Redskins plotting a surprise at No. 4?

With less than twelve hours before the start of the NFL draft, everyone seems to have reached a consensus that the Rams will take Sam Bradford first, the Lions will take Ndamukong Suh second and the Buccaneers will take Gerald McCoy third.

With the fourth overall pick, everyone thinks the Redskins will take an offensive tackle, probably Trent Williams or maybe Russell Okung. But ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who is close with Redskins coach Mike Shanahan and has broken several Redskins-related stories this offseason, says he thinks people are going to be surprised with what the Redskins do with the fourth pick.

“I’m not so sure about that,” Schefter said on ESPN Radio this morning, of the assumption that the Redskins will take a tackle. “It’s the obvious pick and I think they have some things up their sleeve, is my guess.”

Schefter also said the Redskins would like to trade down.

“Washington is interested in moving back if they can find a team that is looking to move up, but so far that has not been the case,” he said. “They’re not able to find a trade partner.”

If they can’t find a trade partner in the next 12 hours, they’ll need to make their pick. Everyone thinks that pick will be an offensive tackle. But maybe everyone is wrong.

Or maybe the Redskins just want everyone to think they’re wrong, and just as they previously put out word they’d take a quarterback, they want the rest of the league to wonder what they’ll do as they continue to shop the pick.

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  1. ESPN using bogus reports to drum up phony “nitrigue” in what’s going to be a boring first hour of the draft?
    They almost never do that!
    I remember when the Saints drafted Reggie Bush. ESPN did a “Mort Report” saying that the Jets were on the phone with the Saints GM trying to trade up and draft Bush. At that exact moment, Mickey Loomis was doing a live interview on WWL radio saying that they were not entertaining any trade offers and were drafting Bush.
    Fricking ESPN liars.

  2. Given their track record, it will be surprising if they choose someone good.
    With the age on that roster, the Redskins are not far from having to rebuild (again). Rebuilding without ever having built is becoming a tradition in Washington.

  3. They are trying to make some one bite to get Eric Berry. Being as though they dont pick again until day 3.

  4. They’re going to draft Bulaga… rub some mayonnaise on him, put him between two slices of pumpernickel… and entice Haynesworth to come to the next mini-camp…

  5. Yessseeeesss, they’re tricksy ones, yeeessss they are.
    This is why Herm Edwards calls April ‘Liar’s Month’.
    I’m not sure how much stock you can put into ANYTHING you hear coming out of ANY NFL team, leaked or otherwise. NFL Execs use the Adam Schefter’s of the world in much the same way as Lenin did western reporter’s, calling them ‘Useful Idiots’. Schefter is the Redskins Execs ‘useful idiot’.

  6. Maybe they’ll trade the #4 and Donovan McNabb to the Steelers for Big Ben and the #18?? That would be a surprise!

  7. I suspect that last scenario is most likely. Probably don’t want anyone to jump ahead of them to take their guy.

  8. The Eagles should swap places with the Redskins, and they can get their second round pick back, along with another pick in the later rounds. That way the Eagles can draft Earl Thomas, and get the ball-hawk they need. Make it happen Philly!

  9. # GotNothing says: April 22, 2010 8:36 AM
    They’re going to draft Bulaga… rub some mayonnaise on him, put him between two slices of pumpernickel… and entice Haynesworth to come to the next mini-camp…

  10. It could very well be that Eric Berry is the 4th best player on their board and that’s who they’d take. As I recall, there have been some prior indications that the Redskins would like to move Laron Landry and, quite frankly, it makes sense.
    With the rules changes being implemented, the “knock your head off” safety is far less valuable now. Safeties who can both tackle and cover like CBs are far more valuable, particularly with all the 3 and 4 WR sets teams face.
    Eric Berry would be an excellent pick for the Redskins, who could fill the LT void with Flozell Adams.

  11. Doesn’t matter who they pick, who coaches them, who they’re qb is……………..lil napolean snyder still owns them !!!!!

  12. Buterbaugh3 has the best idea I’ve heard yet.
    But if they don’t take a left tackle then nothing has changed with the new people in charge……

  13. The surprise is that their drafting a kicker first round!
    Dan Snyder will not be outdone by Al Davis!

  14. Oh boy. Here we go with the first round “please pick a WR and waste the pick” circus again.

  15. @buterbaugh3
    #4 and McNabb for #18 and Big Ben – that makes no sense. They obviously want to win now and moving McNabb for a suspenend QB isn’t going to help them win now….
    Although I would be happy to see McNabb out of the NFC East and I’m sure that allot of other NFC East fans would agree….

  16. Get A Job says:
    April 22, 2010 8:21 AM
    I clearly can’t drink the wine in front of me.
    Because iocaine comes from Australia, as everyone knows. And Australia is entirely peopled with criminals. And criminals are used to having people not trust them, as you are not trusted by me. So I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you.

  17. BroncoBourque says:
    April 22, 2010 8:23 AM
    Eric Berry or maybe Dez Bryant?
    But I say no WR is worth top ten pick in any draft, especially not this WR class.
    They have to take an OT. They don’t have anyone their roster capable of starting at LT!
    Don’t give me that grapping at straws (even if the are extremely large, false start, leg wipping straws) by picking up F… Adams.
    Berry is a good player, but he isn’t even the clear cut best safety. You don’t use the #4 pick on a safety that some have two other players better than him.

  18. i’d say 98 % of your posts the past 2 months will be nothing but absolute diarrhea after tonight. speculation doesn’t get you good credentials, florio.

  19. Redskins trade pics with Detroit and select Suh, adding a 4th rounder. Washington is switching to a 3-4 but they have no one to play nose. Go figure. Detroit desperately needs Berry to stabilise the worst D-backfield in football.

  20. # GotNothing says: April 22, 2010 8:36 AM
    They’re going to draft Bulaga… rub some mayonnaise on him, put him between two slices of pumpernickel… and entice Haynesworth to come to the next mini-camp…
    Comment of the decade!

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