Report: Buffalo was "going after Tebow hard"

It appears the Broncos had competition for Tim Tebow and knew it.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter writes that the Bills “have to be heartbroken” because they were going after Tebow, who was square on their radar.

Denver beat them to the punch by trading back into the first round.  It makes you wonder: Will the Bills still trade back into the round for a Tebow consolation prize like Jimmy Clausen.

32 responses to “Report: Buffalo was "going after Tebow hard"

  1. HaHa bills u suck and u will regret this forever all i can say is i tried to tell everyone Tebow is the bomb and yall knew and passed him up what a bunch of dumbasses

  2. …so this is the excuse being made by the media for not ripping the Broncos a new one for drafting Tebow too high and giving up three pics to do so? There are several teams this year who have made “reaches”, yet nothing is made of it. What gives? I guess if it’s not Al Davis, it’s not as fun. Go figure.
    Even if the Bills were trying to do so, this was still a hell of a price to pay for Denver. They have other needs that could have been addressed with some of the picks they gave up for this kid.

  3. Blah blah blah… Bills can get Clausen & would be better off, but without any weapons, it doesn’t matter who the QB is.

  4. thank god the last thing i want to see is another short scrambler. maybe now we can actually draft for a need. for those who think the god boy is a good idea i site previous QBs flutie johnson and losman and of course it took ten years for flutie to become average. based on previous picks i think the team will persue a safety talyor mays is still on the board if not maybe a guard

  5. Denver… you gotta be kidding me.. you can’t stop the run but you feel the need to add a third mediocre qb to your roster? If you add up all three they might equal one solid NFL starter..

  6. The lack of comments for this story is another indication that no one gives a rat’s ass about Buffalo………..even with “Tebow” in the headline.

  7. All these comments remind me of the ones made after the Cutler trade.
    Nice job Denver – moved around and got the #1 WR and #2 QB on your board plus you have a 2 nd round and 2 third round picks still left.
    It will take 4 years to see if your board was right, but you leveraged the 11 from Chicago well.

  8. Mcasshole has ruined this franchise in 2 short years…..first you get rid of Cutler and then Marshall, now u draft Tebow…they should cap it off by trading for Limas Sweed.

  9. Giving up everything you received from moving down in the draft = drafting at the original position. Essentially Tebow was drafted with the 11th pick. FAIL!

  10. Hey Rick. Bills fans send you a collective BITE ME. They drafted a Rb who seems to have better takent than lynch. And Second The oline of the bills can not block? How in the blue hell did Jackson get 1,000 yds then? Was your mama blocking for him. I guess so. Maybe Nix should offer her a one year tender.

  11. @TONY
    Blah blah blah… Bills can get Clausen & would be better off, but without any weapons, it doesn’t matter who the QB is.
    uh… Spiller, Jackson, Lynch, Evans, O and Shawn Nelson who will be a premier TE this year. Yea We have weapons , NO QB and NO OL, but plenty of weapons

  12. @Rick
    If you even watched the draft retard most teams in the 1st round went BPA (Spiller Dez Bryant, Iupati, Buluga,Dan williams.) Just to name a few, If you werent half stupid or just stopped driving your mothers car around to smoke pot and actually paid attention you would have noticed that the best LT’s and QB’s didnt get taken by teams who needed them other than Washington San Fran Green bay and Seattle and St. Louis with Bradford, So if Cleveland, Minnesota, Seattle, Oakland, Jacksonville, and San Fran who are all rumored to be interested in a QB passed on Claussen what makes the Bills so stupid? Is Jamarcus Russell better than Trent Edwards? I dont think so. So for your uneducated comment on how stupid one team is for not drafting a QB who is still on the board (Claussen) or a Tackle who fell to 23rd overall. Is a dumb Statement considering they drafted most likely the best all around offensive prospect in the draft and have a chance at Jimmy, Colt, Tate, Brown (OL USC) which you probably dont know and Roger Staffold with their 41st pick. Not to mention dumbass, Fred Jackson is 29, and lynch wants out. So Shut your mouth and watch Spiller run by your team for the next 7 years. Thanks im out

  13. The Broncos just get done with a Cutler type and they go and draft his carbon copy in Tim Teebow. I just don’t get this.
    Why not keep Cutler if you want that type of person leading the team?
    They should have snagged that religious dork Clausen with the “halfback pass” throwing motion.
    (I’m just messing Broncos fans…)

  14. Is it just me or is the coach of the broncos trying to create a losing franchise,with all these dumbass moves.

  15. I am very happy they didn’t sell their draft for Tebow. Unconventional offenses seem to be a trend, but a run first QB with a strange throw that sets him back years from being a pocket QB is the wrong way to go. The Bills got this one right but not offering too much. They went after him “:hard” but didn’t get him. Smart. This draft still has a long way to go. Lots of talented OL yet to be picked. Don’t worry Rick, it’s going to be ok. I’d rather have a QB who already knows how to throw a ball vs. tebow. Get some big buys now to fill gaps and draft a QB in LATE rounds or none at all.
    Cheers to the Bills for not getting Tebow. Now what does all this mean in regards to Jim Kelly pushing for Tebow? That was such a hot topic, if pft doesnt comment onthat I will understand they only brought it up as a filler in a time with low NFL news.
    Nice pickup in Spiller!!!!!!!

  16. JustDieBaby says: April 22, 2010 11:44 PM
    >>>I guess if it’s not Al Davis, it’s not as fun. Go figure.
    The crypt keeper is senile and Clueless. He wont trade up for Clausen. Or will pass over him. We will be stuck again with his “great playah” Off-The-Markus, JaLardASS. Then he will reach for some stiff….
    He didn’t seem too “senile and clueless” in picking McClain. That was a solid pick. Have a little confidence for a change. Al doesn’t do all that bad once he’s out of the first round.
    Sounds like your sold on Clausen, but there are a few other decent QB prospects that can be had as well. Al needs to go offensive line or nose tackle with the next pick(as it’s looking like a move to the 3-4 in on the horizon). If the Raiders are going to go for a rookie QB, they can get a good one in Sean Canfield from Oregon State.

  17. I would like Tebow’s chances a lot better with someone other than McDipshit. He will likely get fired in the next 2 years. Tebow is coachable and a hardworker. Most QBs that start as a Freshman yet alone have the type of career that Tebow had and are drafted in the 1st round, already think they are stars and have nothing to learn. Tebow is not that way.
    I am amazed at the racism. If Tebow were black, all people would say is all he did was win. Tebow at this point is a better prospect than the follwoing 1st rounders were when they were drafted:
    Alex Smith
    Donovan McNabb
    Akili Smith
    Joey Harrington
    Cade McNown
    Mike Vick
    Jamarcus Russell
    Jason Campbell
    J.P Losman
    Josh Freeman
    Kyle Boller
    HEath Shuler
    Trent Dilfer

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