Iupati to Oakland talk picks up steam

On Sunday, Florio said that Idaho guard Mike Iupati could crash the elite tackle party at the top of the draft, and possibly get selected in the top ten.

ESPN’s Michael Smith, writing on Twitter late Tuesday night, says one team is especially fond of him.

“The Mike Iupati to Oakland @ #8 talk is picking up steam,” Smith wrote.  “Two league sources who know the Raiders well tell me that’s who they’re targeting.”

It’s always difficult to gauge what Al Davis will do, but this sounds just crazy enough to happen.  Someone with this great a Mel Kiper impression couldn’t be wrong.

57 responses to “Iupati to Oakland talk picks up steam

  1. Iupati is under rated and I thought he would go in the top ten. I guess we will see. With the Raiders saying this I am beginning to believe that i was dead wrong. He is athletic as hell for his size and his feet move very well.

  2. Think of the dumbest things a team can do. Say the Raiders are about to do it. Suddenly everyone believes it is true.
    Do Raiders fans know their team is a national joke?

  3. The BUCS pick in ROUND 1 is KEY
    here is why:
    they dont have the money or the reason to pay a top pick
    they want out of that slot because they dont want to spend money
    They will take a low-ball offer to avoid paying the 3 pick a big bonus package
    The Bucs, IF THE SITUATION, is in dire financial straits like FLORIO has been telling us will trade down in round 1 and maybe out of round 1 for bargain basement prices.
    If i was the president and worried about the bottom line – i would trade down and protect my profit. There is nothing the number 3 can do to sell more seats. NOTHING

  4. Another “unnamed source” who has inside info on the Raiders….
    Yeah, right. We’ve seen these unnamed source rumors all offseason, and NONE of them have been correct.
    The Raiders brain-trust leaks nothing, to nobody. Period. Meet John Herrera. Look up John Herrera and Kawakami to get a better feel of how the Raiders media relations work.
    They are tired of being slammed by local and national media alike, for years. They are fiercely loyal to Al Davis, and have taken great insult in the way that he has been ridiculed by national media figures, local journalists, and the fans, who go so far as to call for his death. They have completely shut down. And they are a tight knit group.
    This is total speculation. He may be right, but if so, it will be dumb luck.

  5. Iupati is good but at the number 8 spot is a stretch and borders on irresponsible…..sounds like raiders football.
    I went to Maryland and I saw DHB play A LOT and he has issues with his game. They took him last year apparently dazzled by speed but what good is speed when you can’t get the ball in the players hands. I realize he’s talented but come one top ten..WTF.
    Take Iupati he’ll be good for them and probably for a while but he doesn;t warrant a top ten pick he should go late first….not at 8.

  6. This guy I know who knows Rosenthal very well told me he prefers men to women.
    And since he does a great Florio impression, he can’t be wrong.

  7. Solid pick : LT – potentially the 3rd or fourth best, or no question best Interior Lineman? hmmm… Iupati sounds pretty good. Been mocked as high as 12 to Denver in alot of drafts. What better than to get him before the Donks do.

  8. …And then trade up into the end of the 1st and grab Bruce Campbell. I don’t really like the B.C. pick at #8, but later on in the 1st, Al Davis and Tom Cable will look like geniuses. Possible, or Iupati then a DT or CB with the Raiders 2nd, or another LT. Damn, it’s gonna be an interesting draft. Is Taylor Mays left for the raiders in the 2nd? hmmm…

  9. isn’t that one of ben rapistbergers pick up line , I – YOU – POTTY …..get it !!! i don’t care if no one else like it that one was just for me .

  10. it make sense if the giants really want McClain the raiders could move down with them and get their 2nd rd pick as well, and get iupati at 15

  11. Anyone know when the last time a guard was taken that high (no … Robert Gallery doesn’t count … he was a tackle)?

  12. with that said they could use giants 2nd rd pick and trade it to the skins for haynesworth, and campbell

  13. I could live with that reach. Iupati may be a mid-rounder, but he looks like the real deal, and the Raiders need to beef up in the trenches.

  14. Well, considering the Raiders aren’t going to pick value at 8 no matter who they choose, at least Iupati seems to be an improvement over Campbell.

  15. They need O-lineman and he’s a former University of Idaho player (where Cable coached before).

  16. smartest move in years…follow it up with Brian Price at DT in the 2nd or RB Jahvid Best….

  17. sounds great. Anything thats not a project or a work in progress is good for Oakland. Gallery plays LG and he plays it Pro Bowl style (yes bust at LT but not LG) He is a safe move when he gets drafted(to whatever team) I mean give Credit to Oak. He is projected to go from 15 up to one of the good teams and be a pro bowler at G according to Mel Kiper, Mayock.
    Great pick to whoever gets this guy.. not just Oakland. He will be a freak.. just not at LT.

  18. Iupati is a great OG but he seriously struggled at OT at the Senior Bowl… which then kind of answers the question, if Iupati is so great at OG, then why didn’t a tiny little school like Idaho play him at OT and get maximum value? Because he doesn’t have the feet to play OT and sucks as an OT. If Idaho can figure that out, I would assume the NFL should.

  19. Iupati will be pro bowl OG, so at least they will be getting a real football player.

  20. Sounds like the Raiders are finally wising up and are getting ready to trade back into the 20’s and acquire additional picks. Just kidding, that would make sense and these are Al’s RAY’DUHS!

  21. But, but, he doesn’t run a sub 4.3 so why would Al be interested in him?
    Top 10 is WAY too high for Iupati especially when there will be a top OT there. Why would you take a top guard when you could have a top tackle?

  22. Iupati is the best guard in the draft by a long shot. Davis drafted a guard in the first round one year and it turned out to be Gene Upshaw! Does not matter if he can play LT or not, you have a potential All-Pro guard for the next 10-15 years. Let the haters hate, it would be a great selection.

  23. This is Robert Gallery all over again. Except this time, they think they can convert a guard into a Left Tackle.
    His 40 must have been something.

  24. I can’t see a Guard going that high but…It is the Raiders. They took Heyward-Bey. 11 starts – 9 receptions lol.

  25. Who’s the bigger idiot?
    A.) Michael Smith for tweeting total crap..
    B.) Florio for repeating it..
    C.) You all for believing it..
    D.) All of the above…!

  26. As someone mentioned earlier, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see them take Tebow.

  27. If i were a player of his caliber & got drafted by this goof ball I’d pull a E Manning, J Elway. No way would I go to that joke of an organization.

  28. Rather see Iupati at #8 than Bruce Campbell or Brown from USC.
    Problem is that the top 3 OTs and both top DTs will be gone by #8…The two biggest holes in the Raiders roster.
    Still think that while the Raiders don’t take LBs in the 1st round usually, they need to SERIOUSLY consider Rolando McClain from Alabama.
    He has the potential to be a “Ray Lewis” type of enforcer in the middle and if the Raiders could upgrade their run defense that might give the offense more opportunities to move the ball.
    Whether it is JR or Gratsky behind the center the Raiders for 2010 will live or die by their defense’s ability to keep the other team within a FG or two and then pray the ball bounces the Raider’s way in the 4th quarter.
    I say go McClain round one, best DT available round two, and go for OL help in round three or four. Close out the draft by picking up a project QB toward the end of the draft.

  29. This would be a sound move and be a nice change from drafting the fastest guy at the combine. There is talent in Oakland, but the lines are so porous that they can’t even get their plays off. Forget about DHB, Louis Murphy is the real deal, McFadden is capable of going the distance every play IF he only had an opening to run through. Iupati would be a great start towards getting the offense up to NFL standards.

  30. “The Mike Iupati to Oakland @ #8 talk is picking up steam,” Smith wrote. “Two league sources who know the Raiders well tell me that’s who they’re targeting.”
    so al davis started talking to the media about who he is going to draft? “league sources” don’t know a damn thing about what the raiders will do tomorrow night.

  31. again, Iupati struggled as an OG in the senior bowl, and was even worse as an OT in the senior bowl.
    This guy will be a bust.
    As a Lions fan, I understand the pain of being shackled to a horribly insane owner, and I feel for the fans in Oakland.
    Good luck tomorrow Raider Nation!

  32. Iupati at #8. Tebow at #9 or 11. I love it.
    Earl Thomas might just make it to #20 afterall.

  33. they will take McClain, it’s obvious they want to get rid of Kirk Morrison and get someone who can actually stop the run.
    They’ll take McClain and trade Morrison to the Giants.

  34. Was hoping Iupati would fall to #18. Not sure that will happen, I guess it could be Pouncey then.

  35. Oakland should be targeting Jimmy Clausen. Iupati is a beast, possible bust, but he’s raw and needs a lot of work and time. Looks dominant at times and other times looks like crap. I like the pick but also don’t. If Oakland is targeting him, trade down.

  36. Given that previous projections had the Raiders taking underachieving OT Bruce Campbell, at least this is a major upgrade. I know the Lions front office loved Iupati at the Senior Bowl because he’s tough and fiery. It’s true that he had difficulty making the adjustment to OT, but he only had four days of practice, so in the long run, that doesn’t mean much.
    If the Raiders take him, he will be a 10-12 year starter for them. He has more upside than Bulaga, who probably will go higher.

  37. funi says: April 21, 2010 11:00 AM
    Typical Raiders..take a middle-late rounder in the top 10!
    …and another typical comment made by another Raider hating jackass.

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