Don't rule out a passed pick

Every year at this time, the possibility of a team passing a pick becomes plausible.  In what could be the final draft featuring what the agents call “free money,” if someone ever will pass intentionally, it’s going to happen now.

A reader has reminded us of the dynamic (we can be a little slow at times), and it makes sense as it relates to the Browns at No. 7.

As we recently pointed out, the Browns are in a bit of a vise — too low to get a great player and too high to avoid the huge contracts.  So maybe they’ll decide not to make a pick.

The last time a team passed a pick came seven years ago, when the Vikings held the seventh overall selection in the draft.  The Jags swooped in and snagged quarterback Byron Leftwich, and the Panthers grabbed tackle Jordan Gross.  The Vikings eventually woke up and took defensive tackle Kevin Williams.

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  1. Yeah but the Vikes didn’t pass on purpose… they just couldn’t get the head out of their a$$es…

  2. I posted this in the comments section of the article about the Browns being in a vice @ #7…
    It was the first thing that popped into my head…

  3. Yeah yeah yeah…we have heard this idle brainfart so many times from you…remember that they are trying to trade that pick, too…

  4. “The last time a team passed a pick came seven years ago, when the Vikings held the seventh overall selection in the draft.”
    Yeah, but the Minny Vikes didn’t do it on purpose….

  5. I cant see it happening with the Browns. Holmgren wants to make a statement in his first year with the club, and the fans want to be entertained. They’ll pick the best available player and sell tickets that way.

  6. If the Vikings selected 9th instead of 7th, did they pay 7th slot money or 9th?
    Tricky way to save money

  7. The Vikings eventually woke up and took defensive tackle Kevin Williams.
    Which has turned out fantastically. I don’t see the Browns being this savvy though.

  8. –“Swooped in and snagged Byron Leftwich…”–
    That’s what we Jags fans like to hear – how we ‘swooped’ in and ‘snagged’ a great QB such as Leftwich. He sucked then. He sucks now. He will suck in the future. Just another great catch from the Shack Harris regime. RJ Soward anyone?

  9. NO team would skip a pick on purpose when there are, what seems like many, teams that are looking to move up this year.
    don’t waste my time with nonesense like this, go find a real story.

  10. Also, don’t rule out a meteor hitting Radio City Music Hall.
    Seriously, Florio. You’re a joke. You really think The Big Show’s first major move as Czar is going to be to skip the pick?

  11. That’s right!! I do remember them boneheaded bafoons from Minnesota letting their pick expire! Only the Vikings.

  12. I think the Rams should do it. The Lions are clearly going to pick a player other than Bradford and the Rams could then pick Bradford at number 2 overall instead of 1. Obviously it won’t save them a ton of money but some is better than none.

  13. Don’t the players (actually the agents) still try to hold out for the money claiming they “technically” should have been the XX pick?
    It worked out just fine for my Vikes, but how bad would that have looked if Leftwich turned into a flat out stud, and Kevin Williams was a bust?

  14. Every year it’s rumored, and every year it fails to happen except by accident (Minnesota).

  15. So what is the Rule? they can Not pick… then they can “Wake up” and like 15 or 16 or 31 and make a selection??

  16. Which means, the Vikings made the right move by letting Jags pick up Leftwich, and Pathers taking Jordan Gross. Williams has been a big part of that Vikings DE.

  17. Ron Dayne’s Strict Diet says:
    April 22, 2010 3:12 PM
    The Vikings eventually woke up and took defensive tackle Kevin Williams.
    Which has turned out fantastically. I don’t see the Browns being this savvy though
    There was nothing savvy about it. It was unintentional. Morons.

  18. The only way for a passed pick is if the team’s draft contingent happens to be passed out at the time. Or all in the bathroom passing bodily fluids and waste.

  19. Seriously, it’s day one of the draft. Is there not some actual news, or at least some rumors out there you could report on? No team is going to intentionally do this today. Good grief. Hell, tell us something about Big Ben or Favre.

  20. I am pretty sure the Vikings are more than happy that they passed on Leftwich. Gross and Williams are both top shelf players even though Williams is a drug using cheater.

  21. Come on, did Michael Crabtree teach us nothing? If a team does pass on a pick and waits a couple players before they do pick, what agent won’t make the case that” the player you got is the player you would have taken at the proper slot. So even though you picked him at #x, he is really a #X-2 pick and deserves the pay slotted for that pick. Besides, this player is way better than the the guy the stupid Raiders picked, so he should get more money… Not too many teams would be ready to sit a whole season on a player, just out of principle. If so, why wouldn’t they just accept a straight one-for-one trade with another team, acquiring a much lower pick for the price of the higher pick?

  22. only Florio in a historically deep draft would choose my Browns 7th spot as the cut-off…………too low to get a great player? At 7 in the 1st round?
    Florio, don’t flatter yourself by thinking if I weren’t laid-off right now I’d be reading this drivel.

  23. I doubt we will ever know the real story behind it but it appears to have been a pretty good move by the vikings.

  24. The idea of the 7 slot being “too low to get a great player” is preposterous. What a supid-ass comment, Florio.

  25. mixman34 says:
    April 22, 2010 3:07 PM
    and how’d that work out for my Vikes?!
    The pick worked out great.
    The fact that they didn’t get their trade worked out, didn’t get something in exchange for sliding back two picks, and generally looked like idiots? Not so much.

  26. The past couple years, there were legitimate reasons for teams to simply pass on a pick….and it didn’t happen.
    That said…I’d love to see what would happen if a team did simply decide “naaaah….we’ll wait while”.
    When the Vikings had their snafu a few years ago, the next two teams immediately handed their picks, which saved a half-hour of the usual hemming and hawing. If a team intentionally passed, I wonder how many teams would hurriedly hand in their picks? If a team like the Browns decided to let 6-8 picks pass before handing in their selection, it could easily knock an hour and a half off the length of the first round.

  27. So how exactly does the passed-pick thing work..? you can say: pass. someone goes ahead of you, and then you say: okay I want back in?

  28. I think it would be wiser for the Saints to pass at #32, so that they hold the first pick (along with the Rams) on the second day. That would make the pick more valuable as far as a trade. At that point in the draft, there’s not much of a fall-off in talent between the end of the first and mid-late second round anyway. So, if you could get an extra pick that would be the way to go.

  29. Is Buffalo the team with Roethlisberger in its sights?
    Think about it. They have not had good QB play since Kelly.
    They have already told some folks that they WILL have their QB. As if, they already know something.
    Since you don’t know who is available through the draft as Clausen could go to Seattle or the Browns, why would they say that. 9th is too high for Tebow.
    Could it be? The Steelers extended Leftwich. Why would they do that? They have Dixon up and coming. If the Steelers trade for 9, they can beef up offensive line, limiting Leftwich’s need to be a star and attempt to run a good bit more, which is what Rooney stated he wanted any way. They could draft either Haden/best offensive lineman at 9, and then draft Pouncey at Center at 18. Think about it.

  30. Any time at #7 is not very good and needs players. This is another stupid post and goes to show how much time you have on your hands during you “write off” trip.

  31. The choice is Roethlisberger who is rugged in cold games and proven, vs unproven Clausen. Makes too much sense with all the intel coming out.

  32. florio – you are nothing but a dirt bag just like most lawyers. Why don’t you just post a permanent banner on your stupid site that you hate the Browns.

  33. If I remember correctly didnt the Vikes, do that two years in a row. Yeah, thats not a great move, they just got lucky as hell.

  34. Now that you have covered every single contingency possible, you are set up to look like some kind of savant.

  35. florio is an idiot..i see this guy on NFL network on those top ten shows…what a douchebag.

  36. Can you swoop in a take a player the team that let their time expire didn’t want?
    If the Vikings were on the ball, would they have taken Leftwich?

  37. I remember when the Vikes were asleep at the wheel when the KC-Dallas trade took long enough that the clock expired. KC rushed to the podium after time had expired, and Minny was on the clock, and ended up with Ryan Sims. Minny sighed and took Bryant McKinnie.
    Seems to me that falling a$$backwards into better players was a pretty effective strategy for the Vikings.

  38. The last time a team passed a pick came seven years ago, when the Vikings held the seventh overall selection in the draft
    it was a screw-up by the Vikings…other than that has any team ever passed on a first round pick?or for that matter any other round?

  39. The Rams pass, 31 other teams sprint in succession to podium to hand in their pick. The prime time draft is over in 5 minutes. Cameras fade to NFL Network as Goodell is buried in a pile of jerseys. Oh yeah, LMAO for the next 3 hours as the camera crew plays tricks with the commentators heads. Can’t Wait.

  40. ArtModellsPimp says:
    April 22, 2010 3:34 PM
    Florio, do you just sit around all day and dream this shit up?
    Nevermind…I really don’t want to know.
    He said a reader pointed it out to him fella.

  41. There’s a better chance of Rosie O’donnel passing on a buffet than a team passing on a pick in this draft, which is to say the chances are fat and none.

  42. The idiot vikings screwed up two years in a row.
    You can’t call that a deliberate strategy.
    No, the Browns are not that dumb.

  43. # Slow Joe says: April 22, 2010 3:05 PM
    “I think Ben Roethlisberger is a bad drunk.”
    Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m actually very good at it.

  44. @ fleet10…. holy $hit dude… that was brilliant, i literally laughed out loud your comment made my day. Florio = waste.

  45. Passing is a smart move if you can’t trade down and there are more than 1 guy you are targeting and like them equally enough that the savings is worth it for you.
    Say you are the Lions and you know you want one of the top DTs but you have them both graded out equally. Don’t take one of the with the 2nd pick (unless you already negotiated a contract with one), just sit there and wait and see what happens with your guy ready to run to the podium and make the selection the second you see one of the DTs go off the board. Then you’ll drop down to the #3 or #4 pick in the draft and save several million dollars. If you’re even luckier and get the guy you want at #5, you save almost 50% of what the #2 pick would have been. NFL rookie salary scale is so dumb.

  46. Bob Nelson says:
    April 22, 2010 4:10 PM
    The idiot vikings screwed up two years in a row.
    You can’t call that a deliberate strategy.
    No, the Browns are not that dumb.
    You are the biggest idiot on this board Bob.
    Screwed up? Ok, lets compare how Vikings draft class differs to those of the Packers. Vikings win, hands down.
    Go spit nonsense elsewhere.

  47. Contra says:
    April 22, 2010 5:15 PM
    You are the biggest idiot on this board Bob.
    You’re a close second.

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