Momentum builds for Berry in Washington

The Eagles are reportedly interested in moving up in the draft, possibly to the fifth overall pick.

But would that be high enough to get Deion Sanders buddy Eric Berry?

The Washington Post estimates a “60%” chance the Redskins take Berry, should they stay on at the No. 4 pick.  We’ve heard this opinion suddenly gain momentum in a variety of places Thursday.  Funny how that works. 

ESPN’s Adam Schefter also said Thursday morning the Redskins could have a surprise up their sleeves with the fourth pick.  Taking Berry over Trent Williams would qualify.

Like every bit of news that comes out between now and 7:30, it’s fair to apply major caution to this one.  The Redskins may not like being linked so strongly to Williams, and could be trying to throw reporters off the scent.

If that’s the case, it’s working.

42 responses to “Momentum builds for Berry in Washington

  1. If the Redskins’ do ANYTHING besides trade down and pick up Okung or Williams, I’m jumping ship.

  2. I will laugh my ass off if the Skins decide to pass on OL. Love ya D-mac, but you’ll be in trouble down there.

  3. Erroneous… clearly trying to A) lure a team to trade up to their spot, B) take the spotlight off their obvious need for an OT C) panic the Eagles into overspending to move up.
    I for one think the Eagles would love it if the Skins took Berry, that means their O-line in DC would continue to be horrible and DMac becomes an IR ticking time bomb!

  4. If Ed Berry plays like Ed Reed he’ll be worth the pick, but they really should take a Left Tackle.
    If they are worried about Trent Williams being a bit lazy they should take Okung even if he isn’t the next Ogden or Pace.
    I think Berry will be a force but they can’t ignore the o-line for another year without half of Redskins nation spontaneously combusting.

  5. Funny how it’s been reported for days that they’re wanting to trade down, and as soon as a report is leaked that the Eagles want to move up to 5 (presumably for Berry), the Redskins are suddenly going to take him one pick sooner.
    They’re just hoping the Eagles will make the deal with them instead. Although the Skins need a safety, I’d say it’s about 5th or so on the list of needs they have.
    I call BS on this one.

  6. Last time there was a “celebrated” Berry in DC he was caught hitting the glass pipe in a hotel room with a hoochie mama. Just sayin’.

  7. Hell, the could be trying to get their pick back from Philly. Philly, obviously, isnt shy about trading with division foes. They did it with the McNabb deal and they traded out of the first round in 2007, to select Kolb. The team they let back in the 1st round, DALLAS.

  8. Hmmm. Seems I heard this somewhere earlier today.
    #Freebird2010 says: April 22, 2010 8:55 AM
    It could very well be that Eric Berry is the 4th best player on their board and that’s who they’d take. As I recall, there have been some prior indications that the Redskins would like to move Laron Landry and, quite frankly, it makes sense.
    With the rules changes being implemented, the “knock your head off” safety is far less valuable now. Safeties who can both tackle and cover like CBs are far more valuable, particularly with all the 3 and 4 WR sets teams face.
    Eric Berry would be an excellent pick for the Redskins, who could fill the LT void with Flozell Adams.
    Of course, the Redskins preventing division competitor Philadelphia Eagles from moving up to No. 5 overall to take Berry wouldn’t have anything to do with the Redskins wanting him at No. 4 overall, would it? 😉

  9. aaahhh.. i cant wait for the draft… frikin wash… you dont need berry!
    there just trying to screw with KCs trade options

  10. PLEASE!!!!
    I’ve been begging us to draft Berry almost as much as I wanted us to draft Sean Taylor.
    Berry instantly upgrades two positions, as LaRon Landry is a beast Strong Safety, but has been playing out of position since those punks murdered Sean Taylor.
    Landry is a p!ss poor free safety who does nothing but drop INTs and get late hit penalties out of bounds. He needs to play the safety spot that spends more time in the box.
    Now…if Landry gets traded…Berry only upgrades one position. But, Chris Horton and Reed Doughty are over-acheivers that can play the Strong Safety.

  11. # mj23thegoat says: April 22, 2010 1:34 PM
    LANDRY + BERRY = Ridiculous
    Landry sucks, where have you been the last few years…

  12. As a Redskins hater…I would be more than happy if the Redskins pass on an offensive lineman, which they desperately need…five of them to be exact.
    Then again, someone ask the Bills how starting three rookie offensive lineman works?
    New look Redskins. Same results.

  13. dmackerman – “If the Redskins’ do ANYTHING besides trade down and pick up Okung or Williams, I’m jumping ship.”
    Come on dude. You can’t “jump ship”. You’re telling me you have ridden this PAIN TRAIN for 10 straight years with me, and this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back???
    Chin up Skins fans… chin up!! The ORGANIZATION comes before all ACTIONS OF THE ORGANIZATION. One day we may get it right.

  14. Shanahan throwing out smoke screens so anybody wanting to trade up for Berry has to go thru him, I call BS on this one, if they don’t take a franchise LT , they are fools and Donavan will piss his pants

  15. berry and landry would be ridiculous but whos gonna stop somebody like trent cole or demarcus ware from taking off donovans head……they need another safety like san diego need another qb…….. stupid

  16. For those already saying they’d jump ship if Washington doesn’t take a Tackle, let’s remember history, remember Gibbs 2.0:
    “One thing you know about Mike Shanahan is he’s going to protect his quarterback,” center Casey Rabach said.
    Didn’t we hear the same thing about Joe Gibbs when he came in? And he drafted who as an OL? (Answer noone, we had Samuels and Jansen already, Dockery was drafted when Spurrier was in office.)
    So who got drafted as OL?
    2006: 7th Rd Kili Lefotu guard (gone now)
    Could it be Berry? Maybe, Flozelle Adams is still out there, as is Andrews. Its possible the skins could pick up one of those two and be better on OL without drafting one this year, but I admit that tackle looks like a sure fire bet.

  17. Also, for those comparing Washington and safeties to millen, there is no comparison, Sean taylor died, and he wasn’t a bust, like Rodgers, Williams, Williams LOL

  18. Cant argue with takin the best player in the draft. If this guy is anything like they project hes a pro bowl pick. I mean if you knew then what you know now, wouldnt anybody have taken Ed Reed?

  19. This is a bald bluff, and it’s emabrassing for a newspaper to play along. The Redskins want to trade down, so they bluff about Berry to try to generate an offer. Embarassing.

  20. I dont know. The skins have already taken two safeties early in the first round in recent memory…Taylor (RIP) and Landry. I’m not convinced they can invest another early pick into that position. They need to draft a LT.

  21. They don’t NEED to draft a LT if they think someone on the market can be signed as a free Agent or traded for. Experienced OL means less of a training curve than for a rookie anyways. As I said in my earlier post, Gibbs drafted one OL his 4 years washington Lefotu in th e7th Round, don’t know where he is now.
    And yes this is Shanahan not Gibbs, but both want to win as soon as possible, if that’s so, sign a veteran and spend the pick on something else. Be that Berry, Clausen, whomever.

  22. As a Skins fan I know as well as anyone the need to upgrade the FS position. It hasn’t been manned properly since ST died. Berry sounds like my type of guy, but the offensive side of the team needs an infusion of talent big time.
    So I call BS on this. Ammunition to get someone to allow the Skins to trade down.

  23. Sounds like the making of the next wave of “Donovan has no weapons / no protection / no help” excuses…

  24. Deion Sanders Buddy, that is a HUGE mark against him right there! Another “has been athlete” trying to stay relevant.

  25. The offensive lineman suck in the draft. They have potential but the Redskins will sign Flozell Adams. Also might get a tackle later in the draft. For the blocking scheme that the Redskins run they will be good. Don’t hate if the Redskins draft for the best player available in the draft like a team should do. If you draft based on need you will fail everytime. Last time the Redskins were in the playoffs is when Sean taylor was killed. They need to replace Sean and this is the guy. Berry loves the Redskins and his favorite player? Eric Berry- the day of his visit? Sean taylor’s birthday.

  26. Gotta have a lineman here. Have no doubt Eric Berry is the real deal – Redskins cannot afford to forgo need to choose the ‘can’t miss’ guy.
    Shop Fat Albert, Campbell and get some picks to last the w/e.

  27. Shanahan will just tell McNabb to run to his right side on every snap. This will allow him to draft Berry instead of an O-lineman.

  28. How about this scenario…. Redskins DO draft Berry at no. 4, Thursday night. Friday strolls around, with no protections for McNabb and an unhappy Albert Hanesworth, the Ravens trade Jared Gaither and one of their 5th round picks for Albert Hanesworth. Crazy… We’ll see what the Wizard of Oz(zie) has in store.

  29. This reeks of a team building uncertainty about a high pick in an attempt to entice would be suitors.
    #4 to the Browns for #7 and #71

  30. Someone missed out on the sarcasm…! Eric Berry and Deion are not buddies, he in fact doesnt like Deion. Get with the program pal!

  31. All I can say is I agree with Shefter…Bruce and Shanny are up to something and I’m excited for it.

  32. If you go back and read the other posts on the Washington Post website, it gives the Redskins an 80% chance of drafting Trent Williams and a 75% chance of drafting Russell Okung. Someone just doesn’t know how to do the whole percentage thing.
    Move along, nothing to see here.

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