Rams say 10 teams called Wednesday

It’s NFL Draft Eve, typically when some wacky rumors start being spread.  Occasionally, some big news even breaks.  (Mario Williams, anyone?)

This year, there isn’t a lot of trade talk regarding the top of the draft.  The St. Louis Rams told Rachel Nichols that ten teams called them about their No. 1 overall pick Wednesday.

Still, none of the ten made any specific offers and it’s fully expected the Rams will keep the pick. 

Meanwhile, NFL Network’s Stacey Dales relayed a story from the Rams’ headquarters Wednesday.  G.M. Billy Devaney asked a room full of decision-makers who the top pick should be. The answer was nearly unanimous.  Devaney said it was an easy process.

It’s hard to imagine the room saying anyone but Sam Bradford at this point.

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  1. See…there is a reward for being the worst of the worst – ten whole teams called the Rams! OMG that is HUGE!

  2. I wouldn’t want the number one pick, too much guarenteed money. First pick will get the most guarenteed money ever! Trade down big man.

  3. speaking of Sam Bradford and the number one pick
    anyone just see Irving on NFLN try and argue the point to get Suh instead.
    he looked high and cracked out

  4. Yes, ten teams called requesting to be put on the Rams schedule in 2011… and 2012…. and 20013…

  5. If I were the Redskins, I’d offer the #4 and Haynesworth to the Rams for the #1 and draft Suh. Redskins would get the top player who one can be a cornerstone of a real scary D, Rams get a top talent and still have a shot at Bradford at 4, saving them money on his contract. Some of that savings could even be funneled into the trade, paying the Skins back some of that giant contract Haynesworth swallowed. If someone moves ahead for Bradford, the Rams could take a top tackle or Gerald McCoy, making their D line hella scary and draft a QB in the second.
    But hey, that’s me. I’m crazy.

  6. If I were the Rams, trade out. They have no receivers and tightends for Bradford to throw too. He will just get hurt. They are better off going defense with Suh and taking Mccoy in round 2. They should of been the ones giving two second round picks for Brandon Marshall and giving their 5th for Holmes. Then I could see taking Bradford. But they didn’t so trade down.

  7. I find it impossible that no one in that room is screaming for Suh. Its impossible that kind of uniformity could exist, either Devaney is lying or he just has a bunch of yes men surrounding him.

  8. the rams are lying, there are not 10 teams in need of a qb, if they wanted suh the lions would have gotten the calls

  9. Maybe they just called to congratulate the Rams on having the top pick in the draft. “Good luck, you fortunate dogs, not that you’ll need it, ha ha. See you in N.Y.!”.

  10. what they don’t say is what was conversed. “Oh, you guys aren’t seriously going to take a Quarterback with a bum shoulder are you?” ha ha

  11. Ladybucs are you a Buckeye?
    Are you married to a Pittsburgh Squeeler fan?
    If so you are spending time in Hell here on Earth.

  12. They were all probably asking why the F they haven’t signed Sam Bradford yet!!!
    Stupid Rams, you’re going to take over the Lions some day as being the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked (in about 40 more years)!!

  13. Those 10 teams probably just laughed and hung up.
    Being a Rams fan, I have long ago stopped getting frustrated, angry and even trying to get my hopes up. I even bought Directtvs NFL season ticket last year………. $300 for one win…..AWESOME! I actually punished myself and watched almost every one of their games and mostly just laughed and shook my head constantly.

  14. I had six calls yesterday. Two were hang ups showing as “Unavailable” on the caller ID, one was a neighbor wanting to borrow a cup of sugar for a spice cake recipe she was working on (delicious but she’s always been a skosh heavy-handed with the allspice), one was a wrong number looking for somebody called Jose, one was my dentist reminding me about an appointment next week, and the last was DirecTV making arrangements to come out and replace my failing DVR.
    There – I’ve given you infinitely more interesting news than the threadlined article did. And I don’t even want any hits on my web site from you.

  15. Smoke screen , sounds like Billy wanting everyone to think that their mind is made up on Bradford to make someone like Dan Snyder to move up to do a Hershel Walker type deal. Well , 112 hours from the time I am writing this we shall see.

  16. Have to love the unfunny, childish remarks about the Rams – are they pretending to be a top team at this point? No. Even the most loyal fans are surely aware that this team needs serious work to become even middle of the road.
    I agree with the commenter who expressed surprise at the lack of enthusiasm St. Louis seems to have for Suh. They’re either INSANE or keeping a very, very low profile. He’s such a strong talent, and God knows they need him. Sam Bradford doesn’t fit their offensive scheme and the guy essentially played ONE YEAR. He may be ridiculously good, but even he admits he’s not used to a West Coast style offense so it would take some time to get up to speed. They need a QB and Sam Bradford isn’t their guy – he seems to be reluctant to go to the Rams and while I can’t say I blame him, that smacks of a holdout when they would need him in training camp from day 1.
    I say they ought to take Suh and take Colt McCoy or Jimmy Clausen with #33. Just my two cents. 🙂

  17. Bradford won’t go to the Lions, Bucs, Redskins so sitting 5th is where they should trade down to. Save some green in which they will need later.

  18. Trades down won’t be the factor they should be until they iron out the rookie pay scale. See NBA for evidence

  19. Bradford will be a bust just like the rest of the Oklahoma qbs ever to come out!! Who was the last Oklahoma qb to to ever come out and do something!!! Sorry Ok fan you cant use Aikman because he transfered to UCLA…

  20. I think they’re off on Bradford. Not that he’s terrible or anything, but it’s a lot of money to invest in a guy who has that many holes in his game. I wouldn’t do it. He won’t even be the best quarterback to come out of this draft, much less the best player.

  21. I hope they pick bradford 1st. As a lions fan i want suh. I think they are going to be sorry for picking bradford. never won any game with meaning in college. In fact I am pretty sure he lost to tebow a couple years ago for the national championship

  22. I hope they pick bradford 1st. As a lions fan i want suh. I think they are going to be sorry for picking bradford. never won any game with meaning in college. In fact I am pretty sure he lost to tebow a couple years ago for the national championship

  23. PLEASE stop linking to that woman’s Twitter page. It doesn’t provide ANYTHING more than you’ve said (it’s not like you’re linking to an informative article) and the wallpaper is so loud it hurts my eyes.
    Twitter. What a ridiculous exercise in NOTHINGNESS for so-called sports reporters. They should either write real articles with a little meat in them or just shut up. Or better yet, go to work for TMZ.

  24. Riiiinnggg…….Riiiinnggg
    Rams: Hello?
    Caller: Do you have sir Walter Raleigh in a can?
    Rams: What?
    Caller: Is your refrigerator running?
    Rams: Who is this?
    Caller: How many Rams does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    Rams: You’re not funny!
    This was the first phone call.

  25. # Bucfs says: April 21, 2010 7:46 PM
    speaking of Sam Bradford and the number one pick
    anyone just see Irving on NFLN try and argue the point to get Suh instead.
    he looked high and cracked out
    thats my argument too. and take Colt McCoy in the second.. and Gerhart in the 3rd.

  26. is it just me, or does shipping adam carriker out of town make it almost automatic that the pick should be ndamukung suh? Defensive Tackle is more of an immediate impact position than Quarterback anyway. Bradford wouldn’t have much of an offense around him and won’t produce like you’d have the first overall pick produce. I think Suh is the right choice here.

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