PFTV picks the top ten

So what will happen in the top ten of the 2010 draft?  Damned if we know.

But since everyone is making their picks, we may as well do the same.

Here they are, PFTV style.  And they could be subject to change between now and 6:00 p.m. E.T., when we go over the potentially revised list on Versus’ The Daily Line.


8 responses to “PFTV picks the top ten

  1. Jags will not select Bryant. Bank on that Florio.
    If the first 9 fall that way you can bet it’ll be Rolondo McClain, Joe Haden, Kyle Wilson, or Earl Thomas. But I imagine, we’ll be getting a call from the G-Men or Dallas about getting up there to get McClain or Thomas.

  2. florio – you blew more than his mind….
    I am just saying – you should never use those words again

  3. Top Ten is so overdone. Do the last 10. Hit on a couple of those and we’ll be impressed.

  4. had to pick myself up off the ground after hearing your Bryant to the Jaguars pick…might as well said Tim Tebow while your at it….um how bout… NO!!! will be trade with the Giants at 15 and brandon graham from michigan.

  5. Raiders aren’t going to take Clausen…Al is OLD and needs to win NOW not a year from now.
    Either trade up for Suh/McCoy or take OT (MAYBE McClain) at #8.

  6. Joe! I’ve never seen Joe embarrased like that after that “I blew your mind” comment.

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