Wednesday morning one-liners

This year’s Bills game in Toronto won’t be in the division for the first time.  Chicago will face Buffalo north of the border.

Jason Taylor seems to have won the P.R. war against the Dolphins after subdued press conference Wednesday.

The Patriots face the entire AFC playoff field from 2009 this year, and have six home games against playoff teams from last year.

Rex Ryan says the team’s season opener will be a “triple chin-strap game.”

Chad Ochocinco is bringing Dancing with the Stars to Cincinnati.

The Browns close with three straight division games, and four of five games on the road.

Steelers coordinator Bruce Arians says Mike Wallace was the best rookie receiver he had in 12 years.

Texans beat writer John McClain believes Houston will draft RB Ryan Mathews or CB Devin McCourty.

Putting a domed Super Bowl practice field at the
University of Indianapolis will save local Super Bowl organizers about $2 million. writer Vic Ketchman hasn’t found any buzz connecting the Jaguars to S Earl Thomas, a sleeper for their No. 10 overall pick.

Fixing the return game is a priority for the Titans.

The Broncos have a three game road trip in the middle of December.

At least one reporter wouldn’t be surprised to see the Chiefs take LB Rolondo McClain with their No. 5 overall pick.

The Raiders have no national television appearances this year.

Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith explained his draft philosophy to San Diego reporters.

Jerry Jones said that T Flozell Adams’ release had “Doug Free’s thumbprint all over it.”

The Giants don’t face another NFC East foe until Week Seven.

New Eagles acquisition LB Ernie Sims is expected to play the weak side.

Mel Kiper isn’t that impressed with Washington’s best options at tackle for the No. 4 overall pick: Washington and Dallas.

Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz insists his system will be a good fit for TE Greg Olsen, although “It’s hard to run the ball if you don’t have a tight end that’s going to
handle the edge.”

Lions coach Jim Schwartz says TE Brandon Pettigrew hasn’t had any setbacks in his recovery from ACL surgery.

Vikings coach Brad Childress isn’t worried about unsigned restricted free agent DE Ray Edwards.

The Packers will have the latest bye week in franchise history.

The Falcons got a break by opening against the Steelers when Ben Roethlisberger will likely be suspended.

John Fox may be able to play the “no respect” card after seeing his schedule.

The Saints will try to win some outdoor December games in Baltimore and Cincinnati.

Tampa Bay’s toughest stretch of the year comes in the middle, with four of five games on the road, including two trips to the West Coast.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic takes a look at the boom or bust nature of third-round picks.

New Seahawks G.M. John Schneider says he takes pride in trading down in the draft.

The Rams open their season with three of four games on the road.

Another day, another report strongly linking the 49ers to QB Jimmy Clausen.

9 responses to “Wednesday morning one-liners

  1. Read the whole article Rosenthal…After the Sept. 12 season opener at Tennessee, they play five of eight at home, with no road games east of Denver.
    the East of Denver reference is only those first 9 games…hope Florio witholds the bananas he pay you with this week

  2. # jfd117 says: April 21, 2010 9:46 AM
    Re: Raiders sched… I guess Pitts and Jax are not east of Denver?? Buy a map!
    Week 1 is also at Tennessee, definitely east of Denver, as is Kansas City.
    What the article says is:
    The Raiders will travel lighter. After the Sept. 12 season opener at Tennessee, they play five of eight at home, with no road games east of Denver.
    This was clearly a reference to an 8 game stretch, not the whole season as a whole. They actually have 4 road games east of Denver.

  3. If the Natural born Felon League goes north of the border they probably have to leave half the team behind because of their criminal records. And a significant portion of the rest might not be able to get back in from Canada after the game.

  4. now the line about the Raiders has been changed with no comment on the screw up? Is this now being hosted by ESPN?

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