons to see what he’s got to average MV’s playoff career.
    MV’s playoff record:
    2002 1-1
    2004 1-1
    Ryan has thrown for 22 TD’s in 2009 as a Pro.
    MV NEVER threw 22 TD’s in a season & he had SIX seasons to do so.
    CLASSLESS?? They treated him like royalty, they looked the other way too many times to count, they gave him the biggest contract of all time. To thank the Falcons, MV LIED to the owner – he tortured sick animals for kicks & lied about it – he failed drug tests, he used fake names & infected unknowing women with VD (so classless was MV, he knew he had VD & didn’t have the common courtesy to wear a condom to protect the female), shall I go on about CLASSLESS?? This was a franchise that paid him record dollars & he DISAPPOINTED him with his CLASSLESS behavior both on & off the field.

  37. @BlondBlueDevils
    The PFT token racist.
    Keeping you around so that we never forget what they were like.
    I assume that’s the plan, though I noticed you’ve toned down the rhetoric a bit on your 4th screen name.

  38. Yeah, I’d be pissed off about getting thumped like that at home too. But classless to use vick? Please, the Eagles used him every game (other than the ones he was suspended from), and it was SURELY about time Vick got in the end zone. Luckily, the soft falcons who think they, and their qb, are better than they are happened to be hosting that day. Vick himself probably had the extra motivation, and Reid- nice guy – helped HIS PLAYER achieve his goal. Anything other than taking a loss like a man is lame, and not for the NFL. Getting embarrassed by another team should be embarrasing to YOUR team, not the team that embarrased you- no matter HOW they did it. Really, atl. Grow up.

  39. I love all the comments from the Eagles fans. You idiots really don’t understand why no one gives you the beneift of the doubt? Let me clue you in, you are all a$$holes. The entire city. I have never come across a bigger bunch of miserable people and I have done a lot of traveling.
    You people have been complaining about McNabb for years and how he sucks. Now you are talking about how you bet up on Atlanta’s back up players (Redman, Snelling). The sad part is that your team was really good for a long time and you were not satisfied. There are a lot of teams in the NFC who have been lining up to kick your a$$ and because you finally got your wish of trading McNabb, we are going to get ours.
    The one thing you had right was that the Falcons don’t need any new motivation to what to beat the Eagles. Your fans suck so badly that everyone wants to beat you, everytime.

  40. ADAMEAGLE5, Ha! That was funny! And to BIGBEAR123, im assuming your a cowboy fan. And you wanna call the Eagles the felon rehab program, when just a couple of seasons ago, your team signed Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson?!! LOL. Youre an idiot Bro!!

  41. I was Vicks biggest fan.
    Seen him many of times while I sat on the 7th row at the 50.
    1 of the most electrifying NFL playmakers of ALL TIME.
    Can’t argue that.
    Whole story is BS.
    It’s great they put him in.
    Good for Vick for scoring 2TDs on a crippled Falcons team.
    Why give a &^$?
    Falcons brass probably feel the same way I do.

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