Colt McCoy: "I have no expectations"

Sam Bradford will go first overall, Tim Tebow thinks he’s going higher than everyone says, and all the other quarterbacks seem to be dropping. That’s our best read on the quarterback situation in the final minutes before the start of the 2010 NFL draft.

One quarterback, Colt McCoy of Texas, says he can’t get a read on his own draft stock.

Interviewed on ESPN Thursday night from Austin, Texas, McCoy said he doesn’t have a feel for where or when he’ll be selected.

“I’m just trying to relax,” McCoy said. “I’m just kind of hanging out and waiting to hear my name called.”

McCoy says he really doesn’t have any idea when he’s going to hear his name called.

“I have no expectations,” McCoy said. “Today or tomorrow, going first or second round, I know that the team that wants me most is going to get me, and when my name is called and I get introduced to where ever I’m going to live, where ever I’m going to play, they’re going to get 100 percent of my best effort, and we’re going to do just what I did at Texas, and that’s win a lot of football games.”

12 responses to “Colt McCoy: "I have no expectations"

  1. “I have no expectations”
    The Raiders already drafted him?
    How’d that happen?

  2. Comments like that moments before the draft can cause one’s stock to rise a spot or two. That’s the exact attitude one looks for in a real leader.

  3. Wow, what an article Michael David Smith! How much effort did it take to collect these quotes from ESPN and add in those two sentences? Great reporting.

  4. I should just turn on closed captioning while i’m watching ESPN………
    That way i can read what i’m watching and not have to come here to read what i just watched…
    Way to narrate!! choke on an M&M you hack

  5. “I’m going to go somewhere that midgets excell -”
    ” Are the Rolloffs adopting ? “

  6. I think Bradford is a China Doll and I’m not convinced Santa Clausen can deliver.
    I think this kid could be the real deal as long as he gets good coaching and is not destroyed like Quinn was in Cleveland though coaching indecision and turmoil.

  7. Hahaha… that is freaak’n funny (What McCoy was reaaly saying was I have no backbone or testicles!)
    So true. He will crumble like a cookie when he gets in the NFL. Whoever picks him needs to be fired from their job. What a waste of a pick! Ouch mommy… I hurt myself in the BCS Championship Game. “If” he gets picked, I predict a major injury in his first few games…. Sorry. What a joke.

  8. He is the type of player that will crumble like a cookie. He will be injured in his first few games. The guy who drafts him will lose his job.

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