Eagles looking to move way up?

Last week we passed along a report from Peter King of SI.com that the Philadelphia Eagles could be looking to move up as high as the 12th overall pick to draft a safety. But a new report says the Eagles could be moving up even higher than that.

Derrin Horton of NFL Network, who’s stationed at the Eagles’ headquarters this week, reported that there have been discussions of the Eagles moving up as high as the fifth overall pick, which is owned by the Kansas City Chiefs, or 10th overall, with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Horton confirmed King’s report that the Eagles covet safeties Eric Berry of Tennessee and Earl Thomas of Texas, but he also said that if the Eagles move way up, they’d do so to go after a defensive end, either Georgia Tech’s Derrick Morgan or South Florida’s Jason Pierre-Paul.

On draft day, there are a lot more reports of trades than there are actual trades, so it’s entirely possible that the Eagles will stay put. But there’s plenty of buzz that they want to move up.

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  1. I could see them trading with the Broncos. The 11th overall pick dosn’t have a dark cloud of Crabtree contract hanging over it.

  2. why wouldn’t you utilize all of your 10 draft picks when you are in the middle of a huge youth movement? sounds dumb to me

  3. Berry will be there at #4.
    I’m sure the Skins would trade down if the EGirls gave them enough!

  4. Eagles have done well in draft picks the last 2 years…keepin my fingers crossed for a great safety! ala Taylor and Vincent…ahhh they were great!

  5. Moving all the way up to the top ten would likely be too expensive for the Eagles. With five picks in the first three rounds they are bound to get two or three starters so why overspend on any one player?

  6. Either Berry or Thomas would be great fits in the Eagles defense. I would be pleased if they traded up in the 1st round to get either player.

  7. Don’t go for JPP, saw this dude in person and he’s more of a freak athlete than a football player.

  8. There shall be TRADES and RUMORS OF TRADES, but be not alarmed, these things shall come to pass, and the end is not yet.

  9. For all these speculative posts it would be nice to at least take the extra step to speculate on what they would need to give up. This years first and the 2 seconds? This year’s first and next year’s first? Keep the Skins’ second and replace it with Eagles’ second next year?

  10. It most be fun being an Eagles fan in the off-season. all the wheeling and dealing, vick, you name it. Lets just see if it translates on the field.

  11. If I could get Berry I would give up this yrs #1 and our lower #2 plus next yrs #1. If Thomas this urs # 1 and Next yrs #1

  12. If the Eagles move up it will be for a safety. They realize how much they missed Dawkins last year.
    Ink Thomas as an Eagle.
    Also, Go Morgan. Philly boy coming home would be great, just not going to happen. Also, nice to see a former student and football player not only go in the draft but high in the first round.

  13. My good friend who is close to the organization informed me that the eagles are really loving this zipperhead named andrew bogan out of ECU. His nickname on the team was machine, so you know he is good. Only knack on the guy is that he wears one of those leather s&m masks with the zipper mouth because he likes that kind of stuff.

  14. They should draft a QB cause the Kolb era wont last beyond this season, the Eagirls will have to learn this one the hard way
    Kolb = Epic Failure

  15. I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Eagles will move somewhere. They often do. Whether it is up, down, and how far is the question.
    Live blog on the draft tonight Florio?

  16. I hope they don’t make the mistake of going after either of these two DEs. They both have bust written all over them.

  17. They’re trading with the Raiders, I can feel it..
    We move down and Iupati is right there for us. Plus we get extra picks. One in the second and maybe a 3rd rounder?

  18. As an Eagles fan, I’d love to see them trade up for either Berry or Thomas. I’m not sure I see them trading up into the top ten however. Thomas at 11 or 12…awesome.

  19. Horton also said the Eagles don’t value safety high in the draft.
    Hey A hole, they had a Hall of Fame player at safety.
    Hmmmm maybe that’s why they didn’t need to draft one high?????
    Geez us, these media guys just don’t look at the teams make up when making statements.

  20. unfortunately for us as eagle fans, i believe the front office is going to give away #24, #37 and probably #55 in this deep draft to make a move. personally i would rather take three players. we need them.
    since i’m relatively certain they are trading up, i just hope its not jerome mcdougal they are getting.

  21. I’m all for that… BUT not at the expense of mortgaging this years draft. Eagles have a chane of filling a lot of holes on their D in this years draft. Move up and get Berry for NEXT’S years picks

  22. Pierre-Paul at #5? Give me a break. They could get him with the 10th pick, no need to go overboard.

  23. Tell the Eagles that if they take back McNabb the Redskins should be thankful enough to hand them the 4th pick

  24. 7 should get you to your choice of all four or atleast 3 of the 4.
    Just give us your 24/37/55 please and thanks!

  25. It looks like the Chiefs would love to get out of that #5 spot so this doesn’t surprise me. The Chiefs have holes everywhere and want more pics. The Eagles have plenty of ammo to move up so it would make sense if this gets done.

  26. I’m all for that… BUT not at the expense of mortgaging this years draft. Eagles have a chane of filling a lot of holes on their D in this years draft. Move up and get Berry for NEXT’S years picks

  27. The Eagles need to keep the 3 picks from24-55. WIth the defensive depth in this years draft, they will be able revamp their defense in a hurry. Hold fast Andy and stock stock stock.

  28. I’m getting all excited about Earl Thomas. I love Berry too, but I can’t see choosing a safety as high as you’ll need to go to pick him.
    I don’t want ANY DAMN PART of Jason Pierre-Paul.

  29. I think it makes sense for the Eagles to move up and get any of these four players. They need a top talent on defense.

  30. “Eagles have done well in draft picks the last 2 years…keepin my fingers crossed for a great safety! ala Taylor and Vincent…ahhh they were great!”
    They were both corners…
    “Eagles did a great job moving up to get Jerome McDougle.. He really turned out great”
    And no one knows what he would have been if he hadn’t been the victim of a random shooting that robbed him of his rookie and sophomore seasons.

  31. Having worked for the Eagles, I can tell you that Joey Bans always has some tricks up those little sleeves of his. He loves the element of surprise, and cargo pants. I’m excited to see what moves they pull this evening..

  32. no chance we give up next years number one. we might trade our pick for some one elses next year, and it will be a shitty team ie, Carolina deal.
    They love draft picks too much to get rid of them. They might drop down if they cant get Earl Thomas for 1.24 & 2.24 + late picks //
    Tell you the truth my ideal draft goes Odrick1.24 / Mcourty 2.4 / OL 2.24 / Myron Rolle 3rd / BIG RB 3rd / QB 4th / then corners and linebackers for the rest of the draft

  33. This has the smell of deliberate misinformation from the Eagles end all over it. No one, including the Eagle brass, know exactly what they’re going to do until the the board starts unfolding. Also, trying to figure out what the Eagles are going to do in any event is nearly impossible. They have far too many holes to fill to start trading away multiple draft choices in a draft as rich in talent as this one. Oh, and that Egirls stuff just NEVER gets old………………

  34. God, I hope they do trade up. Because that would be the absolute dumbest thing that they could do. Mays…yeah right. Think Roy Williams of the Cowboys. All hitting no brain. No way Berry lasts until 11 or 12. Yeah…please trade those picks and move up – take Mays, please!

  35. I still can’t believe no one’s talking about Bogan from ECU. This guy is a straight up beast. I mean, I understand the concerns regarding the zipper mask he wears, but these days a lot of guys are doing weird things in their off time. The birds would be fools to pass this rare gem up.

  36. This is one of the deepest drafts in a long so it would make sense that this is they use a lot of picks to move up.

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