Chargers trade up for Ryan Mathews

The Chargers have found their replacement for LaDainian Tomlinson.  (No pressure.)

San Diego traded up all the way up from the No. 28 pick to Miami’s spot at No. 12 to select Fresno State running back Ryan Mathews.

To move up that far, the Chargers must have been convinced that someone was set to take Mathews in the next few picks.  Our best guess would be Seattle.

Mathews is a one-cut downhill runner — just like Norv Turner likes.  He’s a three down back that can immediately carry the load, keeping Darren Sproles in a third-down role. 

UPDATE: Here are the terms of the trade.  The Dolphins traded the No. 12 pick (Mathews), a fourth-round pick, and a sixth-round pick to the Chargers for the No. 28 overall pick, the No. 40 overall pick, a fourth-round pick (No. 126), and linebacker Tim Dobbins.

Not a bad deal for San Diego.  It reminds us of when the Chargers gave up a lot to move up for safety Eric Weddle.

12 responses to “Chargers trade up for Ryan Mathews

  1. Thank you San Diego we Phin fans really wanted a 2nd this year. Now if you look at it we got Marshall for (1) 2nd round draft pick….now that’s a steal!

  2. dolphins get the 28th a second rounder and a fourth rounder. solid trade for the fins. Depending on who thet get at 28 of course

  3. From what I can tell:
    Chargers get:
    Miami 1st (12)
    Miami 4th (110)
    Miami 6th (173)
    Dolphins get:
    SD 1st (28)
    SD 2nd (40)
    SD 4th (126)
    Tim Dobbins
    So the Chargers upgraded their 1st and 4th round picks and swapped their 2nd rounder + Tim Dobbins for Miami’s 6th to move up.

  4. On paper, it seems like a phenomenal deal for Miami. They’ve essentially traded a second round pick for one of the five best receivers in the NFL. They moved down (which they were looking to do) and they picked up the eighth pick in the second round AND they got a linebacker who will start.
    A lot depends on who they actually end up selecting with the 28th and 40th, but these are the types of moves that winning organizations make.

  5. i like the deal mathews is a beast at rb he’ll do well in our offense and he was gonna get picked up well before 28th. My only concearn is at nt hopefullyt we can get rid of sproles mfor a 2nd or 3rd

  6. As soon as Spiller left the board at 10 Mathews came into play with Seattle especially

  7. Mathews is a beast and is a perfect fit for the Bolts. Was the price high? On paper, yeah. But relative to the situation no way!
    Mathews would never have made it past Seattle and Texas, of that I am certain and I am convinced Mathews becomes the best back in the draft and a perfect compliment to Sproles.
    Heck we might even swing a trade today to get another pick!

  8. Not only that, but two teams have now traded up for RBs. This could easily enhance Sprolesy’s trade value.

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