Cowboys trade up for Dez Bryant

D. Bryant.jpgJerry Jones got his “wow” player. In the process, they provided the biggest wow moment of this draft.

Dez Bryant is a Dallas Cowboy, ending more than a month of speculation leading to this moment.  The Cowboys traded up three spots, with the Patriots, to nab Bryant at No. 24.

There’s no question Bryant was the most talented wide receiver in this draft.  He’s arguably one of the top-five most talented players in the draft overall, and well worth the gamble this late in the first round.

Bryant’s “life skills” have been questioned, but he’s a natural pass-catcher that can physically manhandle opponents.  He’ll have the support system of Deion Sanders in Dallas — we think thats’ a good thing.

The addition of Bryant makes us wonder about Roy Williams’ future.  Williams likely has one year left in Dallas — at most.

UPDATE: The Cowboys gave up the No. 27 and No. 90 pick for the right to move up for Bryant and the No. 119 pick.

36 responses to “Cowboys trade up for Dez Bryant

  1. crabtree pt 2 now playing at a theater near you. I was the best receiver by far in the draft but I was chosen 2nd. Now pay me like the 1st receiver picked. hahahaha

  2. we r fing stacked now…look out we are going to put 35 easy on the board now and with that defense we might win every game.

  3. Jerry wasn’t going to screw this up like he did with Randy Moss 12 years ago!!! Austin and Bryant baby!!!

  4. Roy Williams, the travel agent called – your ticket outta town is ready for pickup. I’ll throw in the bologna sandwich and the road map just because I’m a nice guy.

  5. good move jerry, the ravens were definately going to take him. now just have to get someone to throw him the ball!

  6. I hope he is as toxic as they come…and that the Eagles get a good press corner ASAP.
    On an unrelated note: Tim Tebow and Josh McDaniels will be caught together in a rest stop bathroom and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior by the time the regular season begins.

  7. I guess T.O. isn’t coming back to the big D. So now Jerry is going to pay about 15 mil for two unproven receivers the year. Smart. Roy, you should be ashamed to cash your paychecks.

  8. I’m a Redskin fan, but this is a great pick for Dallas.
    I think the bad press was over rated, this guy will be a stud.

  9. I’m fairly certain, Jerry told this kid to sandbag the pro day and private work outs, and that he’ll get him and sweeten the pot a little bit. Beyond all of that I’m very happy. I was worried Bulaga was still gonna be up there though because logically we would’ve had to go that route.

  10. The 0-3gles need more than a press corner. They need two corners that can play man and tackle and two safeties that actually belong in the NFL. And they need LBs. Their defense is pathetic.

  11. Way to go Jerry i said it earlier if you passed him up u would kick yourself in the ass later way to take my advise u will be pleased now send Roy to the airport to head home to the unemployment line Ha Ha you joke

  12. I am so fing pumped right now…lets get this season rolling baby. We are so fing stacked and unstoppable.
    Now pick up need areas with the rest of the picks and we are the most talented team in the league. Time for Doughboy to take this train to the promised land.
    f ya baby!!!! HOW BOUT THOSE COWBOYS!!!!

  13. Good pick but they still need to protect romo. Also needs safety help. Draft Taylor Mays or sign sharper.

  14. This is GREAT! And our divisional rivals and the rest of the league for that matter better be ready…GO COWBOYS!!!!

  15. Where’s VoxVeritas??!! Last year you talked sh** about the niners drafting a diva, how bout them cowboys???

  16. The Ravens got punched in the nutsack.
    Good pick by Jerry. Didn’t give up a tremendous amount to move up. I’m sure New England was happy to block the Ravens from getting him.

  17. Yeah great receiver, but you could have used that pick for offensive line….dumb mistake imo. plus he will be a diva and clammor for all those deep balls going to Austin. 1-2 yrs before this move blows up in there faces. HAHA dumb Cowgirls!

  18. good move jerry, the ravens were definately going to take him. now just have to get someone to throw him the ball!
    Not according to what Ozzie Newsome just said in his news conference. According to him, even if the Cowboys hadn’t have traded in front of them, “the Broncos had sweetened their offer to us three times, and we would have probably traded the pick. We needed more picks.” Could he be saying that to cover his ass? Yeah, but its hard to argue with him with all the success he’s had. Just sayin’.

  19. Dez Bryant = Michael Irvin II. Great on the field. Maybe not so great off of it.
    Could be the pick of the draft though.

  20. since he was suspended I thought this was a Dallas conspiracy. Obviously, I’m biased as an Eagles fan but nevertheless this guy is a stud. The nightmare was come to fruition.

  21. “Yeah great receiver, but you could have used that pick for offensive line”
    Nobody was left that was worth it. All teams should take the best players available in the first round, not reach for needs.
    “I guess jerry jones is gonna be the cowgirls RT.”
    No, that would be Marc Colombo. Follow football much? Oh, nevermind. I see you’re an 0-3gles fan.

  22. Lol… yeah, perfect fit for this mental giant.. Still won’t help you win a playoff game, keep wishin!

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