Mayock: Gruden interview could hurt Clausen

The NFL is always watching.

So when Jimmy Clausen sat down with Jon Gruden for his Sportscenter QB camp special, there were plenty of eyeballs still evaluating the Notre Dame quarterback.

“There are these nagging concerns about what kind of kid is he and the other night people around the league were talking about this,” NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said this morning on the Dan Patrick Show.  “He threw his wide receiver under the bus.  And quarterbacking 101 is you take responsibility.  Everything is your fault.”

Mayock said that caused some to wonder, “People look at that go ‘wow’.  Is that what we’re getting?”

Mayock thinks the Gruden interview could hurt Clausen, which was the point Florio made a few days back.   No one can figure out where Clausen land, with a few big names thinking a slide to No. 30 is possible. 

Maybe my bold prediction from our draft preview will turn out right after all.

36 responses to “Mayock: Gruden interview could hurt Clausen

  1. So, in other words, when he becomes a multimillionaire this evening, will it be by nine figures or “only” eight.

  2. He did kind of come of like a turd. Everything was somebody else’s fault. He also has a look and an air about him that I can assume will make his teammates insane. Also present on his film is his great arm and his undeniable heart, playing hurt behind a sh*tty line. This dude is tough to read. I’m blinded by hate for Notre Dame, so I hope he fails, but I think he could be the most enigmatic big name QB to come out in a while.

  3. Maybe I am forgetting something, but I can recall Marino chewing people out right and left in his day. I am not an ND fan at all and have no bias for Clausen but this kid is going to be a good player. He was watching film with Gruds and was asked what happened. What he was doing was being honest with the coach. Gruden did not seem alarmed when he said that because the two were having an honest film study together. If anything, the kid probably lost sight of the fact that this was being recorded and got caught up in the moment. If that drops him, that is ridiculous. If the WR f’ed up the play, then he should get his ass chewed out by the coaches and his QB.

  4. He has the skill set but is he too big a jerk to be effective at the NFL level? Sounds like the same questions that were being asked about Jay Cutler a few years ago. We all know how that turned out…OK maybe we don’t. But if Cutler, poison attitude and all, were available at pick 15 teams would be climbing over each other to get to him.

  5. Clausen will get drafted by a team that can afford to train a rookie qb. Even though the Bills need help at QB, I think they’ll pass at #9 because they don’t want another JP Losman on their hands.

  6. Not sure if this is a big deal. He’s a young kid, so this criticism will be a learning experience. Also the last time I checked, there are plenty of NFL QBs who have been known to deflect blame in one interview or another. I recall both Payton Manning and Tom Brady having thrown their O-line under the proverbial bus after a few playoff losses.

  7. I think people are blowing that comment way out of proportion. He’s what, 22, 23? Enough, guys, ENOUGH!

  8. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:
    April 22, 2010 9:54 AM
    He did kind of come of like a turd.
    He is a complete turd. So what? Teams win Super Bowls with turds for QB’s all the time.
    Just ask the………oh hell, you know where I am going here. Do I even need to say it?

  9. in the eye of the beholder. Jim Miller on Sirius NFL said it helped Clausen because he was taking copius notes throughout the video session.

  10. The dummy Claussen should have answered Gruden by saying..I gave the signal but i don’t think my WR saw it clearly, I will have to work on my communication when I get to the next level. But the new generation that’s coming up are a bunch of snitches and nothing is their own fault. Take the blame GENERAL!!!

  11. Just as disturbing were his answers at some of the other criticisms during that segment. When Gruden pointed out he was taking extra steps, which is huge because he’s had 3 years of Charlie Weiss telling him to not do that, Clausen admitted he was bored or wasn’t concentrating. Not concentrating? Notre Dame’s been a joke his entire career. He ought to be razor focused on every drop back. Then there was the Michigan game when he took 4 time outs and a delay of game. He kinda dodged blame on that one saying the sidelines weren’t getting him the plays quick enough. That’s throwing your COACHES under the bus. So it wasn’t just one thing, it was a whole lot of things in that interview. Granted we didn’t see all the footage but what was on there had some problems.

  12. He came off as entitled and dumb, just like a typical golden-domer. He’ll compete with Tebow for the biggest QB bust of this year’s draft; Tebow’s another neanderthal, entitled QB, so hopefully these two douches gradually fade into the background noise of the NFL to make way for attention for good players. Call me when it’s time to do a follow-up on the busts of the 2010 draft, re: Clausen, Tebow.

  13. @realitypolice, about two lines after that I said he has a great skill set and undeniable heart. No mention of that? I’m a Pats fan and I assume Brady is a douche. I could give a sh*t because he wins (insert spygate joke here). Roethlisberger is at best a dummy and at worst a predator, Brady is an egomaniac that acts like a baby when he loses, Peyton Manning gets mad at teammates when their wives have babies during the season. I have nothing on Brees though. Common thread, they all win. My landscaper is a drunk, but he does a damn fine job on my yard. I don’t care what kind of a person football players are, because I don’t know them. They play a game. Playing to win is an athlete’s ONLY obligation to his fans in my opinion.

  14. That’s the tricky thing for draft QBs. If Claussen doesn’t go to Cleveland at 7 (or moving up or down), Buffalo at 9, or Seattle at 14, he probably will drop to 29. I say 29 because some team will like him and trade over Minnesota. Heck I’ve heard legit people say the Colts will take Tebow just to trade him. But I doubt it.

  15. I see the attacks on Clausen as nothing but irrational hatred.
    It WAS the WR’s fault.
    His teammates did like him. Hell, they all came out to his house in Cali for the summer last year.
    He has heart and can make comebacks.
    He makes all the throws.
    He is smart — high football IQ.
    He is mobile.
    I agree w/ Kiper and WalterFootball — Clausen is better than Bradford…and Clausen will go between 13 and 17!

  16. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:
    April 22, 2010 10:13 AM
    @realitypolice, about two lines after that I said he has a great skill set and undeniable heart. No mention of that?
    No offense dude. I was just using your turd comment to make a joke. I actually agree with your entire post, except the hoping he fails part.

  17. It was hard to read him…but I didn’t think it was a bad overall interview. I mean, he’s a young kid put on the spot and probably a little intimidated. Granted, you’d hope your franchise QB couldn’t be intimidated…but he may not have been ready for what this QB Camp was going to be exactly and was taken back. Who knows. I don’t want him just because I think getting Lefevre or Pike in the 3rd rd. or McCoy in the 2nd would be our best bet.

  18. @frox – That was one of the reasons that I hate Marino to this day.
    My take is that the QB should know where everyone is going on every play. If the WRs were screwing up in practice, it is up to the QB to fix that in practice, on the field.
    Throwing your WRs under the bus – Not a good leadership quality…

  19. Well…that route was the recievers fault. What is he supposed to take the blame for something that wasn’t his fault?
    And I believe he did say “it was a miscommunication between the both of us”.

  20. He’ll compete with Tebow for the biggest QB bust of this year’s draft; Tebow’s another neanderthal, entitled QB
    dumbest post ever!!,,by: CleanSlaton says:
    April 22, 2010 10:11 AM
    not to do with clausen so much,but for this and others to say about tebow being entitled,is crap,tebow is not enttitled and he doesnt come off as entitled,he is not entitled cause he has earned everything he will be given,do you even know what entitled means dumbass,i think if a guy wins as much as tebow did,then yes he should be looked at as a good prospect,but go ahead and doubt,,bottom line is i just think statements like that are irresponsible,quit being a hater

  21. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:My landscaper is a drunk, but he does a damn fine job on my yard.
    You’re welcome.

  22. Don’t know if it makes me a draft expert or not, but I thought this same thing after I watched the segment.

  23. An NFL quarterback needs or should take responsibility for all mistakes? How many times have we seen Peyton Manning yell at his receivers and show disgust? Doesnt seem to me Manning is taking the blame but rather pointing his finger. Clausen will be fine.

  24. If NFL scouts, GMs, or whoever are using the Gruden segment as justification for sliding him down their board, then either they’re not doing their homework or they just don’t like Clausen at all. The play that Gruden criticized came against UNC at Chapel Hill. A cursury glance at Notre Dame’s schedule shows that this game occurred in the middle of Clausen’s SOPHOMORE YEAR. In his JUNIOR year, Clausen threw only 4 interceptions and spent the entire season in the top 10 for QB efficiency. I get that scouts look at a player’s full body of work, but I hope this doesn’t overshadow Clausen’s stellar play his entire junior year.

  25. Clausen has failed to meet everything expected of him so far. Why should his experience in the NFL be any different? He has BUST written all over him and that is not a reference to Canton. He hasn’t achieved anything close to what Tebow has on or off the field.

  26. Brett Favre has been throwing people under the bus for years & has had a great career.

  27. dcrespo24 says:
    in the eye of the beholder. Jim Miller on Sirius NFL said it helped Clausen because he was taking copius notes throughout the video session.
    Really, because it looked to me like he was doodling.

  28. Any team that passes on Clausen due to these “issues” will regret it and then hopefully fire any personnel who advised against Clausen for “reasons” such as this.

  29. I could care less when and where Clausen go, But Who is Jon Gruden to talk about Quarteracks. I could be wrong but has he ever developed a decent QB?

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