If Raiders are shopping Darren McFadden, Lions are interested

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported this morning that the Oakland Raiders would be open to trading running back Darren McFadden. Now a new report offers the first suggestion of which team the Raiders might trade him to.

Tom Kowalski of MLive.com reports that the Detroit Lions would likely be very interested in talking to the Raiders about acquiring McFadden.

However, Kowalski reports that the Lions aren’t likely to give up more than their third-round pick (66th overall) to acquire McFadden. For as disappointing as McFadden has been, the Raiders might not be willing to give up a talented 22-year-old for just a third-rounder.

Kowalski also writes that whether the Lions would trade for a running back could depend on Cal’s Jahvid Best is available with their second-round pick. If he is, the Lions would likely take him. If he’s not, the Lions might be willing to pull the trigger on a trade for McFadden.

In 2009 McFadden was a disappointment in Oakland, carrying 104 times for just 357 yards and one touchdown.

56 responses to “If Raiders are shopping Darren McFadden, Lions are interested

  1. I think they should attempt to trade for Marshaw Lynch instead.
    can you just imagine Beast Mode driving around Detroit in his tinted SUV, guns and blunts blazin? he’d probably end up getting shot in the first couple weeks, but it would be high comedy while it lasted.

  2. he also had FIVE fumbles in 104 carries. That is worse than AD….and not nearly the other production.

  3. if they want mcfadden to be better they have to draft lineman to open wholes for him instead of bus recievers

  4. the fact that chris mortensen leakied this info means that al davis wont do it, if it ever was a possibilty in the first place

  5. one would think the Raiders would like to know if this deal is going down before they draft at the #8 slot. Particularly if CJ Spiller is still on the board.

  6. STUPID FOR THE RAIDERS. which is par for the raiders
    its not McFaddens reason you suck. its the owners and the O-line.
    it may in fact be Jamarcus’s fault you suck, but i still look at the owner and the O-line.
    and draft picks like Gallorey or whatever that giant freak redneck’s name is. nice tattooes terrible skills.

  7. 3rd rounder is too much for that guy…4th should be it….maybe even a flip flop of 1st round picks, plus a 4th rounder from Oakland should do it too.

  8. If that trade actually happens, McFadden’s fantasy value skyrockets.
    Oakland is the only team in the NFL in which a player can leave for the festering football cesspool known as Detroit and their fantasy value actually improves.

  9. if there was a line to block for mcfadden he would be one of the better backs in the league.
    that and if he could keep his fumbles under control.

  10. why would the raiders be shopping mcfadden? he has been (when healthy) one of the few bright spots on their roster.

  11. A 3rd rounder might be worth it. As the article indicates, he is still only 22 with not a whole lot of miles on him. He is only a couple years removed from being a top 5 pick. And Spiller is probably the only RB in this years draft class that I would take over McFadden right now.

  12. He’s a good receiver out of the backfield. I’d prefer they didn’t trade him.

  13. Come on raiders, dont be retarded all the time. Trade JaBustus for a tuna sandwich and keep your young RB.

  14. Tom’s a good reporter, but a bozo when it comes to evaluating approximate player values.
    I don’t see the stingy Martin Mayhew giving up more than the Lions 4th Rd pick, No. 100 overall, plus a swap of picks in Round 3 [No. 66 for No. 69], for McFadden, because he hasn’t been that good so far in his NFL career.

  15. Kowalski is just speculating. He hasn’t heard anything from Allen Park. He was actually referencing your artcile earlier this morning.

  16. McFaddens problems come along with the poor Oline an unimaginative offense and injuries. He is a bigger Reggie Bush with better hands and thats how the Raiders should use him he works hard as hell i saw a few games where he just unloaded on people trying to break a teammate free for a big gain. The Raiders would be off base to give up on him this early now Russell is another story!!

  17. I think his stats would be better if he had a qb that anyone feared. Best running back in the world can’t do much when there’s 9 guys in the box and your qb keeps trying to put gravy on the football.

  18. The next few years on his contract are pretty hefty too. I’m sure the the Lions are taking that into consideration.

  19. This is unrelated and who ever reads this from PFT probably shouldn’t post it but: Mike remember you did a story awhile ago about how the 49ers probably had a “wink nod” agreement with the league for something in order for dropping their tampering case agains’t the obviously guilty Jets. Well the 49ers have 5 prime tim games this year. Just saying.

  20. This is unrelated and who ever reads this from PFT probably shouldn’t post it but: Mike remember you did a story awhile ago about how the 49ers probably had a “wink nod” agreement with the league for something in order for dropping their tampering case agains’t the obviously guilty Jets. Well the 49ers have 5 prime tim games this year. Just saying.

  21. I wouldn’t do it. Definitely not for a 3rd. Even for the Lions’ 2nd rounder I’d be hesitant. McFadden is still capable of being an elite talent. Hopefully Hue Jackson can use him properly. Cable’s misuse of McFadden has been one of his biggest failings as a coach.

  22. Check that last statement, the Oakland Raiders were a disappointment in 2009.
    Letting a power rusher carry the ball less than 10 times per game is their fault no McFadden’s. He’s not a 4-5 yrd per carry type of back.
    As for the Lions getting him, I like it! They dont need a speed back that might pop one once in a while but otherwise be dragged down for loss. they need a guy who will pound out 3 yrds per carry and set up 3rd and managables early in the game.
    Real question here is McFadden’s character and work ethic. If he has the “whatever” attitude we dont need him. If he’s hungry we got tons of cornbread.

  23. I would say that the Lions have a pretty solid back in Kevin Smith. Look at what he does when he is healthy on (what was at the time) the worst team in sports.

  24. Listen you pricks No one cares about the Raiders or Lions they suck and they will suck for the next 10 years now do anything to draft Suh and you all might with 2 games Better then none

  25. In true Raider fashion, the Raiders will swap first round picks with Detroit, and then at #2 the Raiders will draft Spiller….

  26. i remember this draft,his mom ran her mouth throughout the draft trying to influence where he goes.everybody knew his lower body strength wasnt there,he had little girl calves.he is a prime example of not playing after getting paid.dont worry his moms coke habit will dry out his money,he will play soon to get another contract.

  27. It’s impossible to evaluate talent on the Raiders these days.
    Take Russell. I only saw him in two games last season but it was quite evident that he didn’t have a clue that the guys in different colored jerseys could take the ball from him, or that they had an incentive to. It’s not a player’s fault if the coaches haven’t explained the rules of the game to the team.

  28. If I was the Raiders, I would keep McFadden. Build up on the O-line, also trade up to pick up Big Ben from Pitt since he will be gone soon, and then this team could be fighting for playoff sports next season. Not this season, because Big Ben is out 6 games, unless he can win he rest of them when he comes back.

  29. PFTiswhatitis – Are you joking? “Lawrence Maroney for McFadden striaght up”. That is silly, come on, Maroney has proven, he can run the ball, McFadden has not “yes in college”, but that doesnt matter now does it?

  30. Let me tell you all this…..If this site is doing stories based on thoughts or “inside info” put out by “The Killer”, their really stretching what their reporting on.
    “The Killer”, covers every angle known to man regarding what the Lions are going to do, so when they finally do something, he can claim some sort of inside information. he never puts out a scoop or a bit of inside information ahead of anyone. Sheffler or Mortenson beat him by a mile and their not even in the same city.
    Kowalski is a waste of reporting space.

  31. Watch, Mayhew won’t give anything more then a 4th for McFadden, and he might pull it off and steal him.

  32. move russell to long snapper thats about all he is good for besides mascotte or head of hotdog sales

  33. another great raider pick.
    but the vikings should call. he would flourish with any decent line. so basically any team that made the playoffs last year should call about this guy.

  34. When healthy, Kevin Smith will always be in the bottom 8 starting Running Backs in the league.
    McFadden would probably be great for a team like the Colts, but for the Lions, he’d probably be the same. I think he is worth a third rounder but teams tend to over-value their picks so it would be more like a 4th rounder (which Oakland wouldn’t go for).
    With 6-7 Left Tackles and 2 Guards projected in the 1st round, one of them will likely fall to the Lions at pick 34. Getting Suh, then a tackle or corner, and “drafting” McFadden in the 3rd would be better than Gerhart or Tate or other guys who might be there.

  35. He’s not in Arkansas anymore. He doesn’t have a stud FB (Peyton Hillis) blocking for him or the change of direction guy (Felix Jones) in the same backfield. Michael Bush and Justin Fargas have been moderately successful considering what they’ve got in Oakland. McFadden’s a bust.

  36. Someone will get a steal, he’s getting beat to death since Jemarcus isn’t able to block for him.

  37. im sick and tired of hearing all these rumors and then days latter, its reported that it wasnt true. McNabb, Campbell, Haynesworth, Tebow, Roethlisberger, when is it gonna stop!!

  38. So sick of these people crying about facts. This is a rumor site, for the most part. If you don’t like it, go visit ESPN or some other site.

  39. McFadden isn’t the problem. When he’s been healthy he has been a quality player. The problem lies with OffDaMarcus Russell, sprinters (not football players) on the outsides and a swiss cheese O line.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Al Davis tried to sign Usain Bolt.

  40. I heard Indy is shopping Peyton Manning.
    Rumors have Manning going to the Bucs for a trillion dollars.
    Stay tuned.

  41. why not a three way trade with buffalo, marshawn is a cal guy, the raiders like his catch out of the backfield skills? raides get marshawn, lions get Mcfadden and the bills get #39? why not?

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