Darren McFadden could be available

D. McFadden1.jpgThere are still plenty of fifth-round picks out there to be dealt, so we may not be done yet with veteran trade movement before the draft.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen this morning mentioned Oakland’s Darren McFadden as a veteran player that may surprisingly be available during the draft.  Mort has close ties to the Arkansas program, so the news carries a lot of weight.  And it’s surprising.

While McFadden has underperformed, he’s shown more promise than other recent Raiders first-round picks.  Mort also mentioned Shawne Merriman as a sleeper to get dealt.  (Although Merriman would have to sign his restricted free agent tender.)

We put together a list of available veterans for our big draft question preview over at NBCSports.com.  Check it out after the jump:

Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, Redskins linebacker
Rocky McIntosh, Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell, Giants defensive
end Osi Umenyiora,
Titans running back LenDale White, Bills running back Marshawn Lynch,
Ravens running back Willis McGahee, Browns nose tackle Shaun Rogers,
Dolphins quarterback Tyler Thigpen and Raiders linebacker Kirk Morrison.

51 responses to “Darren McFadden could be available

  1. For a fifth? Grab him, Eagles. A little depth at the position couldn’t hurt since we don’t have a proven veteran anymore.

  2. Oh Mort has ties to Ark., so I guess thats why he was sooo high on Matt Jones. How many Pro Bowls has he been to? It is starting to make sense.

  3. Marion Barber for Dallas would be another good player to dump, as Felix Jones and Tashard Choice have proven capable, and this is an uncapped year.

  4. Well, you’re guaranteed to get one right. Let’s see how you do with the rest. There’s 3 names up there I wouldn’t mind the Eagles getting, but we’re fresh out of 5th round picks.

  5. Gregg these kind of posts are usually Gloryholes work. Your gonna quote Chris Mortensen? BAD MOVE!!! The Raiders let Justin Fargas go to give more carries to McFadden and Michael Bush. He is NOT AVAILABLE! Think about it, IT MAKES NO SENSE!!! Stop quoting media types that have an axe to grind with Big Al and Americas most hated team….YOUR OAKLAND RAIDERS!!!!!

  6. Saints LT Jamal Brown could potentially get moved as well. We have 3 starting quality LTs and Brown has the most trade value. That’s been the rumor on the Saints boards. Maybe a straight up trade for Haynesworth, or Haynesworth and Rocky McIntosh (we could use an OLB after losing Fujita) for Brown and our 2nd or 3rd.

  7. “Mort has close ties to the Arkansas program, so the news carries a lot of weight.” – as far as I know he’s a Raider, not a Razorback. So how would anyone at Arkansas know?
    Still, I know Chris Mortensen is a reliable source. So I sure as hell hope this isn’t true..

  8. Of all those guys I want Kirk Morrison. I think he is alot better than he gets credit for, and he gets credit for being pretty good as it is.

  9. That’s because, instead of being a threat to score anytime he touches the ball, he is a threat to fumble or get injured…or get chased down from behind by some unknown DB.
    Deion Sanders: “Darren McFadden has 4.3 speed!! What does this guy have? 4.2???!!” (he didn’t even know the guy’s name, either lol)
    You take your chances when you give a 22 year old $60M over 6 years. There’s always the possibility that the 22 year old will pull a “Jamarcus”…
    R O O K I E
    P A Y S C A L E

  10. Not as big name of a vet, but Daryn Colledge (OG) from GB could get dealt. Has been starting last 3 years ro so.

  11. It would be a mistake if the got rid of McFadden. You cant expect to be good when they put 8 in the box every play because they know your quarterback sucks….

  12. I wish Detroit would have gone after Tyler Thigen I think he would have been a better number two option than what we got. I don’t understand why people don’t see the talent in this guy! He showed he can put up some serious numbers in KC.

  13. some teams would be better off signing Huggy Jr since the Raiders dropped him. Yeah he’s 30 but he can still eat up the carries.

  14. I can’t believe they would give up on McFadden when they haven’t given up on Russell. I know it’s the Raiders and yadda yadda yadda, but they got rid of Fargas, so McFadden and Bush are supposed to be the guys this year

  15. i’d offer a 4th to the raiders for him
    i’d rather have mcfadden then lynch if it came down to it
    heck id trade a 3rd for OSI also
    get suh at # 2 ,a dn then try and work out a trade with the saints for Jamaal Brown or Jared Gaither with pick 34

  16. Love the “live game” action photo. You can almost feel the excitement pulsating in the nones of fans witnessing McFadden’s greatest achievement on an NFL football field (posing for a picture).

  17. I’d like to see the Saints ask about McFadden and Morrison in exchange for Jammal Brown and a pick.
    They need a starting-quality OLB from this draft and getting a third quality RB to run the three-headed backfield would be a major haul. That frees them up to go BPA or DT.

  18. “Mort has close ties to the Arkansas program, so the news carries a lot of weight.”
    That may be the dumbest thing written here in a long time, nobody knows what the F crazy Al is going to do.

  19. well the lions fans finally woke up after a 10 year slumber. It’s so cute the way they think they have an NFL team and everyone of them is a GM now.

  20. Mort has ties to the Arkansas program so it carries a lot of weight??? WTF?
    Last I checked, Al Davis wasn’t in the habit of running all of his business past the boys at Arkansas. So what the f— does that have to do with anything.
    Besides, this isn’t shocking news. And it will take more than a 5th, guaranteed.

  21. I would like to see Shawn Merriman as a Raven he’s sumone u could plug in rite away that’s a good fit but his price is to high so I don’t think that will happen I also could see Run Dmc in as a steeler he could add sum needed quickness to a slow back field there in pit !

  22. seals, you haven’t been paying attention. This time of year is the Superbowl to Lions fans. We go crazy in April, and resume our suicidal tendencies in September when the actual games start up.

  23. Take everyone on the list, mix the Wildcat with the Wishbone, and you’ve got a good team.

  24. Why does McFadden fall over so easily? Sometimes, it appears that he can be “stuffed” by a fingernail tackle, & other times it appears that defensive players merely have to swear at him loudly as he is running by, & McFadden will fall down, fumble, & get a boo boo on his knee which will cost him to miss the rest of the season.
    Dear Darren: Type the word “Malinger” into your Google search engine. See? They actually have a word for it!

  25. “I wish Detroit would have gone after Tyler Thigen I think he would have been a better number two option than what we got. I don’t understand why people don’t see the talent in this guy! He showed he can put up some serious numbers in KC.”
    – Yeah i dont know why the bills havn’t brought him in to compete for the job with the “success” him an Chan Gailey had in KC.

  26. craiger902 says:
    April 22, 2010 10:40 AM
    Two years in the NFL and you are considered a veteran?
    Yes. He is no longer a rookie. He’s not even a soph’.

  27. Brohaha33- Im feelin da move u brought up.That wud definitely be a big time move 4 us acquiring Hanynesworth & Mcintosh 2 fill those voids on D. That way we cud focus on resigning D.Sharp and if not jus draft a Safety if he still trippn

  28. Eagles should give a 4th or 5th rounder to Oakland for Mcfadden. Maybe Oakland is going to take CJ Spiller if they can deal Mcfadden. I’ve love this

  29. How about our coach (Joshing McDilwad) for a bag of peanuts and a date with a cheerleader from anyones team? Too much? how about I toss out the date, any takers then?

  30. marktg30 says: April 22, 2010 10:37 AM
    Browns should trade #7 to Oakland for #8 and McFadden…
    Ah ha ha!

  31. Mort has ties to Arkansas…meanwhile, the Raiders do not have ties to Arkansas.
    I don’t want to lose MacFadden, but dang he gets hurt a lot.

  32. Wish the Redskins would look at a deal for McFadden. Then they could cut some of the retreads loose. He might look nice running in the one-cut, zone blocking schemes.

  33. this is the best BSPN report…Mc Fadden for a 5th….that is the biggest crock of crap ever…This this confirms Mortensen does not know the unamed source, who knows the nfl source, who knows the pft unamed source.
    Plus I did not know that McFadden was still playing for Arkansas? I could not find where they had a pick in the 5th rd this year. Maybe they draft right after USC

  34. i have a “named” source who is a friend of mine down in USC. His name is Lame Kiffin, and he told me Mark Sanchez can be had for a 7th rd pick, and a hot dog.
    PFT’s believe it or not.

  35. marktg30 – You are right on with that trade.. I’d even include a 5th round pick in there.. The Raiders are poorly managed, they would take that in a second if the Godfather thought there was a chance to move up a spot and take the fast guy on the board. McFadden is no bum, he just was put on a bad team.
    With a new regime in Cleveland, he could realize his potential behind an offensive line that allowed Jerome Harrison to look like Marshal Faulk.. I’ll take him and Cribbs running the wildcat all day long with Seneca Wallace..

  36. Raiders drop or trade DMC, they would go from bad to worst! Hate you Al, but dont do that!!?!?

  37. I knew this guy would be a huge bust. All he can do is run fast in a straight line. He’d be good at track, but he’s a terrible football player.

  38. Raiders trade McFadden and No. 69 overall
    to the Lions for Nos. 66 and 100 overall.
    That’s a fair deal.
    They get a 4th Rd pick and move up 3 spots in Round 3.

  39. “# sluggrad says: April 22, 2010 10:24 AM
    If McFadden is available then it might mean they’re targeting CJ Spiller at 8…”
    Or it might mean that they already had Michael Bush from the year before, never needed another RB, and made a huge mistake drafting him instead of a player that could have helped them win… But I think you can say something similar about the Raiders every year.

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