Colts snare Hughes at 31

With defensive end Dwight Freeney nursing a foot injury, the Colts’ lack of pass-rushing depth was exposed in Super Bowl XLIV.  Raheem Brock failed to push the pocket, and Drew Brees picked apart a normally stout Indianapolis secondary en route to a 37-17 win.

Colts president Bill Polian has done something about it.
With the 31st overall pick in the draft, Polian selected TCU defensive end Jerry Hughes.
Hughes comes up just short of the 6-foot-2 benchmark for pass rushers, but was unstoppable in college.  The Horned Frogs’ first two-time consensus first-team All-American since 1935, Hughes accounted for 26.5 sacks and eight forced fumbles in his final two seasons.
In Indianapolis, the 6-foot-1, 255-pound edge rusher will compete for snaps behind Freeney and Robert Mathis.  Hughes is seen by some as explosive enough off the snap to even succeed as a three-technique, interior rusher.  He should not struggle for snaps in year one.

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  1. HE is insurance against what happened in the SB-critical backup for either Mathis and Freeney.

  2. Hughes is better than Freeney against the run. I think in 3 – 5 years, people will look back and say this is a GREAT pick. He gets to learn from 2 of the best undersized DE’s playing right now

  3. As a Saints fan, I was pretty annoyed that the guy we wanted was snatched from us right before we picked.

  4. I don’t know what all the fuss is about praising this pick. He probably doesn’t get on the field this year. The Colts problem isn’t thier defensive players or offensive line players its been and always has been their philosophies. Their philosophy is run the entire team through one player and build around that one player. ONE guy is all you have to prepare for if your a great team. Its simple. If your an average team you need luck because ONE Manning is probably better then your team. But if your team is great like the Saints you would think you can STOP ONE guy and thats what they did. There is only so many times you can rely on someone to make choices and decisions. Pretty soon they become in certain situations PREDICTABLE and thats why they lost. Unless they change their PHILOSOPHY nothing will change. Sure they will win 12 or more games every year when Manning plays but that ONE team will beat them every year. For example….1. Hire a head coach that has more authority then your quarterback or just have your quarterback become the offensive coordinator and be done with it 2…Once you have an ESTABLISHED coach that actually coaches have him call plays in the crucial moments, not have him call easy ones like punting on 4th down……3. Quit paying top dollar for your current defense they don’t matter, if your going to build around your quarterback then you might as well go for broke and invest the money on offense, people will critisize you anyway when you lose….4
    . If the Colts can do these “changes” they would atleast be honest to themselves and actually do what they have believed all along, “Peyton first, everything else last”….

  5. To Jay16:
    Well said, my man. You said it all. If I were Jim Irsay, I’d dump Polian in a heartbeat and hire you, because you obviously have more football sense than both Polians. I won’t bother to repeat most of your excellent points here.
    The key word is PREDICTABLE, and the Colts are that in spades. As a native of Indy who no longer lives there, but still followed the Colts until management decided to lay down the last two games, I too am sick of 11,12,13 win seasons that don’t end with a title (and even only one other S.B. appearence). Come to think of it, isn’t this what Polian’s known for? This has been his pattern throughout his career, lots of winning seasons, but, if I’m not mistaken, only one S.B.
    You’re also on target about Caldwell, who obviously has sold his soul to the devil, and his manhood to Bill Polian for the opportunity to be the H.C. of a great franchise. Lastly, if I were Payton Manning, I would stand up and tell management that they need to dump this silly, conservative manner of running this team. If he doesn’t, he’ll see what could have been an illustrious, multiple S.B. winning career end with barely a whimper……..

  6. You guys are morons. Only 1 teams wins the title every year, once u get to the playoffs its just 1 game at a time…if you slip up a little or have a bad day YOUR DONE! Its completely unpredictable. Do you think the Giants wouldve beaten the Pats 4 out of 7 games back in ’08?? Absolutely not, but for 1 GAME they were better so theyre SB champs. Its not baseball, theres no series where the best team ALWAYS WINS! No one wants to hear Colts fans complain about “winning 11,12,13 games a year”…are u freakin kidding me???! Teams would kill for that success. Hopefully it leads to more titles but u never know…and its not like we are CLEARLY better than every other team in the NFL, its not easy to win games!!
    As for Hughes…its a nice luxury to have when your team is loaded and you can select backups in the 1st round!! He will contribute, but hes not an every-down player. I like the pick, and GO COLTS!!

  7. Jay16 and SheHateMe are morons. So are you saying that you rather have your team to win on average 7-9 games a season and then win a Super Bowl once in a while? Bill Polian is one of the best at drafting players and cycling through players wherever he has been. Think about the players the Colts cut ties with especially linebackers. Other teams in the division picked them up right away. I know why she hates you, cuz you are dumb.

  8. Clearly Jay16 and shehateme are of subpar intelligence. The saints didn’t stop manning, if anything, it was the coaching. the decision to not attack at the end of the 1st half was not his, and its not his fault that hank baskett sucks. But its good you would want to throw away a scheme that puts them in contention every year and has won a super bowl already. Any idiot watching the game knew the colts d had no chance once freeney went down. Rushing the quarterback IS bar none the most important thing a defense can do in this age. The game totally revolves around the quarterback and it was on grand display in the second half of that game. BUt its good idiots like you two will draw final conclusions based on a half of football, figuring that a team should scrap its entire plan because a half of football didn’t go their way. I thank God for Bill Polian, because I know as long as my team has him and Manning, I have as good a shot as any other team to win the title in the given year.

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