Cornwell breaks his Big Ben silence at 8:40 a.m. ET

If NBC still had a radio network, we might think twice about pimping the product of a rival.  But since NBC’s radio operation has gone the way of J. Fred Muggs, here goes nothing.

Appearing on ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning (insert the “you would have called them Man-Girl & Meatball in the Morning if you hadn’t sold out”) will be David Cornwell, a seasoned sports lawyer who represents Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

It will be the first public commentary from Ben’s camp on the suspension and trade talk.

(We’d also mention that the show is simulcast on ESPN2, but NBC still has plenty of television networks.)

14 responses to “Cornwell breaks his Big Ben silence at 8:40 a.m. ET

  1. Sneak Peek – “He’s innocent”.
    Golic – “uh huh”.
    See, now you don’t have to listen to that garbage. How does national sports talk radio exist? I guess if you can cobble together enough 0.1’s you can make some money.

  2. Florio, why you hating on ESPN and Mike & Mike. At least they report real news. Settle down bud.

  3. He said… blah, blah, blah….
    Media influenced the punishment handed down by league…
    Ben did not commit a crime…
    Expected indefinite suspension…
    Ben did not commit a crime…
    Ben understands, does not agree…

  4. He said nothing. I want to hear from the big stupid bum with real questions not this soft stuff we get from these a_ _ kissing Mike & Mike

  5. Golic career — CAREER — stats:
    Games played 115
    Sacks 11.5
    Interceptions 3.
    Conclusion: he was barely there. The epitome of average, or in Golic’s case, less-than-average another dumb Notre Dame jock.
    And the day that he said, and I quote, “The Beatles are overrated”, I knew I could safely turn off this stupid show and never miss a thing.
    And then there’s Greeny, a whiney little bitch if there ever was one.
    Do I hate the two of them more than ESPN? It’s a toss-up.

  6. If you look at the non-stop string of PFT articles, including late yesterday which seemed to indicate Ben had other issues, it is obvious that PFT is intentionally butchering Ben’s reputation merely to get traffic to this site. What has been said goes beyond “rumors”. I hope Ben’s legal team recognizes this and sues PFT.
    And I agree with BasicInstinct, screw the Rooneys as well. They certainly didn’t mind when Ben was getting his ass kicked by other defenses as he led the Steelers in many cases singlehandedly down the field to wins and MADE MONEY for the Rooneys. Now that he needs their support, they won’t give it to him. I got new for the Rooneys. Quit thinking the Steelers are holier than thou. While they might not put up with as much as other teams do, they are not saints either. They owned gambling operations which were in violation of league rules for years.
    As a former Pittsburghers living out of town now, we usually get the opportunity to purchase tix for 3 games a year and we do. We spend about $2K each time on tix, travel, hotels, merch, etc. If Ben is traded, they can forget me spending my money. Sure, as a fan for over 40 years, I will watch for free on TV, it’s in my blood to be a Steeler fan. But they won’t get my money. I am sure they could care less. But that is the statement I will personally make. Zero money spent on the Steelers this year by my family. Period.
    The Rooneys should give Ben a chance to make amends here. For some reason he is being made an example of and it does not seem appropriate. Now today there is an article out that the sorority sisters in fact invited Ben back to their house! It is so obvious they were after him that night. Yet, NONE of them are getting a penalty for their actions.

  7. @ Moleburgh57 – but Florio is blowing them away in Big Ben page hits. Plus, real news services have to be able to hide their biases more….. unless we’re talking politics.

  8. Ben is an excellent quarterback that, when on top of his game can under any circumstances lead his team to the…oh, wait. Bad team with a good quaterback isn’t a lock.
    Anyone who values winning Super Bowls over the safety of others is pretty pathetic. Just like BasicMisogynist up there. What a creep.

  9. # Mooch says: April 22, 2010 8:29 AM
    Sneak Peek – “He’s innocent”.
    Golic – “uh huh”.
    See, now you don’t have to listen to that garbage. How does national sports talk radio exist? I guess if you can cobble together enough 0.1’s you can make some money.
    Dude, you are so F’n right. National sports radio sucks. I listen once in a while and it is awful….just awful….
    John Feinstien is alright.
    The five Worst:
    1. JT the Brick
    2. Bruce Jacobs
    3. Mike and Mike
    4. Tony Bruno
    5. The late night guy on Sporting news radio (Forgot his name)

  10. Mike Greenberg is gay. He has a terrible nose job… and is proud of it. Who does that shit?

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