Steelers extend Byron Leftwich's contract

The Steelers wasted no time extending their Ben Roethlisberger insurance policy.

Byron Leftwich’s contract was extended through 2011 Wednesday, according to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Leftwich’s old deal originally ended in 2010.

This move is yet another sign the Steelers are preparing for life without Roethlisberger.  (We’re not saying he will be traded, but the Steelers are covering their bases.)  Leftwich is clearly comfortable in Pittsburgh, and knows that starting jobs aren’t awaiting him elsewhere.

Leftwich is expected to compete with Dennis Dixon to start during Roethlisberger’s suspension.

41 responses to “Steelers extend Byron Leftwich's contract

  1. Sort of like how BR extended his penis to the 20 year old?
    Sorry, couldn’t pass that one up.

  2. Suspend a has-been and now extend a has-been, Steelers know what they’re doing here.

  3. The good ole boi steelernation must be thrilled to have a black qb back in the saddle for at least the first 4 games this season.

  4. They should also pick up JAson Campbell and let them battle it out.
    As far as Ben. I think he’s a DOUCHE! However, If I was the union I’d be upset that Mike Vick got a 4 game suspension that was reduced to 2 games and he did jail time.While your giving Ben 6 games that can be reduced to 4 and he wasn’t even charge. It should of been a 2 game suspension and counseling for Alcohol & Behavior or 4 games reduced to 2 after Counseling. I repeat Ben’s a DOUCHE, I love The Steelers and I’m fine if we trade him or if we welcome him back with open arms.

  5. They really liked Lefty when he was there in 2008. If Roethlisberger didn’t hurry back from his injury in mid season there is a good chance Byron would have put him on the bench at that time. It was very close. The offense was dead in the water at the time with the defense doing all the work. I think they are quite prepared to go ahead with Leftwich as their started.

  6. Ben might want to start trying on new team hats to see how their colors look on his fat head. If he is not traded, he will likely be sweating bullets throughout the draft tomorrow waiting for Goodell to announce a trade….this is priceless! It couldn’t happen to a bigger douche….

  7. Sounds as though it’s a matter of when and how much Big Ben is going for now, rather than if anymore….
    My guess is that Big Ben is worth no more than a 3rd round pick at this time… someone will take him off the Steelers hands for that low of a price, and i’m sure the Steelers will be happy to toss him to the trash if no one will….

  8. Big Ben is as good as gone. The Steelers are going to go into next year with Leftwich and Dixon plus some chump. Then draft a new QB next year. Jake Locker, Ryan Mallet…someone.

  9. Florio, you may be the most uninformed sportswriter I’ve ever seen. Leftwich was signed as a stop gap during the suspension. Dixon isn’t near ready and Batch is fragile as hell. Leftwich isn’t competing with Roethlisberger or allowing the Steelers to move on, he is replacing Batch as the backup signal caller. That is all this move was about, they acquired a proven NFL starter for a 7th round pick that they replaced with the compensation 7th rounder they got when they lost him in the first place.

  10. Say what you want about Byron but he is good for the Steelers. He studies, knows how to read defenses and check off (See screen pass to Holmes in game vs Redskins that went for TD last year). He also helped prepare the team for their super bowl victory against the Cardinals all week and did a fantastic job. He’s not the most mobile and makes mistakes but he has the respect of his teammates unlike Ben. I truly believe the Steelers are looking to move Ben not only because of the incident in GA but because for years his teammates have been irritated with him. It has just never been released.

  11. More than anything I think this is a indicator more so of Charlie Batch needing to get on with his life’s work.

  12. The Steelers are preparing for life without Ben and, in turn, I’m preparing for another 20 years of mediocre to bad QB play and no Super Bowls. I have no doubt these sanctimonious idiots will trade Ben and he’ll go somewhere, prosper, and have the last laugh. We’ll have the most moral 6-10 team in the league. Hooray!

  13. Ben will be a Cleveland Brown within 48 hours.
    GO VIKES!!!
    141 days to redemption, and counting…

  14. Replacing a fat, slow-release QB with a big arm in the prime of his career with a washed-up, fat, slower-release QB with a big arm at the end of his career.
    Good luck with that.

  15. expect to lots of Mendenhall in the 1st six games…he’s gotta step up even more. Along w/ the defense…

  16. Robert Ethan and anyone else who thinks the Steelers are better off without Roethlisberger is on crack. This thing has gotten out of control, I think. If the Steelers trade him, they will regret that day. It has taken close to 30 years to replace Bradshaw with a quality QB (albeit a jerk).
    Hey, maybe the guy will learn a lesson. A lot of other athletes have been given the chance to reform. I will be pissed if he is traded.

  17. This is all about getting Ben’s attention.
    Hey, big guy, we may trade you.
    Hey, big guy, we just traded for Byron.
    Hey, big guy, we just extended Byron’s contract.
    Hey, big guy, you’re not indispensable to this team.
    Hey, big guy, here’s some beef jerky and humble pie to eat.
    Grow up and be a man, big guy.

  18. Leftwich just as same as Russell. Bust. I dont understand what they r trying to do here. Atleast Leftwich doesnt spend crazy on ecstacys.
    And I thought the Rooney Family was smart and not playing Scared.

  19. The Byron leftwich era begins in Pittsburg…………..BWAHHAAHAHHHAHA
    Man..everyday is just like Christmas!

  20. Raven’s fans pissed their pants in excitement when they learned they wouldn’t have to face the Steelers starting QB for the second consectutive game.

  21. Where are all the Steelers fans who were insisting that there would be no punishment because no crime was committed- or that Rapenstein would be merely slapped on the wrist- or that there was no way in HELL that he would be traded (which seems imminent)?
    Where are they?

  22. Good news ‘poors’ in? Why can’t you idiots spell? Is spell-check too much to ask for here? I know hitting that submit button is tempting, but come on son!

  23. If this is what the Steelers have in mind for more than the 4-6 games, they might as well just look to next years draft cause they wont go far in 2010. No running game, no passing game and no D corners, Good luck………..

  24. I’m a little baffled at assclowns who call Pittsburgh “good old boy” country. Just where do you get your info, from the men’s room wall?

  25. “CincyAllDaWay says: April 21, 2010 2:48 PM
    The Byron leftwich era begins in Pittsburg…………..BWAHHAAHAHHHAHA
    Man..everyday is just like Christmas!”
    Amen brother. Amen.

  26. (sing)
    Hey hey hey, it’s Faaaaaaaaaat Albert!
    And I’m gonna throw a pick for yoo-ooou;
    and Ben’s gonna show you a thing or two-ooo…

  27. Wow the leftwich haters come out again. I tell you when healthy He’s as good as all but I’d say maybe 3 or 4 QBs in the league. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees would probably be the top 3 IMO

  28. Who in the draft, is built like, same size, and as good an armas BR. Well there are two. Clausen and Tebow. Extending Leftwich for one more year. Looks like they need a stop gap.

  29. RBurger is gone.
    When the Steelers extended Leftwich it
    was because they planned on moving Ben.
    Hw will end up ANYWHERE but Pittsburgh
    next year as all this action means they are determined to move him.
    I would trade him to St Louis for a swap of #1’s and take Bradford, but the Steelers would NEVER pay that kind of money unless they are REALLY pissed off.

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