PFT Daily: Players who may slide in the draft

Through the magic of “tape delay,” we are able to provide you with a new PFT Daily, despite the fact that I’m not in PFT headquarters.

Here’s a look at players who may slide in the draft.

Fortunately, our opinion hasn’t changed since recording the segment on Tuesday. 


10 responses to “PFT Daily: Players who may slide in the draft

  1. Players who “may” slide in the draft? Every player may slide in the draft! That cause the analysts grading the players and making mock drafts, top ten lists, and all the other nonesense aren’t scouts with the resources of the NFL teams. They’re just anal ysts.

  2. “despite the fact that I’m not in PFT headquarters”
    Not in your mom’s basement today? Sleepover at Gregg’s house last night, Florio?
    Headquarters…you is a funny, funny man!!

  3. BIG BLUE in tx… You are so DUMB. You are another guy that say’s someone else is better at everything. Do you take care of your kids or is someone else better at that to? Do you have a job or are you just sitting at home because someone else is better at that. It is not hard to rank players. Do you follow sports. Half of the players that these SCOUTS rank will FAIL. WOW most people can do that also. Shut your mouth and do the word a good justice.

  4. Tom, if you wanna talk politics find some other site.
    P.S. I hope Pouncey and Nate Allen slide to the Eagles

  5. I don’t know who TOM is but he sounds like a creep.
    I would love to see the Eagles grab both Pouncey and Allen. I think we should keep all ten draft choices and not spend any trying to move up. This draft is very deep

  6. They said the same thing about chris johnson.
    i do not know to many backs in the nfl w/ 4.3 speed that can end up 10 feet in the air only to land on his head. I do know one thing when you hand him the ball and he stays on the ground, he is a pure runner. If he drops to day 2, he will not get past the the first two picks of the 2nd round.

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