Pete Carroll gives away his draft plans

And now for Wednesday’s reminder that 2010 is a strange time to live in.

Pete Carroll has started to tweet links to songs in an effort to give fans hints about his draft picks.  “Try 2 figure it out!” Caroll writes. 

Some of the selections so far include, “Jump Around” by House of Pain, “California Love” by Tupac, “Let the Beat Build” by Lil Wayne, “Back Door Man” by the Doors and “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson.

The logical choice for the last clue: Florida’s Carlos Dunlap.  One of our Twitter followers suggested it means the Seahawks will trade for Ben Roethlisberger.

We are eagerly anticipating Bill Belichick’s draft clue tweets later in the day linking to Kid Cudi, Bon Jovi, and Wrecks-N-Effect.

117 responses to “Pete Carroll gives away his draft plans

  1. Stings “Every Breath You Take” is more fitting for Belichik…”I’ll be watching you…”

  2. What a douche bag. This guy needs to wake up and realize he’s in the NFL now and not back at USC banging undergrads and paying off players.

  3. Dunno why, but there’s a certain Jim Zorn feel to Pete Carroll’s reign in Seattle. Just a hunch.

  4. Jump Around – Jason Pierre-Paul?
    California Love – Jahvid Best?

  5. This is probably the main reason he failed in the NFL the first time. “Peter Pan Syndrome”. Grow the hell up Pete!

  6. Wow… my IQ just dropped 7 points
    I didn’t get the Carlos Dunlap reference.

  7. LMAO. Carroll should have stayed in college…..but who can blame him for the truckload of money Seattle backed up to his place.

  8. Is California Love about a sports management company giving money to a collegiate player and the NCAA turning the other cheek?

  9. Umm… Taylor mays
    Mays jersey #2 – try 2 figure it out
    California love-USC
    back door man- safety
    jump around and smooth criminal- his combines workout

  10. Taylor Mays? Pete Carroll might be an awful NFL coach but at least he will keep things interesting. I think all teams should be required to do this.

  11. I think it’s Taylor Mays.
    Jump Around – referring to the fact that he’s a freakish athlete.
    Let the Beat Build – Beat…Hard Hitting
    Back Door Man – the safety position is the farthest back
    California Love – USC love
    Smooth Criminal – Who knows waht that one means

  12. Although Suh will be gone by the Seahawk pick, “House of Pain” could be a reference to “House of Spears”, which is the meaning of Suh.

  13. easy..
    they’re gonna trade down.. “jump around” and select
    USC DE Everson Griffen… “everlast of house of pain”

  14. nah…”Smooth Criminal” doesn’t suggest Ben Roethlisberger. If he would have tweet “O.P.P.” by Naughty by Nature…then I could see a connection…

  15. California Love? Taylor Mays and Charles Brown are both Southern Cal players who played for Pete.

  16. Wrecks-N-effects was great, I think i still have a tape of theirs laying around. A TAPE lolol

  17. Jump around and california love could be Cal’s RB Best. he jumped and cali love….back doorman? maybe he is gay hmmm

  18. Good luck with that cat Seahawk fan
    What respectable NFL coach wastes time tweeting clues about draft picks?
    Pete, this isn’t college anymore…this is big boy football. This isn’t putting your organization in a good light.

  19. Theres a part in California Love…..where they mention “SackTown”. A hint at a Defensive End. Possibly Derrick Morgan

  20. how can he suggest they’re trading for Ben Roethlisberger when he is posting songs about hints into who they draft.
    i think he posted California Love because their going to draft Jimmy Clausen and he’s from California

  21. What I think it means is that they are trading with the Lion’s for the #2 pick.
    1. “Try 2 figure it out.” – The 2 represents the #2 pick, which the Lion’s have and want out of.
    2. “Jump Around” – You always “jump” forward, not back, meaning they are moving up.
    3. “California Love” – Going to draft Clausen since he is from California.
    4. “Backdoor Man” – Reference to getting the trade done as a backdoor deal.
    5. “Smooth Criminal” – Referring to getting a steal with their pick, suggesting they love Clausen.

  22. and i think he posted Let the Beat Build from Lil Wayne because thats one of Taylor mays fav. songs

  23. Carroll is an idiot can’t wait until he fails miserably and wishes he never left USC. Can’t believe anyone would pick this guy as there head coach in the NFL. My guess is that he is talking about CB from florida I think his name is Hadden or Eric Berry. “jump around”, “smooth criminal”, ” back door man” those songs make me think he is considering trading up or down the draft.

  24. lets see…
    Jump around would mean they could trade up or down
    California Love would be Clausen as he’s from Cali
    Back Door Man…have any top prospects come out of the closet lately??

  25. Pete Carroll is a idiot. He was a fail NFL coach last time he was in the league and the same will prove true this time. He is taking his thugs from USC 1st round Taylor Mays. Plus Mays is from Seattle.

  26. First one: Eric Berry (Highest vert at combine)
    Second one: Jahvid Best (From Cal)
    Fourth one: Don’t know who but is a right defensive end

  27. I’d hate to see if Jump Around is about a fat O-Lineman…*shudders at the memory of Andre Smith’s shirtless workout*

  28. Jump Around either a reference to trading or to Jimmy Clausen also, California Love for Jimmy, he is a Cally kid. Back Door Man and Smooth Criminal is for C.J. Spiller.

  29. First he tries to put together the best college players (Williams, Williams, et al.) that busted in the NFL, and now this….. He must be going through his mid-life crisis, again…..

  30. As a Patriots fan, I have to wish Seahawks fans the best of luck with this clown. He is all energy and “rah rah” and NFL players just dont react well with his type. He is PERFECT for college, not fit for the NFL.
    He made the Patriots worse every year he was here.

  31. Hey say what you may about Pete Carol, but he’s a good coach. In the years after the Superbowl loss the the Bears in 85′ the Patriots were the bottom feeders of the NFL until he was hired.
    I’m sure the Seahawks will benefit from having a coach like Carol.

  32. Caroll is going to fail in Seattle, this isn’t the NCAA where USC was allowed to break rules on a regular basis.

  33. Well we know it has nothing to do with Rothlesburger because of ”Smooth Criminal”

  34. Actually Carroll just bought a share of the record company that promotes these bands.

  35. Carroll should have stayed in college if he wants to act them. Mid-life crisis’ suck….

  36. I think it’s Jimmy Clausen.
    House of Pain is an Irish-American band and Clausen played for the Irish.
    He’s from California.
    Back Door Man is a song about having an affair and as an ex-USC coach he would be cheating by drafting an player from Notre Dame.
    Maybe Smooth Criminal is refering to the bar fight Jimmy had.

  37. Shouldn’t Carroll be preparing for the draft instead of tweeting and thinking about music that matches certain players?

  38. I think he tweeted “Bad Romance” by Lady GaGa thats means the relationship him and the owner will have when he screws up that orginization like he did with the Patriots

  39. It’s Claussen. California Love = He’s from Cali
    Jump Around by House of Pain = Irish

  40. JUMP AROUND == A player from WI.
    He must like Schofield from WI as a sleeper. If he doesn’t get hurt he is a 1st rounder. Personally I hope the Packers pick him in the middle rounds. He is perfect for Capers system.

  41. It’s a safety!
    Back door man- plays the backfield
    Jump around- Batting balls
    Smooth criminal- Interceptions!
    I miss Don Shula… the era of non-gay coaches!!!

  42. Everybody says Pete was a failure he first time around in the NFL has anybody looked at his winning record, I think most of the people are just jealous and wish there team had him for a coach. I mean its been 10 years since he has coached in the NFL and i think he has proved at USC he deserves this go around with the Seahawks, I just wish people would wait at least 1 game before they ask for his head.

  43. Carroll is just so pumped and jacked at the chance to screw up his first NFL draft in several years that he can’t restrain himself.
    Good f’ing luck Seahawks fans. He was downright awful as the Patriot’s coach and is totally incapable of managing NFL level players. They are not college kids who will listen and follow his every word.

  44. @ Jeremy F
    “In the years after the Superbowl loss the the Bears in 85′ the Patriots were the bottom feeders of the NFL until he was hired.”
    You should try actually knowing what you are talking about. The Pats were revised by Bill Parcells and went to the Super Bowl the year before Carroll became the coach. In the next 3 years under Carroll they got progressively worse each year not even making the playoffs his last year there.
    Carrol sucks and had absolutely ZERO to do with improving the Pats in the early 90s.

  45. could be individual players rather then a clue about 1 particular player
    wisconsin always plays jump around before the start of the 4th quarter

  46. jeremyF
    Were you living in a hole or a third world country from 1993-1997??
    I believe there was a HC in NE named Bill Parcells during that time that took the Patriots to the Super Bowl after which when PC took over along with the adept drafting Bobby Grier brought the Patriots back to mediocrity.
    PS he spells his last name with 2 ll’s.
    Go post on a board which you might have a clue!

  47. i think there trying to get you to think kobe bryant therefore hinting there taking dez bryant

  48. has to be Taylor Mayes………..California, Tall guy,defensive back and a ball hawk.

  49. Jeremy F says:
    April 21, 2010 2:40 PM
    Hey say what you may about Pete Carol, but he’s a good coach. In the years after the Superbowl loss the the Bears in 85′ the Patriots were the bottom feeders of the NFL until he was hired.
    I’m sure the Seahawks will benefit from having a coach like Carol
    Really? Pete Carrol did that? Nothing to do with Parcells I guess. Pete Carrol made the Patriots worse every year.

  50. Could Pete Carroll mean he’s trying to trade up to #2??? “Try 2 Figure it out!”

  51. back to the bottom of the NFC West they go. say hello to the Cardinals while your down there.

  52. Funny how the hiring of a coach can make a team relevant again.
    He’s got ALL of you DOUCH’s talking about him and the Seahawks. He can’t be any worse then Mora!

  53. Duh, it’s Toby Gerhart:
    “Jump Around” by House of Pain – White guy playing “out of position”
    “California Love” by Tupac – He’s from Stanford

  54. Jump Around- Demaryius Thomas or Jason Pierre Paul (but neither should be picked at 6)
    California Love- has to be Jahvid Best or could be Taylor Mays but not likely.
    Let the beat build- Could be anybody
    Back door man- does this mean they plan to trade for Big Ben? He’s a backdoor man, he breaks in the back door! But i think this hints at an RB, maybe Charles Scott?
    Smooth Criminal- Since this is the last one it cant be Dunlap or Dez Bryant, who else has had problems with the law? Does this mean they plan to sign Maurice Clarrett? But he is no way smooth

  55. smooth criminal – a player who carroll paid for at USC and got away with it

  56. NO TWEETING! we’ll never hear the end of the seahawks tweeting jokes. thank god this site devotes 19 out of 20 stories to “big” douchebag “ben”.

  57. If you are going to show us how cool you are by quoting a flash in the pan 90’s rap group, at least spell their name right: It’s “Wreckx-n-Effect.”
    And how would “Rumpshaker” fit in here anyway?

  58. Anyone written a song with the title ‘Egregious Recruiting Violations’? That’d be perfect for this big game loser.
    Mack Brown for life, bitches.

  59. Since it’s freakin’ Billi-cheat I think that a really bad classic track is more applicable from Bob Kuban: “The Cheater”…
    The STL Rams

  60. Try 2 figure it out : 2 refers to both picks in round one
    Jump around : refers to them trying to move up from the 6 spot to get Clausen
    California Love : refers to his love for California native, Jimmy Clausen
    Let the beat build: my guess… if he gets beat out for Clausen, maybe a reference to building on the front lines. Beat Build… Double-B… Bryan Bulaga
    Back Door man : No doubt referring to either Earl Thomas or Taylor Mays, with the 14th pick
    Smooth Criminal : Just another reference to Thomas/ Mays “hawking” balls and/or what he considers a “steal” at 14

  61. I said it the day they hired him, he’ll be back in the Pac 10 for his last contract after two miserable years in seattle, he went for the ca$h, he’s an amateur who got lucky in LA, after he fails in his last stop in the pac 10 , he’ll be a geke on TV after that

  62. jump around is from house of pain. House of pain is made up and proudly flaunt that they are “irish”. That leads to the fighting irish and jimmy clausen

  63. Carroll sucks. Hes like the 6th grader who should be in 7th but flunked, 5 wins at most.

  64. California + Criminal + Back Door (i.e. gun in the truck)
    = a draft day trade for Marshawn Lynch

  65. Awwww Pete, you may have been a big deal in college, but you’re about to get your ass run over in a big way. I’ll bet your stay this time in the NFL makes your last one look HOF worthy.

  66. We’re going to suck.
    Another year of keeping my Seahawks jersey in the closet.

  67. Wake up and think people – it’s a publicity stunt !
    … this , from today’s Seattle P.I. :
    For starters, Carroll isn’t about to telegraph other teams who his team is interested in. Secondly, the Seahawks don’t know who will be available when they pick, so even they don’t know exactly who will be available at their turns.
    And most importantly, each of Carroll’s tweets comes with a link to that song’s music video on the website. And, yes, Bing is a corporate partner of the Seahawks, who wear their logo on their practice jerseys along with other sponsor relations.
    It’s also worth noting that Carroll recently hired USC blogger Ben Malcolmson to help blog and tweet for him, so it’s probably a safe guess that the coach himself isn’t spending a lot of time today pondering musical titles.

  68. My take: Some of the selections so far include, “Jump Around” by House of Pain (Trent Williams based on his impressive combine vertical), “California Love” by Tupac (Either Jahvid Best or Tyson Alahu rrom Cal) , “Let the Beat Build” by Lil Wayne (Jimmy Clausen, as Carrol’s talked about him throughout the scouting process), “Back Door Man” by the Doors (Mike Iupati, based on where draft pundits expect him to be selected) and “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson (CJ Spiller, as his abilities in the return game, running and catching the ball should be illegal.

  69. @UniBallOut
    Those are some clever reasons, but I don’t see him trading up to 2 to get Clausen when more than likely he will be there at 6.
    Pete Caroll is just trying to use Twitter to get some interest with his fans that follow him. As you can see these clues can be taken many different ways and you still really dont know what his plans are. Hate it or love it he is just doing his thing.

  70. I think all the people who hate this should relax, I haven’t liked many of the moves they made this offseason but Pete’s just having fun. Their draft board is already set and no one knows what any team is going to do and the tweats are just guesses. I will be worried if the go after Mays or some of the other USC players.

  71. is a sponser for the Hawks and notice all of those videos are posted from it’s nothing but a clever advertising ploy by the Seahawks and from the number of posts I’m thinking it worked!

  72. I think the first five songs reference . Soul Sacrifice – moved positions in college. Jump Around – highest vertical for safety (3rd highest overall). Smooth Criminal – INTs. Back Door Man – safety. Let the Beat Build – big hitter.
    The 2nd group refers to the 14th overall pick, which I think is Griffin from USC (California Love, Superman, Licking Stick, Big Balls). They have a need for pass rushers and Carroll has always been a defensive coach.

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