Herm Edwards criticizes Steelers for shopping Roethlisberger

Former NFL player and coach Herm Edwards appeared on ESPN Radio this morning and offered a different take on the Ben Roethlisberger story, criticizing the Pittsburgh Steelers for overlooking Roethlisberger’s bad actions while the Steelers were winning Super Bowls but now trying to kick Roethlisberger when he’s down by trying to trade him.

“As a coach and a guy who’s been in this league for 30 years, and understands about protecting the shield, I agree with the commissioner about suspending Ben,” Edwards said. “But what I don’t get is rumors about Ben being traded.”

Edwards said that as a coach he would have tried to get involved in personally helping Roethlisberger at the first hint of off-field problems — even if that hint came at a time when Roethlisberger was winning a Super Bowl.

“He has a problem,” Edwards said. “When the Pittsburgh Steelers won two Super Bowl trophies, he probably had those problems.”

Edwards questioned whether the Steelers are really doing the right thing if they get rid of Roethlisberger.

“We preach the team is a family,” Edwards said. “When your son gets a DUI and wrecks the car, do you take him to the adoption agency and say you don’t want him as your son anymore?”

Edwards noted that he has two daughters and doesn’t want to sound like he’s condoning anything Roethlisberger did, but he also said that he thinks the ownership and coaching staff should have been working with Roethlisberger to try to get him to see that he needs to change the way he acts off the field.

“I made it my business to understand what players have issues,” Edwards said. “Those are the guys that you reach out to.”

70 responses to “Herm Edwards criticizes Steelers for shopping Roethlisberger

  1. It’s great to hear what Herm would do IF he could get a job as a coach again……..
    Leave it to the professionals Herm.

  2. This morning, I thought Herm said the Steelers should trade Ben to the Redskins for McNabb…
    Herm has been banned.

  3. and thus Herm is no longer coaching. If that isn’t the prototypical definition of a player’s coach, I don’t know what is.
    Herm’s probably a great guy, maybe too great of a guy in that the players mistake caring for weakness. Also, the Chiefs did allow Jared Allen to walk during Herm’s reign right? I am sure the 2 strikes had nothing to do with that.

  4. I saw this interview. Edwards has accomplished the rare feat of looking both like an idiot and a chump at the same time… well done! He made the stupid comparison that if your son gets a DUI you don’t try and trade him, you help him by golly! Edwards, you are dumb. Uh, little thingy you left out… I don’t pay my kid $6,000,-000 a year cornhole! Edwards is just like every other pro athlete and ex-jock who thinks they are a bunch of retards who need their nose wiped by management.

  5. How does Herm know that the Steelers haven’t tried to help Ben after the first incident?
    Being put into the substance abuse program is suppose to be confidential, so him laying blame blindly on the Steelers is just as incorrect as a knee jerk reaction to trading him.
    Ben has been an ass for a couple years.. Ben’s drinking has been reported before.. so to me it is quite possible that he could be in the program already.
    Maybe that is the reason the Rooney’s seem to be as pissed as they are.

  6. “We preach the team is a family,” Edwards said. “When your son gets a DUI and wrecks the car, do you take him to the adoption agency and say you don’t want him as your son anymore?”
    Are you paying your son millions of dollars? Nope.
    Who is more informed about Ben and his actions, Herm or the Steelers?
    Thanks Herm.

  7. BTW… The Steelers won’t mention anything like that, that would make him all the more toxic at this point.

  8. So Herm, you feel as if you already know what the Steelers know, you feel as if you know what the Steelers have already done in terms of working with Ben, you feel like you can make this judgment from wherever you are? You have no idea how many times Ben has done anything, but you are just out there spouting off again.
    Sometimes it is better to sit back and trust the judgment of those that are living it Herm, not just sitting behind a microphone and reciting your morals without being the one on-site. Ya know ?

  9. Hey, listen, the media screwballs are the only ones talking trade on Ben. The organization has not ever said they are trying to trade or shop Ben. It has only been the media trying to stir the shit pot. Now, I agree that the Rooneys have NOT said they are Not shopping Ben, and one could imply that they are, but enough already. The media has given this rumor a life of its own. Shut up and move to an interesting story already.

  10. Always had a lot of respect for Herm, not necessarily as a great coach but for his interaction with the players. I think he has this one nailed and I place some of the blame for this whole mess firmly on Tomlin and the Rooneys.

  11. Anyone with Herm Edwards long, distinguished record as a head football coach should definitely be listened to.

  12. And there is a reason you are not coaching in the NFL Herm. You were to worried about reaching out and being a players coach than you were winning games. Maybe you should be a Life Coach not an NFL Coach.

  13. Herm is Awesome. If Tomlin goes he should be the guy. I don’t know why he wasn’t anyway. “We play to win the game” he’s famous quote sums up why you don’t trade your young franchise QB. Even the Ravens stood behind their guy (Ray Lewis) when he did bad things. And then the took them to a superbowl.

  14. I thought Herm was to busy to watch the news… (Herm’s Headlines on Andrew Sicilanos’ show)
    Also, this is why he is not a coach anymore…….

  15. Herm did such a great job reaching out to Larry Johnson. With results like that who could argue Herms point?

  16. And, in this year’s edition of the reality show, Celebrity Image Makeover, we have Herm Edwards in the role of Father Dungy.

  17. Yeah, he’s right. All the teams preach family. How stupid do they think people are. It is a business…..It’s a way to try to get the players to play together, period. They all want to create this image, as if it is so important. As far as the NFL goes, if their image is so important, how do they allow an absolute THUG like Michael Irvin into the Hall of Fame? Look at his record. It is ridiculous!! This was done on Godell’s watch. How does that bum end up in the Hall? Talk about an embarrassment! Oh, but yes…..its okay because he stood up and “bared his soul” in front of a mike and cried like a baby and talked about how he wanted to be a role model for his kids. Maybe they will be found with pounds of coke or be accused several times of sexual assault too.
    What a role model….oh yeah, then after his ridiculous enshrinement, he got “wrongly accused” of sexual assault (rape) again. But everyone bought it for the third time. You all can keep living in your pipe dream world.

  18. .
    You want the Rooney’s to start working with Ben so he stops raping coeds? 4-12 thinking dude. …..4-12 thinking.

  19. I hear you Herm, but how do you know the Steelers didn’t try before and were rebuffed by Ben? Some people don’t accept help if they don’t believe they have a problem….and it takes the prospect of jail to get the light to turn on. So just maybe the Steelers are fed up because they tried and tried and tried. Or maybe not. The point is, who knows?

  20. Kicking him when hes down?
    So when my sense of entitlement causes me to go and rape somebody, I can feel better knowing that I’m just having a downer day.
    Edwards is a moron.
    Everyone that thinks the Steelers could not have won those superbowls with Leftwich are also morons.

  21. Edwards has a lot of nerve to criticize the Steelers for the way they handle players with off the firld issues. How many suspensions have Bengals palyer’s had under Edward’s watch? The Bengals have become the new Raiders.
    I like the fact that the Steelers are willing to part ways with a player rather than tarnish the team’s image’ The sad thing is that there is always another team out there to pick through Pitsburgh’s garbage. Remember Burress?

  22. This is a media orchestrated lynching. They don’t like Pittsburgh in the first place and they are using this to railroad Ben out of town and render the Steelers noncompetitive for decades. He is not going anywhere.

  23. Thank You Herm for clearing that up for all the assholes who think like the Steelers do. I’m assuming if you play for the Steelers you can’t be human cause humans make mistakes. Keep Ben and forgive him; if he does make another mistake than I would suggest trading him.

  24. I completely agree with Herm Edwards, and applaud him for saying this. When Ben was getting hammered by opposing defenses while taking the Steelers to victory after victory, making the Rooneys MONEY and IMPROVING THEIR BRAND, they loved him. Ben supported the team in doing that.
    Now, when Ben needs their support because of mistakes he made, they apparently want to throw him out like yesterday’s newspaper. That is not a signal to send to the team. Fine, Ben should be disciplined. I personally think 4-6 games was too harsh, but so be it. Ben should be given the chance to redeem himself in Pittsburgh, and the Rooneys owe it to him to help him. For an ownership group that thinks it is holier than thou (which it isn’t, and owned gambling operations for years in violation of NFL rules), here is a chance to show some support to somebody that greatly contributed to their success. If the Rooneys want my continued personal financial support by spending money on tickets, merch, etc, then they better show me they want to help a major football contributor to the team like Ben, until he proves he is beyond help by making another major mistake.
    Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette did a great article today, somewhat along these lines. I am happy that some in the media have the balls to speak out in support of Ben and not bow to the ridiculous media and “other” pressure being applied to make an example of Ben. I wish PFT would show some balls as well.
    And I am still waiting for some type of “punishment” to be laid on all these underage sorority sisters who chased Ben from bar to bar and in fact invited him back to their sorority house. Ben didn’t get them in the bar, they got in themselves with fake IDs. Ben is taking some serious punishment and public humiliation here, and some of it rightly so. Meanwhile, they are getting off completely unscathed. So much hypocrisy going on, all over.

  25. There are so many chumps on this site it makes me laugh. This might be the only place where they think their opinion matters. It doesn’t.

  26. Didn’t Cowher try to tell Ben to stop riding motorcycles? He got personally involved and Ben blew him off. He’s got a teenager’s mentality thinking he knows everything and everybody in a position of authority is stupid. GROW UP YOU DISGUSTING, RAPING BAG OF S***!

  27. Herm is an idiot! Your son is your son! You don’t pay someone 103 million dollars to be your son

  28. “When your son gets a DUI and wrecks the car, do you take him to the adoption agency and say you don’t want him as your son anymore?”
    That’s what Chapnasty’s and trickbunny’s folks did.
    And only because they were out of ammo.

  29. herm should have asked Golic what he did to his son when we got caught underage drinking at Notre Dame! Then said what did your dad do to you when you took roids?!

  30. Herm is a typical judging idiot… How in the heck does he know the Steelers had not been actively trying to change Ben since he first got into an accident? Because they didn’t do a press release as they did with Brett Favre (drug issue)?
    The fact is he doesn’t know what has gone on in the past… Maybe this was just the straw that broke the camels back.
    He makes it seen as if they are just using this as an excuse to get rid of Big Ben. Doesn’t he think that they would love to keep him if they could?

  31. Steelers win SB XL.
    Ben wrecks on bike.
    Steelers stand behind Ben.
    Steelers win SB XLIII.
    Goldigger McNulty enters wild-eyed lawsuit.
    GA co-ed case.
    Rooneys furious over Ben’s trangressions.
    Media fabricates Steelers dealing Ben.
    Herm, buddy, he’s an abreviated outline of the timeline of the events on which you just barfed, farted and burped.
    You seem like a nice guy. But a lot of nice guys are also idiots. Try not to talk so much.

  32. I never liked herm as a HC, but as a steelers fan this hits home. I agree with him 100% .

  33. So which is it?
    A. The Steelers are a haven for thugs and rapists, their tarnished legacy a black eye on the squeaky clean NFL.
    B. The Steelers don’t understand that players are human and make mistakes, and they should help the players instead of trying to get rid of them.

  34. Herm Edwards approach to dealing with problem players has given us the turd sandwich which is Larry Johnson.
    Soooo…….maybe he isn’t the best source to turn to for advice on how to handle players with discipline issues.

  35. The bottom line is the NFL is a business. Now the Rooneys hired a guy and paid him A LOT of money to be the face of their franchise, this guy has chosen to run around drunk with his pants down exposing himself and has managed to get himself “accused” of sexual assult definitely 2 times (possibly 4 times according to this site). …can you blame them for trading him??? I don’t.

  36. “When the Pittsburgh Steelers won two Super Bowl trophies, he probably had those problems.”
    Nice assumption Herm. So four years ago Ben had this “problem”? A one night stand in a hotel room 1.5 years ago is the first accusation. See Herm, you are part of the problem. You are now in the media and you just spew words out of your mouth that mean nothing and have no factual basis.
    Why don’t you try your advice during the next coaching job you get. High school kids need a father figure.

  37. Florio is the one trying to trade Ben…………………..just to get more hits on his site. Cause we all know nothing is true around Draft time. The media is just sucking it up for the ratings and we’re he idiots feeding them.

  38. Herm kinda has a point. Unfortunately he is an IDIOT and he’s the last person that should give out advice for football players, coaches, or staff given his lack of achievement in the NFL.

  39. Usually I think Edwards is an idiot. He is one of the least intelligent NFL guys and has no real understanding of how football games are won or lost.
    However, in this case he is spot on in criticizing the Steelers (and by extension all franchises who do the same thing and look the other way when times are good) for ignoring this until the media got hold of it.
    As is clear by now, Dumb Ben has a long history of sexually assaulting drunk underage girls, and yet the Steelers didn’t care as long as they were winning. There really should be a lot more criticism of that entire organization. How many girls could have been saved from being raped if the Pittsburgh front office had been men and addressed his criminal behavior 5+ years ago??

  40. horntoad says:
    April 22, 2010 10:16 AM
    “…yes take it from a winning coach!”
    If I missed the sarcasm, I apologize.
    Herm’s coaching record in the NFL was 54-74 regular season and 2-4 in the post season.

  41. O.J. probably did some bad things when he was running good. It’s the total package, Herm, the total package.

  42. It’s this line of thinking that made Herm a failure. He turned the Chiefs into a bunch of soft pussies because he cared more about being BFF with everyone rather than instilling any sort of work ethic or discipline.

  43. @whitestar19
    You are a retard. So 1 incident, 2 months ago constitutes “a long history of sexually assaulting drunk underage girls”. Give me a break.

  44. I think Ben should call Tony Dungy, Im serious. Tony actually will do some of the things Herm is saying. Dungy is a Steeler to begin with, he comes from the Chuck Noll tree, if Ben reached out to him to get some help in guiding himself through the gauntlent Goodell has layed out for Ben’s return in 4 games, I got to think Dungy would help him, even though he is white.

  45. Herm Edwards, a coach who ruined the franchises he was in charge of as a head coach because he had his head shoved so far up the player’s rear ends. There’s a coach being player friendly and then there’s Herm who lets the inmates run the asylum.

  46. This guy is strating to make me sick. He wants to put his nose in all over and comes across as high and mighty.
    Familty my ass, how many players has be cut for some sort if injury. Do we throw our children into the street for banging up their knee? lol.
    What is this guy anywat Father Flanagen of the NFL, lets step down from your high and mighty stick, it is getting old.

  47. I agree wit ya Herm! Regardless of wat u wud receive 4 him n a trade,Dis wud set the franchise back another 5-10 yrs I promise if they make dat mistake.

  48. Herm who??? Wasn’t he fired? And so involved with his troubled players too. Maybe he should of stroked Larry Johnson a few more times like he stroking Ben now. But, on the other hand, LJ probably wasn’t running around with his dick hanging out.

  49. While I’m not saying that they won’t trade him, I will say that the more likely reason for all the talk is to scare him straight. He hasn’t listened to anyone yet about ANYTHING and between the suspension and the possibility of playing for a really bad organization, something, besides windshield glass, might finally get through to that thick head of his.

  50. OMG. What a parasite.
    I’ve watched many post game interviews with this putz when he has self destructed. This idiot has no street or professional credibility.
    Way to jump on the guy’s chest with all of the other haters just so that people know that you are still alive.
    Herm…..go away.

  51. You bigots are hilarious. It’s as if the mere sight of a non-white American immediately stirs your racialist leanings. It’s strange because more than 80% of all Americans have nearly identical cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, regardless of etnicity. For some of you, racialism (you’re much to poor and powerless to be actual racists) is a constant. I don’t know how you can enjoy a sport where the vast and overwhelming number of participants are not white. I can only imagine that your mom or dad or daughter or grandma or aunt or someone close to you has been, shall we say, enchanted by a big, black c*ck. It’s the only explanation… that or latent homosexual/bestial fantasies. Sick bunch!
    Pathetic, but entertaining!

  52. # UckTheFeagles says: April 22, 2010 10:31 AM
    “…and has managed to get himself “accused” of sexual assult definitely 2 times (possibly 4 times according to this site). …can you blame them for trading him??? I don’t.”
    So you’re saying that if it was up to you (as an owner), you would use the information that you read on THIS site, to decide the fate of a $100 million franchise player?
    You’re an idiot.
    There, you just read that on this site.
    ..must be true then.

  53. 54 and 74 pretty much sums it up as far as Herm goes doesn’t it? Maybe he is still pissed from being bounced from the playoffs by the Steelers.
    This from the guy who tried to finagle KC interest in him into a new contract with the Jets. Yeah, you have credibility on what is “right” and “wrong”.

  54. Herm Speaks the Truth !!!
    And besides….that Big Ben…..he suuuuure does
    move well in the pocket…….don’t he ?

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