Lito Sheppard checks out the Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings, who to date have signed a kickoff specialist and a backup defensive lineman, could be beefing up their secondary via a former first-round pick.

Per a league source, Sheppard is visiting the Vikings today.

Traded by the Eagles to the Jets last year, New York cut him before he earned a large bonus.  He recently visited the Lions.

The Vikings could use some depth at the position, given that cornerback Cedric Griffin suffered a torn ACL in overtime of the NFC title game.

Because Sheppard was cut by the Jets, the Vikings can sign him without regard to the rules of the “Final Eight Plan.”

33 responses to “Lito Sheppard checks out the Vikings

  1. Lets get it done Vikings! Get Lito so that maybe we can use our 1st rd pick for another position!

  2. go ahead and sign him, so i can laugh each time Greg Jennings runs a 9 route right past him

  3. Let’s see. Get traded to the Jets from the NFC for a season and then sign with the Vikes – seems to work lately.

  4. I think this is a great move if it happens. He’s obviously not a long term solution but he would allow them to move around (possibly up) for a QB like Clausen or use their first pick on another position. The draft is deep at CB but as you move back they may not be able to start right away so this could work out perfect.

  5. Lito’s not a bad player. He can start. He got a lot of work last year because teams threw away from Revis, but aside from his last season with the Eagles he was a solid starter his whole career and went to a pro bowl. I could see Childress making this move.

  6. Love it, like the previous poster said, allows us some flexibility with the first round.
    My choices:
    (In order of not bloody likely/realistic/slight reach)
    Jimmy Clausen
    Maurkice Pouncey
    Taylor Mays
    As always,
    GO VIKES!!!
    Redemption, 141 days to go and counting…

  7. Come on, Broncs. Why are we not looking at this guy? We have nobody to line up opposite Champ. Goodman is better suited for a nickle slot, Alphonso Smith is a bust, and if Ty Law ends up back with the team, he’s… well… pretty old.

  8. Hard choice…. go with Detroit… go with Minnesota. Chance to play on a cellar dweller…. chance to play on a SB contender… Gee, can’t see why he didn’t jump at a chance to sign with Detroit.

  9. Lito is soft!!!! A dome is perfect for him. He got his money – that’s all he cares about.

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  11. This move would just go along with the Vikings pholosphy of signing over the hill retreads from other teams. Why…cause Minnesota is such a great place to play.
    Lito stinks…hence why he is without a team. Does Chilly and Ziggy have Favre on the phone trying to entice Lito as well? Look how good it worked on LT…..

  12. with Fabian Washington and Ladarius Webb both possibly out for the first 6 games of the year, Lito Sheppard would be a good pick up for the Ravens.
    With those two out, your left with Chris Carr, Cary Williams K.J. Gerard, Marcus Paschal to play opposite of Dominique Foxworth. And for people who don’t follow the Ravens, that’s a has-been KR and 3 practice squad caliber players. And I am not sure I would want a rookie CB starting from day one, even if its their 1st Rd pick. I am not sure why he is not a Raven.

  13. Man, it wouldn’t hurt beefing up our secondary. For sure our weak spot. Go for it Chilly! Skol Vikes

  14. Hauschild says:
    April 21, 2010 3:38 PM
    Lito……..oh, oh, oh, oh …..
    Shout out to Boz ….
    Its LITO, LITO, LITO, LITO ……. Get your chants right.

  15. J Dub – You defeat your own argument when you mention “over-the-hill retreads from other teams”. You mean like those underachievers Brett Favre, Ryan Longwell, and Darren Sharper? Maybe you’re piqued because the Vikings regard your team as a farm team …

  16. Azdetroitfan –
    you got that shit right!
    Looks like Mayhem and Schwartz’ plan backfired on them!
    Now we HAVE to come away with a CB, after creating a gaping hole at OLB…..
    I was thinking Devin McCourty with our second pick for several months….Then the Ernie Sims trade…..Then i was thinking Jerry Hughes or Daryl Washington of TCU, and they sign Lito Sheppard as a FA…..
    This could be a major debacle now!
    Well done Minnesota, wellllll done!!!
    Stupid Lions!

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